Good Omens Fan Fiction Advent Calendar 2019

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Okay, so if you’ve been paying any attention at all you’ll know that I’m currently straight-up obsessed with Good Omens and, in particular, reading and writing Good Omens fan fiction. So I figured I’d make the most of my sickness hyper-fixation and treat my lovely readers to a Christmas Countdown of Ineffable Husbands fun! I’ll be posting a short fic per day from December 1st through to the 25th; a few of them will be rather mature (and there will be warnings!) but most of them will just be cute, Christmas season fun with our favorite angel and demon. 😀

The fics will be posted by the date they apply to on AO3, so if you want to subscribe to the series and get notifications as they pop up you can do so here. However, I’ve also been posting them early on my Patreon, so if you’re a little hyper to get your holiday hyjinx fix, you can do so by becoming one of my lovely patrons right here. Currently the first three stories are available for consumption there, but I’ll be posting more later today, so keep your eyes out!

The Demon/Angel of My Dreams [A Pair of Good Omens Fics]

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You guys knew I couldn’t stay away from the smut for very long. 😛 IT’S A PROBLEM AND I LOVE IT.

I’m certain I’m not the only one who’s had this particular idea, but I’ve gotten good comments on both stories, so I have to assume that I did it well! The concept is that the two Ineffable Idiots are in love but, of course, have no idea of the other’s feelings, but one accidentally confesses by talking in their sleep. A bit of angst, a bit of declaration-of-love, and sexy-fun-times ensue. What’s a little different is that I wrote this story two ways. In Demon of My Dreams it’s Aziraphale who sleep-confesses, and in Angel of My Dreams it’s Crowley. Each story progresses a little differently based on how I think each character would react in those given situations.

It’s porn with plot, my loves! XD Enjoy!

Happily Ever After [A Good Omens Fic]

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Okay, I’ve been throwing a lot of angst and smut at you guys with this Good Omens hyper-fixation of mine, but it’s time to cool things down a little and have some goofy fun. Happily Ever After is a tooth-rotting fluff piece I wrote after I had a cute idea about Crowley getting stuck in snake-form. There is no smut to be seen, and the angst is more of a “ya’ll are idiots” thing, so if you’re looking for something fluffy and cute, this is it! 😀

Once Upon a Time [A Good Omens Fic]

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This fic was kinda, sorta, in a way written for Halloween, but I wasn’t able to finish it in time for the actual holiday. That said, I posted it ages ago and just forgot to share it here. Forgive me blog-gods!

I’m not gonna lie: this fic is straight up gratuitous smut. It’s fun smut though. *cough cough* SHUT UP YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT.

No, but seriously, this is your fair warning for explicit content. ^_~ If that’s your bag, head right here to read Once Upon a Time.

Revenge Omens – Chapter Two

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Confession: I posted this, like…two weeks ago, but forgot to share it with you guys. I’m so sorry! NaNoWriMo and coming-up-to-the-holidays season is a time of year that pretty much breaks my brain irreparably. So just…bear with me, k? K.

Anyway, the second chapter of Revenge Omens, as based on the AU concept by Masao Miichi, is available for your reading pleasure. The story now moves forward to the present which, for the purposes of this story is 30 years after the events of Good Omens. During this time lapse Risen Crowley has been (kinda) working for Heaven, while Fallen Aziraphale has been trapped in Hell. Both believe the other to have been destroyed. This chapter gives some insight as to what Crowley’s life has been like for the past three decades.

Fair warning: this is not warm and fuzzy in the slightest. It may, in fact, be one of the most depressing things I’ve ever written, and that’s saying something. Enjoy! ;P