Flea Market Finds Fridays: Episode 8

We are the nostalgia age, my friend! And this week’s Flea Market Finds Fridays definitely proves that. This week we’re drowning in toys, comics, and bloody VHS TAPES that are 100% our childhoods.

SUPERHUMAN SAMURAI SYBER SQUAD YOU GUYS. Please tell me you guys remember this show. I’ll be your best friend!

Check out our awesome Episode 8 pickups and let us know what you thought of them! Don’t forget to share some of the awesome things you’ve found at your own local flea markets!

Flea Market Finds Fridays: Episode 7

Who likes board games! YOU like board games! Okay, maybe you don’t, but the Tobin family does!

You know what else we like? Cheap toy grabs and awesome comics with beautiful artwork! We’re a simple people, you guys, but we enjoy life.

In Episode 7 of Flea Market Finds Fridays we found some fun, cheap toy pickups, a couple of (mostly complete) board games that we’ll definitely (some day) manage to play, and, of course, as always: comics!

Take a look, and let us know what you thought of our pickups! What kind of awesomeness have you found at the flea market?

Flea Market Finds Fridays: Episode 6

Who doesn’t love sexiness, honestly?

Well, okay, to be fair, there are an awful lot of people out there who seem really determined to take away the entire concept of sexiness, but I digress.

I LOVE sexy comics. It’s just one of my things, y’all. And there are sexy comics abounds in Episode 6 of Flea Market Finds Fridays! Plus some awesome manga, some sweet nostalgic toys, and even more! Check it out and let us know what you thought of our finds!

Goals 2019: Week 34 in Review


HOLY HELL, no seriously, has a week passed already? o.O

No, really. I’m genuinely shocked here. To the core.

I should honestly be grateful. Though it obviously isn’t the best of practices to wish your life away, it’s nice to know that my time being sequestered out West, away from my family, is passing quicker than I thought it was. I’ve been here for a month since that week home! That honestly seems crazy to me, especially considering at previous jobs I was practically vibrating by the time I hit the two-week mark. I don’t know if I’ve just gotten used to it, or if this job is better than the previous ones, or if (and this one is the popular theory) I’ve changed so much on antidepressants that it just plain doesn’t bother me anymore. Regardless, the revelation makes me quite happy. It’s nice to be out here making good money for my family and not be downright miserable about it.

But that’s neither here nor there for the moment! It’s goals time!

One quick note before I get into the nitty gritty: I’m back on my bullshit exercises! I had a weird week because of poor sleep and the fact that my legs kept deciding they couldn’t handle life, but I got a few exercises in the in between days, and now I think I’m fairly steady with them again, even with the 12-hour shifts. Can’t help but be a little proud about that, I must say. It’s definitely still hard to fit in everything I both want and have to do, but I’m getting better at it, and am definitely miles better than I was in the past. And part of that is getting healthier, so that’s kinda a bit deal.

Am I rambling? I feel like I’m rambling. I’ve got a not-insignificant amount of caffeine in me right now and I’m typing this out as fast as I can to see if I can get it done before the bus comes. I’m probably not going to, but at least it’ll be mostly done by the time I get back after work this evening. And you really didn’t need to know that bit. Yup. Rambling.

On to the goals!

Goal #1: Write half a million words.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll probably never manage to reach a Pacemaker.press weekly goal again, simply because I let myself get too far behind in the first half of the year and now the numbers have gotten too big to be easily conceivable on 12-hour days. But that’s not going to get me down, because I’ve still been doing AMAZING. In fact, I made an Instagram post the other day (and tagged my beta-readers to frighten excite them) that basically explained this: I’m re-reading Book One of The Other World to remind myself of a few things, while also editing Book Two to get it ready for publication, and also simultaneously writing Books Three, Four, and Five. No, I’m not kidding. I keep getting excellent ideas for new scenes, or changing scenes I already had planned, and I can’t NOT write them down, right? So I’ve basically got scenes floating around everywhere, and here’s hoping they coalesce into three actual complete manuscripts at some point. XD

And all that was a really roundabout way of telling you that I wrote 17,564 words last week! SEVENTEEN BLOODY THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR WORDS! While on 12-hour work days! I’m bloody proud of myself, I have to say. And even more proud to say that, after a quick skim through my day-planner, I can confirm that this is my best week of 2019 so far! Which, of course, makes me want to try to beat it. XD

  • Goal #1a: Write at least a quarter million fictional words. It’s hard to believe, but I’m actually starting to get annoyed at myself for not managing more NON-fictional words! Of course, it’s a lot harder to do things like blog posts and TraceysBasement.com posts while I’m on breaks or on the bus, which is when I’m getting most of my writing done. So I’ll forgive myself for now. I’ve got a few days off coming and I’ll try to get some of that stuff then. In the meantime, this past week just over 16 thousand of my words were fictional ones, and that’s bloody spectacular, I should say!

