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Some time ago, I went through my online presence, disposed of a great deal of excess, and created NoPageLeftBlank.wordpress.com as a place to bring what was most important to me into one spot. At the time it worked wonders, but over the years that have passed since then quite a lot has changed. I am now a published author and a growing YouTuber, and as a result of those things my online presence has once again gotten convoluted. So, with that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to what I’m hoping will be my new-and-improved personal space.

This blog will not be specifically for me as an author, or me as a YouTuber, and it will not be a place specifically meant for blogging or marketing or any other individual issue. TraceyTobin.Wordpress.com will be for me, in whatever form that takes. I will talk about the writing process and what’s happening with my books, I’ll share my YouTube videos and other geeky nonsense as I see fit, and I’ll blog as I desire. This site will be me in my entirety, as I see fit.

So if you’ve come here from NoPageLeftBlank.wordpress.com, thank you very much for following me into this new venture, and if you’re new, welcome! You may see some strange things happening here in the following weeks as I create back-dated posts to share older YouTube videos, but moving forward expect to see lots more of, well…me!


Plans & Goals 2021: Week 18

First things first, my lovely, lovely darlings…if this particular post is less than perfectly literate, please do forgive me. As I type this I have been awake for nearly 24 straight hours, as I am attempting to adjust my schedule in order to swap to night shift for this week. I am, therefore, more than a little wonky in the head at the moment. Don’t worry; I’ll be finally collapsing into bed shortly after writing this post.

Second things second, in addition to moving to a night shift for a few nights, I am lucky enough to have been able to make an appointment for this evening to get the Moderna Covid-19 vaccination right at my work site. I know that not everyone is on board with these vaccines, especially considering the less-than-usual rush that was put on them in order to attack the pandemic as quickly as possible, but I, personally, am willing to take the risk. I was without work for a long time, and am now subsequently working in an area where Covid numbers have exploded in recent months, so it’s worth it to me to take any option I can to try to minimize my risk of ending up with the virus. That’s not to say that I’m looking forward to getting a shot later this evening, but, you know…necessary evil and all that.

Third things third, can you believe that we’re already nearly halfway through May? Where the hell is 2021 going? I feel a bit like I keep blinking and entire days are disappearing on me in that heartbeat.

Anyway, let’s get on with it, shall we?


What shall I say about my health this week, hmm? Well, starting out I’ll go with something that’s mostly positive. That is, as of today I am beginning the third week of ‘Core de Force’ and have yet to miss a workout. Now, it’s not all sunshine and daisies, as I’ve found that some of the workouts genuinely make me want to bash my head through a wall rather than complete them fully; most of this is owing to the quantity of push-ups that exist in some of the videos. Seriously, I know it’s a good exercise, but there needs to be an option for people who simply can’t bloody do push-ups no matter how hard they try. *ahem*

Anyway, I’m still enjoying the program, even if parts of it make me want to pack it in. I’ve managed to resist skipping any days, and I think I might be getting a little fitter as a result? It’s difficult to tell when you have no means of weighing yourself or taking half-decent body measurements. If nothing else, it’s helping me burn off some of the fatty goddamn food that permeates every corner of this camp.

And yeah, that’s still an issue. I’m trying, I really am, but it doesn’t take much before your tolerance of the food options at these camps drives you to the brink of madness. Suffice it to say that I’ve been eating what I consider edible, moreso than focusing distinctly on what I think is healthy. Not the best method, I suppose, but it’s also pretty much impossible to track my intake properly since I have no nutritional information on anything, sooooo….

A side note that may be related to health: my hands have been puffing up and it’s driving me absolutely mad. Not really enough to be noticeable by anyone but me, but enough so that I can’t get my wedding and engagement ring off without first soaping up my hand. It’s extremely frustrating, especially since I’m (pretty sure I’m) not gaining weight or anything. I tried looking up why my hands might be swelling, but as usual the internet gives me everything from ‘not enough salt in diet’ to ‘you gon’ die, bitch’, so I’ve decided to mostly just not think about it for now.


