Goals 2019: Week 12 in Review


Happy Monday everyone! Oh, what a glorious Monday it is! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s just a hip-hop-happy-happy day!

Okay, okay, pardon me for trying to start the week in a good mood!

The plain and simple truth of the matter is that this week’s report is going to be a tad embarrassing. But I’m going to grin all the way through it and refuse to take any snark (even from myself) because the fact is that week 12 was March Break, so when I wasn’t busy working I was doing my best to actually spend some time with my daughter and give her an enjoyable break.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at just how badly I buggered up the week for myself! Yay!

Goal #1: Write half a million words.

This one has to be the most embarrassing one by far, because Pacemaker.press actually gave me a really decently easy goal for week 12. It wanted me to write 6925 words, which is one of the lowest weekly goals it’s given me since the year began. So what did I do? I totally f’ed it up, that’s what I did! Go me!

I wrote a grand total of 2134 words during week 12. Better than nothing, for sure, but I’m definitely feeling pretty sheepish about letting that easy week pass me by with such utter failure. And when I look back at previous weeks, I see that I haven’t actually killed a weekly goal since the first goddamn week of the year. This was my chance to pull it off again! But I let it pass me by, and there’s just nothing I can do about it now, so I guess there’s no use in whining. LET’S MOVE ON SHALL WE?

  • Goal #1a: Write at least a quarter million fictional words.  Okay, at least I can say this: more than half of the words I wrote last week were fictional ones. Yay! A semi-win! The only thing I really focused on in week 12 was the Final Fantasy novelization, but I really have to start getting back into more important projects as well. I need a focus boost. Someone send me some performance-enhancing mind drugs!

    (I’m kidding, for the love of god don’t send me drugs.)

Goal #2: Read at least 50 books.

Phew…so, I’m definitely behind on my Goodreads challenge now, although it’s only by a book at the moment, so I’m not in panic mode or anything. I can’t really say that I’m “failing” when it comes to this goal, so much so that I’ve been trying to read The Shining, and damn is it a dense book! Don’t get me wrong: I’m really enjoying it! It’s just got a hell-of-a-lot more to it than the movie that we’re all familiar with. It doesn’t look like that big of a book, but the pages are thin and the words are small, and it feels like it’s taking me forever to get anywhere in it. Mind you, I’ve only really had the time to read during my lunch breaks at work, so it’s not like I’m sitting down and really DIVING into it, but still… I’m only about halfway through at this point. I’m really hoping to finish it this week, not only so I can get on to something else, but because I’ve always been curious about the ending that’s apparently VERY different from the movie, and I can’t wait to actually get to it.

Goal #3: Build my social media communities…EVERYWHERE!

I’ve been trying, there’s no doubt about that, but I feel like my efforts have been a little lackluster as of late. Part of that is because I’ve been working so much, and I can’t be playing with my phone when there are customers in front of me and my boss standing only a few feet away. Part of it is that I’ve been trying to spend time with my daughter (as mentioned above), and I can’t do that with my eyes and thumbs glued to Twitter. But part of it is also a little bit of social media burn-out, I suspect. It seems like, lately, it’s been the same crap over and over again every day. The same outrage, the same dumb memes, the same companies sharing pictures of the same products… like I said, I think I’m just a little burnt out on it. I might need a bit of a reboot of some kind. I’m not really sure how to go about that, but we’ll see what happens, I guess.

Anyway, now that I’m done ranting, here are the numbers for week 12:

  • The YouTube channel gained 1 subscriber
  • The YouTube Twitter account stayed the same
  • The YouTube Instagram account went up 9 followers
  • The Snapchat account’s score went up by 3 points
  • The Author Twitter account gained 4 followers
  • The Author Instagram account went down 4 followers

It wasn’t a terrible week, all things considered. The little jump on the YouTube Instagram is nice, but I’ll withhold celebration until next week because that account seems to have weird drops soon after jumps. Everything else was pretty standard for me. Nothing too shocking there.

Goal #4: Play more (proper) video games. 

Well here’s something I can say I definitely did during week 12, in a way, anyway. Because, see, the thing is, the husband, daughter, and I played a metric ASS-TON of Mario Party during March Break. The kid has been obsessed with it, and if I’m being honest I think Jason has been a bit obsessed with it himself, and the result is that we played it basically every single night the entire week, sometimes for several hours. I generally get my ass kicked, but it’s still good fun, and we’re trying to unlock everything. It’s become a family completionist obsession, and I don’t expect it’s going to waver any time soon.

Goal #5: Put more time, focus, and energy into the YouTube channel.

Herein lies the crux of my failures. I don’t want to seem like I’m making excuses, but in my own defense, it’s been extremely difficult to find both the time and the energy. I’ve been working so much, and when I haven’t been working there have been other concerns to deal with, and when those concerns have tapered off I (and/or Jason) have been absolutely drained of any kind of fucks-to-give because life has just been too exhausting lately. I’m really hoping that with the weather starting to turn around and Spring knocking on the door we might start to feel a little better, a little more energetic, and a little more motivated. Fingers crossed. Toes crossed. All kinds of things crossed.

Okay, that wasn’t quite as painful as I was expecting. And now it’s over. I’m not going to look back at it this week. It’s over and done, and I’m moving forward into week 13. Maybe it’ll be my lucky number. You never know! >.>

How was your week? Did you accomplish any goals? Make any new ones? Do anything else that made you feel awesome and accomplished? Feel free to share in the comments!

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