Plans and Goals 2018: Week 17 Review



I’ve got the Monday Motivation thing on TAP this week, so let’s DO THIS THING!

The first thing I want to mention before getting into the actual reporting, is that I’ve made a small change. For reasons that are wholly superfluous, unimportant to you all, and basically the result of my mind working in stupid ways, I’ve shifted the way I’m recording the weeks by one day. I originally started with a Sunday-to-Saturday set up, mostly just because that’s how I visualize the week most clearly, but for those meaningless reasons I’ve already mentioned, I’ll now be going Monday-to-Sunday, which means that these posts will land on Monday from now on. That means virtually nothing to anyone except me, but I thought I’d mention it anyway, because I’m talkative like that.

Another thing that I want to mention ahead of time is that, frankly, the past week was – without mincing words – a complete cluster fuck. Pardon my language, but there’s not really any other realistic way I can say it and get across just how bad it really was in terms of getting stuff done. That said, a good chunk of the week for me was spent working through some mental stuff, trying to relax a bit, and planning for the month ahead, so expect to hear me reference “preparing for May” a few times throughout this post. I won’t say that it’s not an excuse because it’s totally an excuse. Deal with it!

Plan #1: Focus more on Writing.
Hoooooooooooooo-eee, is this going to be a great steaming pile of bantha fodder. lol

  • Goal #1: Write half a million words throughout the year. I dropped the ball hardcore in week 17. Part of it was because of the previously mentioned “preparing for May”, part of it was because of the also-previously-mentioned “working through some mental stuff”, part of it was the fact that I was having some major blockage and just kept staring at blank pages, feeling like my head had gone completely empty, and the last part was pure laziness. I ended up writing only 1367 blogging words and 366 fiction words, for a grand week total of 1733. Look at that! I beat my record for worst week yet! 😛 My measly, pathetic word count for the week brought the year’s total up to 77,557, with a daily average of 652. Well, at least I can say that my daily average didn’t go down too much. Little mercies!
  • Goal #2: Sell more books. I don’t really have anything specific to report here this week. I haven’t spoken to my shop friend, so I don’t know if he’s sold any books, and there hasn’t been any new ebook sales the past week. I did run a free e-book campaign on one of my pen name’s stories, and it got a few downloads, but that’s about it.
  • Goal #3: Complete and publish The Other World: Book Two. Do you honestly think that I have anything good to report here when I’ve already established that I wrote effectively bugger all in week 17? Okay, good, we’re on the same page.

Plan #2: Focus more on YouTube.
A little less bantha fodder here, but still not the most amazing week to report.

  • Goal #1: Film more often. We filmed two videos in week 17, both of them subscription boxes. As I’ve said during other 2-video-weeks, that’s not exactly horrible, just also not exactly motivational. Week 17 wasn’t a great week, mentally or emotionally, for filming. Yes, that’s technically an excuse, but trust me, if Jason and I aren’t both feeling in high spirits, it doesn’t make for a good video, so we’re better off waiting.
  • Goal #2: Put more focus into, and have more fun with, the social media aspect. The social media side, however, has been okay. I’m still tweeting, getting Instagram posts up, and sharing stuff all over the place. Specifically Jason and I took a bunch of photos of the Cryptkins that Cryptozoic sent us, which made for a fun bomb of Instagram posts. I’ve also been trying to find extra time to browse through other peoples’ posts in order to share the love. 🙂

#3: Focus more on myself.
Remember all that stuff I mentioned above about “preparing for May” and “trying to relax” and all that stuff? That was me focusing on myself. ^_~

  • Goal #1: Take time daily to read/watch/play. This is one thing that I actually accomplished in spades in week 17. One big thing? We all went as a family to see Infinity War, and it was absolutely goddamn fantastic, and I will fight you if you think otherwise. Aside from that, though, I also played some Breath of the Wild, some silly mobile games with the little one, and got quite a few episodes of Supernatural in, so that I’m very nearly caught up to the currently-airing episodes.
  • Goal #2: Stay active, but don’t obsess. And finally, on the fitness side of things, I did okay in week 17, with a few Zombies, Run! missions under my belt. Unfortunately I cancelled a lot of that out by eating very poorly and snacking constantly, and then I had to take a few days off to let my feet heal (which they hadn’t yet, after those first few disastrous runs with old sneakers). All in all, the result of this is that I kinda feel like I’m starting over from scratch, but that’s okay. Tomorrow is a new month, and I’ve started something new today that will hopefully help me get back into the swing of things in a real way. But I’ll save that for another post…

So what we have here, all things told, is a pretty crappy week, but a strangely motivated Tracey. here’s to great May!

