Plans and Goals 2018: Week 4 Review


The burnout is real, you guys! @.@
Okay, to be honest I’m actually feeling a lot better today, but sometime around the middle of this past week the burnout hit me hard, and I’m fairly certain it hit Jason too, because the two of us were just shy of worthless for a couple of days. I guess that’s the price of getting stuff done, though, because we still had a fairly successful week overall!

Plan #1: Focus more on Writing.
My stats, such as they are, are slowly but steadily climbing. I was stymied away from my writing focus for a few days this week, but overall this was still actually my best week so far, so I take that to mean that I’m improving quite a bit.

  • Goal #1: Write half a million words throughout the year. First, I want to quickly point out that I had some numbers messed up in the previous weeks because of the way my day planner is laid out. The year started on a Monday, so I counted my first week as 6 days so that I could, from then on, base everything on a Sunday-to-Saturday progression. Unfortunately, my planner is laid out so that every 2-page spread starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. So, long story short, I kept forgetting to turn back a page and add Sunday’s totals into my week. With that said, I’ve gone back and fixed the numbers in my previous posts, and what it boils down to is that I’ve gotten a little better every week so far. Yay for that! Progressing in that manner, we have the report for this past week. I wrote 2069 words toward the blog, and 3605 words toward The Other World, for a weekly total of 5674 word. That brings me to a yearly total so far of 20154, giving me a daily average of 746. That’s still nowhere near where I’m supposed to be, but as mentioned, it’s slowly going up, so, you know…progress!
  • Goal #2: Sell more books. I’m hoping to have a more complete report on this one soon, when the local shop owner returns from his trip, but at the moment there’s not all that much to say. I haven’t had any online purchases or downloads so far this month. There have been some page reads through Kindle Unlimited, so that’s something at least, although from a financial standpoint it’s barely worth reporting. Since the Kindle Unlimited system only pays approximately 1 cent per every 2 page reads, that means that I made approximately $0.60 last week. Yay! I can buy half a Tim’s coffee. -_-
  • Goal #3: Complete and publish The Other World: Book Two. The process is ongoing, of course, but moving forward for sure. This past week I mostly ignored Book Two in order to get out some thoughts for Book Three, but because of that I’ve worked out a few issues I have with Book Two, so in this coming week I’ll be going back through and making some changes to the manuscript in preparation for sending it to my beta readers.

Plan #2: Focus more on YouTube.
Overall we slowed down a bit this week, partially because of the aforementioned burnout, but also partially because we’ve very nearly managed to plow through the videos we were hoping to get done before our anniversary coming up this week. Go us!

  • Goal #1: Film more often. During week 4 we filmed and published 7 videos, which is plenty, of you ask me! Three of those were vids I did by myself (go me!), and one was an exceptionally long Godzilla haul that took a full day for us to film, edit, and publish, so all in all I feel very accomplished.
  • Goal #2: Put more focus into, and have more fun with, the social media aspect. Social media continues to expand as well, although I’m having trouble remembering to even bother with SnapChat, and Twitter is definitely coming much easier to me than Instagram is. All in all, though, it’s been going well, and I believe our followers have been going up on those platforms as a result. I’ve also been seeing a lot of interaction from toy companies lately, as they’ve been liking and even sharing posts that we tag them in when we show off their products. It’s extremely appreciated and makes me very happy to see that there are actually people within these companies paying attention to what social influensters are doing for them, so I’ll definitely continue to share our favorite products with the world!

Plan #3: Focus more on myself. As always, this is one of my weakest points. I just never seem to find the time to actually put any effort into my own personal health, but trust me, it’s not for a lack of trying.

  • Goal #1: Take time daily to read/watch/play. It was a rough week for this one, in particular because we spent Friday and Saturday running all over hell’s creation. Friday we went out to pick up Jason’s preorder of Dragonball Fighter Z, only to discover that our store, for some reason, wasn’t sent the proper Day One copies of the game, so if we wanted what we’d actually purchased we had to go for an extra long drive to a different store that had actually gotten the right ones. Then yesterday we took a 3-hour drive into the city to look for a few specific items, none of which we actually ended up finding, unfortunately. Luckily we found a few other awesome things, so the day wasn’t an entire waste. That said, between those two days of running around, and the other days during which we were busy filming and editing, I didn’t spend a lot of time on myself. Mostly I snagged a minute here and there to play phone games, and on one day when I was exceptionally tired I snuggled up with the little miss and watched A New Hope. That one makes up for the rest of the week, though, because she enjoyed it, and it makes me grin like a fool when my daughter talks about Star Wars. XD
  • Goal #2: Stay active, but don’t obsess. I was actually fairly active this week, though, partially because of the two days of running around, shopping, but also because I spent a couple of evenings playing Just Dance with the kid. That game is a hell of a cardio exercise, let me tell you! That said, I also recently discovered that I’ve gained 10 lbs over the past two months, so it looks like I’m not being nearly active enough. As I very much DO NOT want this to end up being a trend, I think it’s about time to start putting some extra effort in.

So that was week 4 of 2018. There were some ups and downs, but overall the progress seems to be in a steady, forward direction, so I’m confident and determined. It’s nearly February, so let’s see if I can keep the motion going in the new month!

How was your week? Were you able to accomplish anything? Do anything fun? Make any progress toward your own goals? Feel free to share!

3 thoughts on “Plans and Goals 2018: Week 4 Review

  1. I managed to meet a couple friends at Tims, not once but twice! I was slow on the blog this week, but I’ve been having some fun on Instagram. Turns out people want see me post more recipes. Go figure…


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