Goal #2: Read at least 50 books.

Now that I’ve got you all buttered up with my awesome writing goals, I have a confession to make… I may have dipped back down into the fanfiction rabbit hole. >.>


No, in all seriousness though, I have been reading ‘Flight or Fright’, which has been a fun read, but I often find myself bringing up some fanfic on my phone while I’m eating because it’s a lot easier to prop the phone up against something and scroll occasionally than to try to balance a book in one hand while eating with the other.

That’s my excuse anyway. Take it or leave it. 😛

Goal #3: Build my social media communities…EVERYWHERE!

The social media side of things has been off and on depending on the day, and has been affected greatly by the fact that I simply don’t have all that much to share while I’m out here, at least on the YouTube side. I’m hoping to rectify this when I get to go into town, because there’s bound to be some stuff I can take pictures of. At the very least I know there’s an EB Games and a Spirit Halloween in the part of town the bus goes to, so I should be able to pull of something there! In the meantime:

Last week’s numbers are as follows:

  • The YouTube channel lost 2 subscribers
  • The YouTube Twitter account went up 3 followers
  • The YouTube Instagram account gained 5 followers
  • The Snapchat account’s score went up  points
  • The Author Twitter account lost 1 follower
  • The Author Instagram account gained 4 followers

Well for goodness sake…finally, FINALLY both Instagram accounts go up on the same week, but this time the YouTube channel and Author Twitter account have gone down. That’s just…*sigh* One of these weeks I’m going to be all in the positives again.

Goal #4: Play more (proper) video games.

I answered a tweet yesterday that involved sharing the last game you played and I had to think a while before I could remember. >.>

Goal #5: Put more time, focus, and energy into the YouTube channel.

Here’s my one major failing for the past week. I’ve been trying to get back to comments and interact with other YouTubers on social media, as well as contacting some companies, but I’ve definitely been lax in other areas. I’m hoping to rectify that on my upcoming days off. For one thing, I’ll be able to dedicate some time to getting some of those website posts up. For another thing I’m hoping to get into that Spirit Halloween and film some vlog footage so that Jason and Adrianna don’t have all the Halloween fun this year. 🙂 Until then…well, I’ve got either four or five more days of consecutive 12’s left, so give me a break, okay? ^_~

Oh, hey, look at that! I actually did manage to finish this post before the bus came. Go me! I guess I type faster than I thought I did. Or maybe I just didn’t talk as much as I usually do. I don’t think so though, because, you know…the rambling. Either way, my caffeine-addled brain is telling me to put my hands up and back away slowly from the Chromebook, so that’s what I’m going to do for now. Wish me luck and survival and all those good things! Mwah! *kissy sound*

How was your week? Did you accomplish any goals? Make any new ones? Do anything else that made you feel awesome and accomplished? Feel free to share in the comments!

Goals 2019: Week 32 & 33 in Review


Whoopsie! Did I miss a week of plans and goals review? (Trick question: I actually SKIPPED it…naughty naughty!)

So this is actually the review for week 33, but I’m including 32 in there as well since I neglected to do it last week. How could I have done such a thing, you ask? Well, I’ll answer that by pleading good old fashioned fatigue. How I’ve (not) missed you, good friend!

The thing is, several days before last week’s review should have been done, we started working 12-hour shifts at work. Not a huge deal, I’ve done them before for years. The difference, believe it or not, is that I was spending those 12-hour days mostly stationary. I’ve been doing what’s known as “spark watch”. The basics of it is that I’ve got welders and pipefitters in a kind of fireproof tent, welding, cutting, and grinding, all of which create a lot of sparks. I’m outside the tent, with a fire extinguisher and an air horn in case of emergency, watching to ensure that no sparks actually escape the confinement and start a fire. As you can imagine, in a plant where they’re extracting OIL, this is a pretty important job. I’m definitely not saying it’s not important. But the fact is that it requires me to stay right there, watching, the entire day. For 12 hour days. And that is surprisingly exhausting.

Don’t you look at me that way. Go stand in your yard for 12 hours straight, only breaking three times for snacks. See how you feel at the end of it.

Mind you, I’m not complaining! It’s a good job and I’m making money, and that’s what matters! The point that I’m trying to get at is that between starting the spark watch (up to that point I was mostly doing clean-up duties) and moving to 12-hour days, I was coming back to camp at the end of the day and pretty much just collapsing into bed. It took a good week for my system to catch up and get used to what I was asking of it, and then nearly another week before I started to feel genuinely comfortable with the routine and be able to jump back into things like my exercises (yeah, I was slacking bad on those too).

The long and the short of it, however, is that I’m feeling back to peak performance now! 12-hour shifts obviously means I have less time in the day to get things done, but I’m squeezing them in as best I can and I think I’m doing a half-decent job, thank you very much!