I was very pleased with the reactions I got last week for the last chapter of ‘The Scent of Desire’ and the first chapter of ‘The Prince’s Consort’. ‘Scent’ began as my first foray into ABO dynamics, and rapidly became my most popular fanfiction to date, currently approaching 28,000 hits. ‘Consort’ is already proving to be a contender, with readers eager to let me know how interested they are in what has been posted so far. I mention this because it makes me smile like a fool, and there’s nothing quite like smiling like a fool!

Concerning numbers, I mentioned last week that Pacemaker.press had been acting up on me, but I’ve managed to (at least temporarily) get it properly updated again, which means that I can now tell you the proper numbers for last week’s post. That week I’d been aiming for 7623 words, and I plowed past that with 8963 words.

This week was similarly a victory, as far as word count goes. Pacemaker.press was looking for me to write 9116 words, and I flew past that with 11,070 words. This coming week Pacemaker wants me to come up with a similar number, so here’s hoping that I can continue this positive trend.

I must admit that creativity of a more artistic nature has rather slowed down to a near halt recently. Whether it’s because I’m too tired to focus on such things, or currently experiencing a bit of artist’s block, or whatever the reason, I just simply didn’t get anything new done this past week. I did do a little more work on the piece I alluded to in last week’s post, which is still too spicy for here and is on my Patreon if you want a proper look. In the meantime, though, here’s a little taste:


This might surprise you! I started playing a video game yesterday! No shit! I needed a way to pass a bit of time while trying to keep myself awake, so I booted up ‘World of Final Fantasy’ on my Vita and gave it a go. There was a lot of cut scene stuff at the beginning, but it definitely seems like the kind of game I’m going to enjoy, so yay for that!

I didn’t get a whole lot of reading done, simply out of a desire to do other things instead, but I only have about 60 pages left of ‘Warm Bodies’ and I’m still enjoying it thoroughly. It’s such an odd concept, that one, but written in a strangely and wonderfully compelling way. Without having yet read the ending, I can pretty much assume that it’s going to be the kind of thing I recommend.

And as far as watching things goes…to be honest, most of what I’ve been ‘watching’ lately has just been stuff I had on in the background while I was doing other things. Or else, hockey games. That said, I did watch more ‘Supernatural’ this week, and now have only two episodes left of the entire series. I had to take a break before getting to those last two episodes, because the third-to-last episode had me weeping like a beaten puppy and I needed an emotional break. I have it on good authority that things aren’t going to get any easier, sooooo…..*cough*

All things considered, I think I managed to write a pretty coherent post, despite nodding off several times throughout! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a large quantity of Z’s to catch up on before my first night-shift this evening. Wish me luck, my darlings!

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

“The Prince’s Consort” – Chapter 03 [A Good Omens AU]

I must say that I am pleased as punch with the reactions I’ve been receiving to this new fic thus far. In particular I am amused by the number of people commenting on the fact that Gabriel seems to be nice in this story! Be still my heart, right? XD

As we continue on toward the castle, Gabriel has a bit of a talk with Anthony concerning his new master, and attempts to settle the new consort’s nerves. It’s a terribly nice thing to do, really, and oh god am I ever going to get used to writing a Gabe who is a genuinely good guy? X*D

Enjoy, my loves!

Plans & Goals 2021: Week 17

Dear world:
Kindly stop falling apart around me.
Please and thank you.
Tracey T.

Seriously though, you guys, I don’t want to be all doom and gloom, but it’s hard to look at what’s happening in Canada at the moment and not feel like we are just fucking up so bad. Just yesterday, here in Alberta where I’m working, there were approximately 2000 new Covid cases, bringing the current total for the province staggeringly close to 200k, and there was an anti-mask rodeo going on at the same time. I am genuinely fucking flabbergasted, you guys. I’m not one to slam people for what they believe in, but this has gotten ridiculous. Why is a thin sheet of fabric on your face worth contracting a possibly life-threatening virus? How delicate are you, honestly?

Okay, okay, that’s enough of that for today. I don’t want to get all riled up before the work day even begins.

