Patreon Exclusive – “The Intermediaries”

This Patreon Exclusive is more in keeping with the current season, because it is a ghost story. Ooooooh, right?

This one was also originally written for a contest, but having reread it myself before posting it to Patreon, I’ve decided that it definitely needs to be fleshed out as a longer piece. The contest in question required a specifically small word count, but I know that this story would be more fun and enjoyable if I lengthened it out and put a lot more detail into the scary bits. So yes, I would very much enjoy it if you’d check this out and support my Patreon, but this is also a promise to you that a longer, arguably better version will be coming in the near future, possibly even in time for Halloween!
Screenshot 2019-10-22 at 2.02.11 PM

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