Plan & Goals 2020: Week 6 Review


Let me start off this week’s post by imploring you, my lovely people, to avenge my death. It is surely soon to come, and shall be a drawn out, messy affair, so while you’re avenging, send a clean-up crew.

Okay, enough dramatics, but seriously…I feel like I’ve been hit by two or three consecutive trucks and then had my remains thrown into a wood-chipper. Hubby let me sleep until bloody noon today, and I still feel like I could easily fall asleep if I lay down and close my eyes. In fact, even after getting out of bed (at noon, remember) I pretty much just collapsed on the couch and watched hubby play Bioshock for over two hours. And the day didn’t get much more productive after that. It’s honestly quite amazing that I managed to drum up the motivation to write this post. So…go me? Yeah. I’m calling this a win.

So let’s go ahead and get through this while I have a tiny modicum of willpower to keep existing.

Goal #1: Be Healthier

It seems almost cruel and unusual that this should be the first goal I have to talk about today. I’m not joking about how rotten I feel, you guys. Seriously, if anyone has some, like…morphine or something just lying around, I could definitely use it.

  • Eat better (and less) – I’ve been waxing and waning on this front depending on the day. Obviously being sick affects my appetite and what I can stand eating, so that’s been buggering me up the past couple of days. But as a whole I’d say that this one has been going okay. The big trick is not snacking, which is something I’m flat-out addicted to, but I do think that I’m getting better. The key overall is to recognize when I’m genuinely hungry and when I just feel like eating. It can be a tough distinction sometimes.
  • Drink more water – Foolishly, this one went downhill as soon as I started feeling sick. Stupid? Absolutely. The problem is an absolute lack of desire to pick myself up from wherever I’ve collapsed so I can go get water. Yes, I am truly that pathetic at the moment. That aside, the previous bits of the week went fine. Lots of water, tamped down by coffee, but lots of water none-the-less.
  • Get more exercise – Now, this one here? This one has proved to be much more difficult than I was expecting. Long story short, I got exactly two workouts in last week, and the reason I only got two workouts in is that each of those workouts absolutely destroyed me. I’m not just talking tired or a bit sore. I’m talking muscles so strained that walking up and down the stairs became a fucking event. It’s entirely possible that some of my body’s reaction had to do with this bug creeping up on me slowly, over time, but either way the result is the same. I barely got any actual exercise in because my body said “No goddamn way”.
  • Lose 2 lbs per month – Surprisingly enough, I can actually report a win on this front. Efforts haven’t been great, all things considered, but I hopped on the scale this morning and found that I’d lost approximately 2.5 lbs since the last time I checked. So, technically speaking, I’m roughly on par for this one at the moment.

Goal #2: Be an Author

Writing continues to go quite well, though my brain is rather turned off at the moment (colds and flues tend to do that to me). I’m still pretty obsessed with writing fan-fiction at the moment, but there are also plenty of other things going on, some of them concerning upcoming books, some just fun little side projects. Whichever way you look at it, the plain facts are that I’ve been getting tons of writing in.

  • Write 500,000 words throughout the year – I’m really just so surprised with myself, to be perfectly honest. I’ve never written so much at the beginning of the year before. I don’t know what it is exactly about these first few months, but usually I bomb them horribly. Yet, this year I’m right on track, if not ahead of the game! My account wanted me to write 8430 words last week, and I demolished that goal with 12,226 words instead. :3
  • Promote published books – Still looking for decent ideas for this one, if anyone has any. I’ve continued to toss hints out on Instagram and Twitter here and there, but haven’t really seen any reactions. I considered a paid ad on Kindle, but I did that once and saw literally NO reaction so it just seems like a waste of money. I know that nothing is ever guaranteed, but it would obviously be nice to have some kind of a king that I might see a bit of an ROI if I’m going to put any actual money into advertising.
  • Promote Patreon & exclusive content – Oh hey! I actually have something to report here! I already mentioned it a couple of days ago, but there is currently an early-access copy of Is It Or Isn’t It? on my Patreon account. This is a Good Omens Valentine’s Day fic that will go live on AO3 on the big day. Approximately the first half of it is pure fluff, with the later half running into explicit territory, so be ware of that.
    I’m also currently working on a special Valentine’s Day fic featuring Tori and Jacob from my The Other World series, which will be a Patron-Only exclusive, so keep an eye out for that and maybe consider becoming a Patron now if you want to get access to it immediately when it goes up. ^_~
  • Work on Author social media – I’d say that, in a general sense, I’ve been doing alright on this one for the past week, though there’s nothing overwhelmingly interesting to report. Both accounts saw an increase in followers (4 new on Twitter, 15 new on Instagram) so that’s pretty awesome. Now if I could just continue that trend and turn some of those followers into book-buyers, that would be an accomplishment.