How was your week? Were you able to accomplish anything? Do anything fun? Make any progress toward your own goals? Feel free to share!

My Geek Box Unboxing (March/April? 2018) feat. Ready Player One, Marvel, Pint Sized Heroes, & More

My Geek Box drops again, and we have no idea which month it’s for! lol It doesn’t really matter though, because it was a pretty decent one! Forgoing one item that Jason literally throws across the room, this box had a sweet shirt design, a humorous and interesting book, and items from Ready Player One, Marvel, and a horror favorite. Check it out, and if you want to try My Geek Box for yourself, use coupon code TBASE10 at checkout to get a discount!

Loot Gaming “Relic” March 2018 Unboxing ft. God of War, Sea of Thieves, World of Warcraft, & Skyrim!

They made us wait quite a while for this one, but it showed up eventually! March’s Loot Gaming box had the theme, “Relic”, and featured items from Sea of Thieves, God of War, World of Warcraft, and Skyrim. Funnily enough, I thought the God of War and Skyrim items were bound to be good, but I ended up falling in love with the items from the other two games, neither of which I’d ever played! Check it out!

Plans and Goals 2018: Week 16 Review


I am in a genuinely good mood this week! Hard to fathom, I’m sure, but even though the past week was by no means perfect, it was a good one, and I sit myself at my laptop now with a smile on my face. That, it itself, is an incredible achievement for me, since reporting day generally only serves to make me cranky.

There’s also a possibility that the changes in weather are perking me up. Did you know it’s been snowing in Nova Scotia as recently as this past Friday? How disgusting is that? But it seems to have petered off now, and we’re getting reports of actual Spring weather for the coming week, so here’s hoping that the sudden influx of vitamin D continues to keep me in a chipper state of mind. 🙂

With that said, let’s get on into the goals.

Plan #1: Focus more on Writing.
did focus on my writing this week! Maybe not necessarily as much as I would have liked, but hot damn if I didn’t start moving forward in the correct direction again!

  • Goal #1: Write half a million words throughout the year. I finally have a number worth reporting this week! Through a combination of blog posts and the project I mentioned last week (“rewriting” The Other World: Book One from Jacob’s perspective), I actually managed a reasonable total word count for the week. I wrote 3079 blogging words and 3477 fiction words, for a total of 6556, which is more than the past 2.5 weeks combined, and my second highest week overall so far this year. Woo! That brings my total up to 75,824 for the year so far, and brings my daily average up (yay!) to 683. Now let’s just see if I can continue that trend for two weeks in a row!
  • Goal #2: Sell more books. Book selling! ARG! This is one section that I’m definitely grumpy about, simply because it’s just so frustratingly difficult! I mentioned last week that the only days I see a few says are the days I pester the hell out of everyone on my social media, and that continues to be extremely frustrating. I just wish there was a little overlap, you know what I mean? Like, if I pester the internet about my books today, I would hope that there might be a few aftershock sales tomorrow and maybe the next day…but it’ll only be today. Mark my words, because I’ve seen it happen time and time again now. That said, I’ve gotten a few kind words from some people who have picked up the books recently, so that definitely puts a smile on my face.
  • Goal #3: Complete and publish The Other World: Book Two. There has actually been progress on this, in a way… The side-project of rewriting Book OneBook One from Jacob’s perspective has definitely been helping to re-spark my interest in the story overall, but it has also helped to point out a huge plot-hole that I had otherwise missed. You see, in Book Two our heroes travel to the Howling Mountains, which is all well and good, but they do so by foot and it takes a couple of weeks. Yet, I’d forgotten that near the beginning of Book One Jacob tells Tori that they are currently 300 miles from the Howling Mountains. For those who don’t care for the math, I’ll spell it out for you…if they walked 24-hours a day it would still take them approximately 75 days to travel that far on foot. So….yeah. I’d better do something with that!