You may notice that it is, in fact, Tuesday rather than Monday, and while I’ve been late with these posts before, my excuse for yesterday is a wholly unique one for me. I couldn’t type! Why couldn’t I type? Well, because my right hand (which is my dominant hand) was wrapped in gauze! Why was my hand wrapped in gauze? Because your clumsy-ass girl spilled boiling hot water all over herself! 😀

FYI, my hand is much better now, after I was given some bandages specially designed for burns, but damn if it didn’t hurt like a mother at first. I was literally as far away from running water as I could have been when I spilled the boiling water, so it took a few minutes for me to get my hand under cold water, and by then it had blistered pretty bad. Whoops! X.X

And to top things off…I spilled my hot coffee this morning. lol Luckily it didn’t spill on me this time, but I had to spend a few minutes cleaning it up from the work camp cafeteria floor, because I didn’t want to be one of those assholes who makes a huge mess and just expects the staff to deal with it. (There are more of them around here than you might guess, unfortunately…)

So that’s how my week has been going so far, but lets take a step back and look at how the last week was.


Starting off here, we have a bit of a mixed bag. Let’s start with the bad, just to get it out of the way. Basically, trying to eat healthy foods is getting harder and harder as my current job goes on. The current Covid protocols mean that I can’t ‘shop’ for my own food in the lunch area; rather I have to wait in line and then shout my requests to a worker who packs the bag for me. This shouldn’t be that big a deal, but when you take into account that you can’t see the food (only labels that give you an idea of what’s behind the shields), that there are both literal and language barriers between me and the worker (not being rude, just stating facts…a lot of the workers only speak English as a second language, and thus can’t always tell what I’m asking for), and the fact that I’m trying to rush because a bunch of other cranky workers are waiting in line behind me for their turn… Basically it all adds up to an uncomfortable position that results in me often getting the same half a dozen items every day. Apples, celery, carrots, cheese…sometimes a chicken wrap or a pepperoni-and-crackers tray.

That’s not too bad, if a little boring, but the real problem comes at dinner time in the evenings, where almost every available option is carb-ed up to the max. Rice. Potatoes. Pasta. Meats that have been breaded or drowned in sugary sauces. It’s almost impossible to find something genuinely healthy, and on top of that I’m generally starving by that time of day, so I end up gorging without restraint. I’m bad, I know, but I’m just telling the truth. lol

On to a more positive thing: I haven’t skipped a single exercise in ‘Core de Force’ yet! And believe me, I’ve wanted to a few times. I just did day nine this morning, and let me tell you that some of those exercises are tough. I’ve had to modify more than a few things, but I’m still getting an excellent workout overall. Lots of sweat. A surprising amount of muscle work considering there’s no equipment involved. I can honestly say that I feel good after finishing a video. I can’t honestly say that I’m seeing results so far, but that’s at least partially because I don’t really have any good way to measure them. I have no access to a scale right now, so I couldn’t give you any indication where my weight is at. I did manage to find a measuring tape and took various measurements this morning, but then I realized that I hadn’t taken any measurements since the beginning of the year, and I’ve been up and down in that time, so the comparison isn’t really a good one. Now that I do have some measurements, though, I’ll be crossing my fingers and hoping to see some kind of results by the end of the ‘Core de Force’ program (which is a month long). Something. Anything. I just need a bit of a win here!

And on a related note, before I move on… I recently discovered that one of the medications I’m currently on is actually known for confusing your body into storing extra fat. Studies have shown significant weight gain as a result, and my personal questioning of others has corroborated that. This is a medication that I do not need to be on, as there are plenty of other options, so I’ll be letting this particular round of it run out and seeing where that leads me. Fingers crossed that it helps, since I’ve been having one hell of a time fighting belly fat these past few months.


