Goals and Aspirations in Review – June 2017


If you’re new to my new blog and didn’t come here from my old blog, you might be a bit confused about this post, but basically at the beginning of the year I set goals and aspirations for myself, and then at the beginning of every month I write a post talking about how I did during the previous month. It’s all about accountability, which works sometimes and…doesn’t, others. 🙂

So without further ado, let’s delve into how poorly I accomplished my goals in June. ^_~

I hate that this is the first goal on the list because I have to admit that June was an unprecedented failure! Mainly this is because June turned out to be an extraordinarily busy month for some reason, but at least part of the reason is simply that I haven’t been making an effort to find the time to write. Additionally, I’ve been finding myself sinking into a bit of a writer’s block situation, so that hasn’t helped with my intentions at all. And to make it all that much worse, I failed to actually record some of my words this month, so I’m not even sure what the exact number is. I’m certain that it’s less than 2000, which is sickening. That’s why, for the month of July, I’ve added “Write 300 word” to every day of my personal daily planner. Let’s see if it helps any!

Mini-Goal #1.a. Publish more erotic fairy tales.
I haven’t gone any further in this goal since May, so there’s not much to report, but I do have plans for further additions to the two “series” that I now have going. So, long story short, expect more in the future!

Mini-Goal #1.b. Start writing blog posts again.
I’m still working on this one, but if you came over here from No Page Left Blank you obviously know that I recently started up this new blog. My intention, obviously, was to put more focus into this new blog, while also re-branding myself a bit and broadening what the blog means to me. I haven’t done too much with it yet (see aforementioned “extraordinarily busy month”) but I hope to start posting here more regularly in the near future.

Mini-Goal #1.c. Find ways to promote the book(s).
This is a permanent burr in my heel, and if you came here from No Page Left Blank you absolutely know that to be true. I’m still working on it, but as previously mentioned most of the promotional methods that are actually helpful also cost amounts of money that I can’t afford to be throwing away. So, as usual, if you’ve got any ideas, please feel free to share!

#2. Get healthier.
It’s honestly difficult to quantify this particular goal for June because I was so busy that I can’t even remember what I did or didn’t do. Jason and I have been drinking fruit smoothies pretty much every morning, which is definitely good, but I haven’t been exercising at all, and I definitely haven’t been getting enough sleep. It’s been a rough month in general for health, to be honest, but I’m still dedicated, even if only a little.

Mini-Goal #2.a. Walk/run 10k 8k steps per day.
There was a hiccup with this goal in June…specifically, my FitBit bit the dust. By the time that I remembered that I had an old one that I could default to, I’d gone seven days without counting my steps. That said, I did manage to hit my 8k goal on 15 of the recorded days, and of those recorded days I had an average of 7909 steps. Not too shabby, but I definitely hope to do better in July.

Mini-Goal #2.b. Take daily “me time”.
No, no, no, no, no. June was a terrible month for “me time”. It was such a busy month that I honestly could barely breathe most days, never mind find time for myself. I managed to sneak some time here and there to play games and read comics, but in general, I found time to sleep and that was about it.

#3. Work on my online presence – specifically, YouTube.
It’s a steady slog, and there are lots of ups and downs with this one. There aren’t many details that I can really go into, so lets just go with: it was a busy month, but I’m doing my best.

Mini-Goal #3.a. Learn to respond immediately.
I definitely feel like I’m still doing better than I used to do, but June was a rough month for this goal because of how much was going on. I did a lot of driving, so I couldn’t respond to things quickly, and then everything would pile up and be difficult to get back into. Then we started selling stuff online, and my messages went through the roof to the point that I was almost drowning in them, and before I knew it I’d left some people hanging for nearly a week. So…good and bad on this one, but the effort is definitely there.

Mini-Goal #3.b. Focus more on daily social media.
Please see previous paragraph. 😛

Mini-Goal #3.c. Come up with new video ideas.
I’m officially removing this mini-goal for the rest of the year because it’s simply not happening, and there’s too much else to deal with right at this point in my life, so it’s more important to just focus on making any videos.

I feel like this post was nothing but complaints! And if it was, I apologize for being a barrel of laughs, but all I can do is report! Here’s hoping to July being a better month on all fronts. In the meantime, how was your June? Did you get anything accomplished? Complete any goals? Make any new ones? Feel free to share!


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