Loot Crate (October 2017) Unboxing – Mythical Theme w/ Stranger Things Exclusive!

I decided to pick up a few months of Loot Crate, and this is our first one: the Mythical box. It’s got items from Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Marvel – all things which I love – and they were some pretty awesome items if I do say so myself! Check it out!

Huge Dragon Ball Z (& a Little Star Wars) Sale Haul from Barnes & Noble!

Who orders stuff online without being sure of what it is? Jason Tobin, that’s who. But in his defense, it was an amazing sale, and it was pretty much guaranteed that if it has “Dragon Ball” in the description, he’s going to love it! XD

I Opened the Box… He ADORABLY Came! Awesome Gift from River!

I got an awesome mail call from my friend River, with books, a movie, and an awesome Living Dead Doll that I’ve been eyeing for ages! Check it out!

Universal Monsters Diamond Select Toys – Unboxing The Mummy and The Wolfman – Happy Halloween!

I missed a video! We actually posted this on Halloween, but things got so busy that I forgot to share it with you guys. 🙂 We unboxed a couple more of the Universal Monsters line of figures from Diamond Select, and they’re pretty awesome! Check it out!