Goal #3: Be a YouTuber

I won’t claim that the wheels have been turning at anything more than a glacial speed, but I can absolutely tell you that the wheels have been moving. You might not be able to see them, but there is motion, I swear.

To be straightforward about it, hubby and I have started working on the basement in a big way. Progress has been slow for several reasons (not the least of which is the fact that our pellet stove is broken and thus the basement is currently FREEZING), but we’ve managed to get a bit done and are also working on a new set-up for the videos. In particular we’re trying to work out a new configuration with our table/camera/other gear so that we’ll be standing instead of sitting during filming. It sounds like a tiny thing, but trust me, it will make a difference for a number of reasons, and it’s actually more difficult to set up than it sounds because of our old camera. But we’ll figure it out, and hopefully be back to filming in the nearish future (when we’re both decidedly not dying of a mysterious plague).

  • Film/edit/upload – I pretty much answered this one already with the above paragraph; there hasn’t been any filming. That said, I can report one new bit of exciting info, which is that we replaced hubby’s old, piece-of-crap laptop with a new one that has a solid state drive and will hopefully be much better for editing videos. Since the old one was getting so bad it was crashing multiple times every time he tried to export something, having a new, actually decent computer to work with should make a huge difference to the whole process.
  • Promote and Interact (Social Media) – In the interim until we can actually get some new videos up and going, I have been trying to keep the social media flowing. In particular I’ve been trying to share more toy pics on the Instagram account and geeky stuff in general on the Twitter account. Everything is a bit steady at the moment (1 follower lost on YouTube, 2 gained on Twitter, 1 lost on Instagram), but that’s better than massive losses, so I’ll call it a win for now. I’m definitely hoping to see some actual increases on Twitter and Instagram in the coming week though because, I mean, obviously I am. 😛
  • Expand website content – Let’s just go ahead and be straightforward with this one: I did nothing toward this goal last week. I haven’t even looked at it. I’ve been too distracted with other things. Sorry!

Goal #4: Be Fun

And here we are in the most amusing of my batches of goals. I can’t say that I’ve been much fun the past few days, given the whole ‘feeling like death’ thing, but grant me a bit of leeway, okay? I’ve been trying not to melt into a puddle of pain and germs.

  • Read 50 books throughout the year – Phewwwww, do I ever need to do some catching up on this goal! I’ve even got “Read Nevernight” as a ‘to-do’ in my day planner every day this week in hopes that I’ll convince myself to find the time to actually do it. The pathetic thing is that I definitely do want to finish it; I’ve just found that I either don’t have the time, or when I do have the time I’m not in the mood to read. It’s been rather pathetic. That said, I have a doctor’s appointment later this afternoon and fully expect to sit in the waiting room for an hour or more, so guess what I’m going to be doing while I’m there? Damn right. Let’s pick this shit up.
  • Play video games – It hasn’t exactly been an extended gaming session, but I did, in fact, get into some games this past week. I mentioned last week that I’d started up Borderlands 3, and I played some more of that throughout the week (sooooo much fun!). I also played some Smash Bros and Mario Party with hubby and little miss. And I also also played a bit of Secret of Mana, as per the collection hubby got me for the Switch for Christmas. All was good fun. ^_^
  • Watch shows/movies – We’ve been a little off on watching stuff lately, choosing instead to play games or pass out at night to old shows. That said, we watched a few new episodes of the ‘Harley Quinn’ animated series (tons of fun, that), got caught up in ‘Medical Police’ (so dumb, so wonderful), and I’m nearing the end of The Witcher as well. All good stuff! We were also talking about trying ‘Knives Out’ soon because we’ve been hearing lots of good things about it.

So, let’s take a look back…yup…yup…I think it was a pretty decent week overall. It could have been better, yes, but if nothing else the writing and the bit of weight loss make the week a win in my eyes. What do you think? ;3

How was your week? Any accomplishments you want to share? Goals you worked hard on? Feel free to share in the comments! ❤

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