Harry Potter Magical Creatures Dementor

I’m a pretty big fan of Harry Potter – in fact, I’m actually re-reading the series as we speak – so it was a pretty good bet that I was going to eventually end up getting one of these Magical Creatures from Noble Collection. They’re rather well-done, and the second I saw this Dementor I knew that I was going to need it. Just look at him…look at him! You can’t deny that that thing is beautifully creepy as hell!

Mail From Sera Dawn: SDCC 2017 Baby & Dean Funko Pop!

One of the awesome things about being a member of this awesome, geeky YouTube community is that we can sometimes help each other out when it comes to scoring collectibles that we’re having a difficult time getting. This is the topic of this video, in which I receive a Pop I’ve been waiting literal YEARS for thanks to the lovely Sera Dawn. Thanks again, Sera! ❤


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Funko Mystery Box

Street Fighter was one of the big games of our childhood, which is why hearing about this 30th anniversary box from Funko elicited two responses:
“Damn, I’m old,”
“I want it! Gimmi!”
The box was a pretty neat idea, filled with alternate-costume versions of characters in a variety of different Funko products, and it even included a hat that Jason didn’t hate! That’s what you call a win right there. Check it out!

SDCC 2017 Funko Pop WINNER!

It’s time for another winner! For our 4000 subscriber milestone, we gave away a 2-pack of Star Wars SDCC exclusive Funko Pops, and it’s time to announce the winner! Thanks to everyone who participated, and a huge congratulations to the lucky winner!

Jason Takes The Basement 7: DBZ Sculptures from Banpresto

Jason’s reign over the Basement is coming to a close, and he decided to end out the 7-video series with a couple of amazing statues from Banpresto. Anyone who watches our channel knows that we both LOVE Dragonball, and these two sculptures do the show an amazing amount of justice. They’re absolutely gorgeous figures with an immense amount of detail for the price point, and we even got them on sale! Bonus! 😀