Plan #2: Focus more on YouTube.
I’ll be perfectly honest and admit that the focus has been decidedly off YouTube this past week. Whoops?

  • Goal #1: Film more often. We only filmed and published two videos during week 16, which is a little depressing, but there are a number of reasons. For one, Jason got a little sick during the week. For another we had half a dozen appointments that dramatically reduced our available waking hours. Add on top that Jason’s computer (which is our editing computer) had some annoying glitches, the kid had to come home from school early one day, and we got stuck in another town for the full day on Friday because our car needed new tires, and, yeah. Here’s hoping week 17 goes a little more smoothly!
  • Goal #2: Put more focus into, and have more fun with, the social media aspect. I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t really been thinking about this one too much recently, so I’m not quite certain how to report. I’m pretty sure my Twitter game has been on point, and I know I posted a few nice Instagram posts recently, but I think I may have tapered off on everything near the end of the week when we got so tossed around. I’m sure my focus will return, assuming that the coming week isn’t a pain in the butt like last week was.

#3: Focus more on myself.
Despite the busyness of the week, I did manage to focus on myself a bit, particularly during the time that Jason wasn’t feeling well.

  • Goal #1: Take time daily to read/watch/play. I can’t report any reading (good thing I didn’t make a TBR list for April!), but I was able to finish season 12 and start season 13 of Supernatural while cooking and the like, and I finally got back into playing Breath of the Wild. That game is seriously so much fun, you have no idea. It’s like Skyrim, but in Hyrule. I’m certain I’ve played upwards of 20 hours at this point and done barely anything toward the main goals of the game because it is just too much fun to run around taming horses, gathering materials, cooking, climbing, exploring, mastering temples, and so on and so forth. If I had unlimited time I’m sure I’d easily be able to play for 20 hours straight without actually accomplishing anything. That might sound ridiculous, but it’s actually incredibly relaxing. I’m definitely going to be sneaking in another few hours in the coming week because there is so much more left for me to discover.
  • Goal #2: Stay active, but don’t obsess. I’ve been active! I’ve been genuinely active this past week! Specifically, I’ve started running again. I decided to try out the “proper” Zombies Run! app instead of the 5k training version that I’ve used in the past, and I’m hitting myself for not trying it sooner. The 5k training app is great, but it has significantly fewer options and fun stuff than the full main app. In the main one I can set zombie chases to give me reasons to run more often. I can do story missions or set up alternate missions that allow me to pick up extra supplies, hear side stories, train, and so on. And the virtual supplies that I pick up during each run allow me to build up my little Able Township, which is way more fun than it sounds, trust me. It’s highly addictive. It makes exercise a game, which is definitely something that I need in order to motivate me. In addition to that, I bought myself a new pair of ASICS running shoes, so I’m motivated to make the purchase worth it. 😛

So, as you can see, I’ve got reason enough to be in a good mood for this post. While not the most productive week in the history of my life or anything, things definitely seem to be moving in a more positive direction than in previous weeks. Now, if we can just keep this whole sunlight thing going, we definitely might be on to something!

How was your week? Were you able to accomplish anything? Do anything fun? Make any progress toward your own goals? Feel free to share!

Pop in a Box “24 Hours USE IT OR LOSE IT” Funko Pop Haul! MOTU, Mortal Kombat & Dragon Ball Super!

Talk about a last-minute warning! Pop in a Box gave us 24 hours (which was 12 by the time we got the e-mail, since they’re based out of the UK) to use ALL of our credit with them before it would be gone forever. The result? Jason scoured every inch of the website and managed to find 9 Funko Pops that have a place in our collection. We’ve got four from Dragon Ball Super, one from Mortal Kombat X, and four from Masters of the Universe. And here’s a little extra game for you guys: can you guess which two out of those nine Pops positively REFUSE to stand up? 😛 Check out the video to find out the answer!