So with that said, let’s see where I stand for the past two weeks.

Goal #1: Write half a million words.

Okay, firstly, week 32 wasn’t overly great, though not overly bad either. Right when I hit those 12-hour shifts my writing productivity took a nose dive, but I eventually picked it back up when I started scribbling in my notebooks during break. I ended up managing 8710 words that week, which is definitely nothing to sneeze at. The only problem is that my Pacemaker.press account wanted me to write 22 260 words. Bit of a discrepancy there, eh? I might have to just stop looking at that bit when writing these reports, because I’m so far behind at this point that those weekly numbers are only going to look worse and worse. That said, nearly 9k is nothing to be depressed about!

And week 33 was better. For one thing I had a couple of days off, so I was able to catch up on a few things then. For another, as previously mentioned, I was starting to get used to the new routine and find more time to squeeze in writing minutes. As a result I ended up writing 15,699 words (woo!), which is for the first time in bloody ages actually a bit more than what Pacemaker wanted me to write (which was 15,556). To say that adding those numbers up and seeing the ratio made me smile would be an understatement. It’s about time I pulled off a genuinely decent week again!

  • Goal #1a: Write at least a quarter million fictional words. And here’s the best part, of the 24,409 words I wrote over the past two weeks, 21,140 of them were fictional ones, going toward The Other World: Books 3 and 4, and a bit of fun fan-fiction. Truth be told, I’m actually a little sheepish that I didn’t write more NON-fiction, as I’ve got a ton of posts to catch up on over at TraceysBasement.com. The problem being, you see, that I obviously need to do that on my laptop, whereas most of my writing has been happening during breaks at work, on the bus, that kind of thing. But I’m sure I’ll figure out a balance now that I’m getting used to the whole routine again.

Goal #2: Read at least 50 books.

Oooooh…ahh…yeah. Um. >.>

I’m not gonna lie. I’m still currently stuck very much on the fan-fiction train right now. On the one hand, I’m annoyed with myself because I was doing well on my Goodreads challenge and now I’m getting behind again. On the other hand, I AM still READING, so there’s that. That said, I’m pretty sure my hyper-fanaticism is starting to die down a bit, so I’m going to try to convince myself to read a real book again soon. 😛

If nothing else, I know I’ll jump ship for physical books again the day Kerri Maniscalco’s Capturing the Devil comes out. I’ve never anticipated a book like this one before. I bloody NEED it in my life, YESTERDAY. Unfortunately it doesn’t come out until Sept 10th, but so help me, the first chance I have to get into town and buy it, I’ll BE THERE.

Goal #3: Build my social media communities…EVERYWHERE!

I just…I just don’t want to talk about it you guys. lol

Okay, the thing is, I honestly don’t think I’ve been doing that bad with the social media stuff (although, possibly, focusing a little too much on current obsessions rather than the kind of stuff the accounts are meant for…*cough*). Certainly I’ve done worse in the past. That said, the numbers have not been great. I have it on good authority that there seems to have been a trend in general toward Instagram users seeing less interaction, but my Twitter accounts are stagnant as well, so that’s curious.

Last week’s numbers are as follows:

  • The YouTube channel gained 4 subscribers
  • The YouTube Twitter account went down 6 followers
  • The YouTube Instagram account went down 2 followers
  • The Snapchat account’s score went up 11 points
  • The Author Twitter account stayed the same
  • The Author Instagram account stayed the same

So the two author accounts basically…froze solid over the past two weeks, while the two YouTube accounts both lost (and man, I can’t remember the last time my YT Twitter lost). The only things that went up were the YouTube subscribers (yay!) and the Snapchat (which is actually incapable of going down, so not really a big whoop there). I am not, in general, a happy camper with this.

Goal #4: Play more (proper) video games.

Remember a time when video games were a thing in my life? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Goal #5: Put more time, focus, and energy into the YouTube channel.

Let me start this one out by stating that Jason has been doing a great job, especially considering all the running around he’s been having to do lately, and I’m very proud of him. 🙂

For myself, as I keep reminding everyone, there’s only so much I can do while I’m out here, and that “so much” isn’t much at all. But I am, at present time, working on catching up on all of those website posts. And once those are caught up (WHEN, not if) I’ve got non-video post ideas that I want to throw up as well to see if I can lure some more traffic to the site. Wheels are in motion, my friends. They just happen to be getting pulled through mud at the moment. But motion none-the-less! ;P

So that’s the overall update for the past two weeks. Overall I’d say that writing has definitely become my strong point, whereas everything else is dropping off in a bad way, but I’m working on it dammit don’t you judge me

And with that said, I’ve got some social media to go try to boost. Wish me luck!

How was your week? Did you accomplish any goals? Make any new ones? Do anything else that made you feel awesome and accomplished? Feel free to share in the comments!