I’m sure that I’ve mentioned this a hundred times before, but working 10.5-hour shifts, six days a week, plus the hour-per-day worth of bus rides, is not particularly conducive to finding free time to be creative. Luckily, I’m fairly stubborn on this particular front, but there’s still only so much I can do while still getting enough sleep to function every day. 😛

It was a rather slow week for art in particular. I only worked on one piece, sketching out the idea one day and working on the line art the following day, though the lines for the little background pieces aren’t done yet. This particular piece is one that I can’t share fully on here because it’s rather NSFW, but you can find it on my Patreon if you’re a $1 subscriber. ❤

Here’s a little tease:

Not gonna lie: since discovering and reading up on shibari, I’ve become just a wee bit obsessed. *cough cough*


On the writing side of things, several of my friends would tell you – possibly quite angrily – that I have not been working on ‘The Other World: Book Three’ and that I deserve a good kick in the arse for that fact. And yes, okay, that may very well be true! But here me out…I just recently finished ‘The Scent of Desire’, which has over 26k hits on AO3, and I started posting ‘The Prince’s Consort’, which earned me two new Ko-Fi donations and four new Patrons in a single day. Sooo….

Okay, yes, I obviously do want to finish Book Three as well! It’s just difficult to convince myself to focus on that when I get so much wonderful feedback from fanfiction. Don’t judge me!

Anyway…as far as numbers go, it was a decent week last week. I’ve been having issues with the Pacemaker site (it keeps deleting the past month’s inputs for some bloody reason), so off the top of my head I’m not exactly certain what it wanted me to write, but it was somewhere in the range of 7800 words, and I wrote over 8000. I’ll try to get a more accurate count next week after I try (and probably fail again) to get Pacemaker to remember my inputs, but for now just suffice it to say that I definitely exceeded my goal for the week.


Well, right off the bat, recall my current work schedule. Nothing much has changed here since last week because I simply don’t have a lot of downtime. That said…

While I haven’t touched any games (unless you count learning Japanese on Duolingo on my phone), I’ve definitely been reading and watching things.

Firstly, I stumbled across a tweet that put me on to the existence of Archive.org, which is basically like a digital library that lets you ‘borrow’ books and other media for free as long as you have an account. I popped on to check it out one day last week when we had a thunderstorm happening (given the amount of metal on these sites, you’re not allowed to work while there’s lightening in the area). For whatever reason the first book that popped into my head to look for was ‘Warm Bodies’, by Isaac Marion. Jason and I had watched the movie when it first came out, so I was curious about the book and decided to ‘borrow’ it. I read half of it while waiting to be allowed to work again. XD I’m a wee bit annoyed with myself for starting a new book when I still had the Witcher ‘Blood of Elves’ sitting in my room back at camp, half read, but I was just too amused with Archive.org to not give it a go. So I have two books to finish now…*shrugs*

Then, reading ‘Warm Bodies’ made me want to watch it again, and wouldn’t you know it…it’s on Netflix! So I enjoyed that on my one day off while doing my laundry. But throughout the course of the week I also watched a few more episodes of ‘Black Mirror’, several hockey games, and more than a handful of episodes of ‘Supernatural’. I am now less than a dozen episodes of ‘Supernatural’ away from having watched them all, and while that’s a bit bittersweet, I’m definitely ready to have it complete in my head.

So, suffice it to say that, even though I don’t have a whole lot of downtime currently, I’m managing to make the bits I have count.

(It doesn’t hurt that I’m good at multitasking and will often write or draw while watching something…ke ke ke…)

So we’re another week down, a few days into May, and I’m managing to make a bit of money while also doing things I love in bits and pieces. I’d say that’s worth a smile, eh? We’ll just forget about the whole scalding burn thing for now…:P

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

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“The Prince’s Consort” – Chapter 02 [A Good Omens AU]

I’m more than pleased with the reactions I received from Chapter One of my new Good Omens AU so far, so it’s time for it to head off into the world and be discovered by the lovely users of AO3!

That means that you lovely darlings on my Patreon get to check out Chapter Two!

In this chapter we get a bit more of a feel for what life may have been like for Anthony in the brothel, we get more of a look at Gabriel’s character (yes, he’s a good guy in this one! Gasp!), and Anthony is informed of who he was really purchased for. ❤

Enjoy, my darlings!