Plan & Goals 2020: Week 7 Review

Wow, you guys, I can’t believe we’re into the third week of February! I must be getting old because time just seems to fly these days. Mind you, part of that feeling could be based on the fact that I know I’m going to be heading out to another job in Alberta sometime in March. I suppose the totally random point I’m trying to make is: enjoy yourself. Time slips away like the sneaky bitch she is and you never see her going.
Week 7 was a bit of a wonky one. As mentioned in last week’s post, I picked up some kind of bug that had me feeling like utter hell for a few days. Then Jason had a bad day as well. Then we had an insane temperature drop in the weather that had our house freezing for a few days. Then we had company, which resulted in the particularly dry feeling that is currently in my throat, along with the four dozen or so empty beer/cooler cans scattered all over my kitchen counter.
Now, I’m not saying that I’m hungover. But I am saying that I didn’t really get moving until around 11 am or so today. So, I guess, just keep that in mind if my post sounds a little sleepy and disjointed. I’ll do my best to remain intelligible. 😛

Goal #1: Be Healthier

Once the aforementioned sickness was more or less quelled, I started focusing more on this particular goal. I mentioned this already on my social media accounts, but after quite a bit of whining about how much weight I’d gained hubby made a suggestion. He said I should think of something I really want and use it as a reward to myself for losing however much weight it is I want to lose. I thought it was a great idea, and after conversing with a friend about it I decided on what my goal and reward shall be. I want to get down to 140 lbs (I started at 175), and when I manage to do so I intend to reward myself with my first tattoo. 🙂 I’ve been wanting one for a while, had a specific one in mind for about seven months or so now, and just have to decide where I want it on my body, which I’m sure I can figure out in the time it takes me to lose the weight. Wish me luck!

  • Eat better (and less) – Phew! Eating better is hard, you guys. (As if you didn’t know.) I must admit that I’m doing better with the “less” part than the “better” part. The weekend was a bit of a wash overall, because having company (and thus, having drinks) always results in over-indulgence. But hey, baby steps, right? I’m working on it!
  • Drink more water – Aside from last night, during which my liquid consumption was rather a bit stronger than water, this goal continues to be going well. I’d say there’s probably still room for improvement, but I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee and tea since the weather has been cold and gross. Can you blame me? Tea in the winter is heaven.
  • Get more exercise – I’m not even going to defend myself here. Aside from maybe one day (when we got up early to go shopping), there’s no reason I couldn’t have exercised every day last week. But, as you may have put together already, I did not. I think I got two actually exercises in, plus some playing of “Just Dance” with the kid. Hey, it’s something! I absolutely need to start doing better, but at least I’m getting myself moving every so often!
  • Lose 2 lbs per month – After the…overindulgence of yesterday, I didn’t even bother setting foot on the scale this morning. I didn’t want to risk seeing the number gone back up. Don’t look at me that way! For the sake of reporting, the last time I checked my weight I was down a total of three pounds. I’m really excited to get myself down below 170 because I’ve been gagging at myself ever since I saw that I’d gone above it. Fingers crossed that that happens soon!

Goal #2: Be an Author

I relaxed up on this one a bit last week because there were other things to focus on, but that’s definitely not to say that this set of goals didn’t go well!

  • Write 500,000 words throughout the year – For week 7 my account wanted me to write a total of 7260 words. I covered that easily with 2031 non-fiction words and 6092 fiction words, for a week’s total of 8123 words. The main pieces I worked on last week were “A Boy & A Girl“, a Patron-exclusive Valentine’s Day ficlet featuring Tori and Jacob from “The Other World“, as well as the third chapter of “Revenge Omens” which is currently on my Patreon in early-access, but will be posted on AO3 in a few more days. If you’d like to check out these pieces and be one of my favorite people, please consider checking out my Patreon. ^_^
  • Promote published books – I honestly can’t recall if I did any self-promotion this past week. I did sell a couple of books, but that may have been complete coincidence.
  • Promote Patreon & exclusive content – I already mentioned this above, but last week I made two posts to my Patreon. “A Boy & A Girl” is a Patron-only exclusive that can only be accessed by becoming a Patron, and “Revenge Omens: Chapter 3” is currently on early-access there before I post it to AO3. I’m currently in the process of working on the third chapter of “In Silence Our Secrets Lie“, and that will be an early-access release as well when it’s ready.
  • Work on Author social media – I may have slipped off of the social media stuff a little in the past few days. The week as an overall wasn’t too bad though. I only gained a single follower each on the author Twitter and Instagram accounts, but I also got a good bit of interaction on both with some of my more recent posts, and that’s always awesome.

Goal #3: Be a YouTuber

Good things come to those who wait, right? Well, our YouTube followers must be in the running for some damn good things. 😛
In all seriousness, there has been some progress happening; it’s just not necessarily the type of progress that people are probably hoping for.

  • Film/edit/upload – Filming has not yet recommenced, mainly because we currently have the basement in something of a shambles. We decided to rearrange our setup, based on a desire to be standing at our table in our vids instead of sitting – it seems like a small, almost pointless change, but believe me when I say that it will make a difference in several ways. Point being, that small decision resulted in a complete rearranging of the basement set-up, including a need to set up some new shelves, screw around with our lighting options, and acquire some small bits of new equipment to make certain things work properly. Long story short, we’re still working on all that stuff, and filming can’t resume until we’ve gotten a bit more of it done.
  • Promote and Interact (Social Media) – Of course, the social media aspect continues on while we’re working on the physical stuff in the basement. Nothing groundbreaking has been going on, but I did gain 8 new followers on the Twitter account recently. The Instagram remains steady, being the most difficult pain-in-the-ass platform to move.
  • Expand website content – Without putting too fine a point on it, this one is on the back-burner until a few of the more pressing matters (such as getting back into filming) are addressed.

Goal #4: Be Fun

I’ve been joking almost every week about how stupid this goal sounds, but this week I have to admit that I don’t really think I’ve been overly fun this past week. I’m a bit pinpoint focused at the moment; basically all I’ve been wanting to do is read and write. I’m trying to get myself used to something of a schedule though, so that I can spread my energies around. Not saying it’s going to work, but it can’t hurt, right? Right.

  • Read 50 books throughout the year – Yes, I’m still reading Nevernight. Yes, I know, I hate myself. That said, I recently spent a rather large chunk of time reading a novel-length Good Omens fanfic, and I refuse to apologize because it was a new kind of fantastic. “Show Show“, if you’re interested, is only related to Good Omens in the most tenuous ways (the characters are all humans involved in the filming of a television show), but it is the most fantastic slow-burn romance that is absolutely fraught with agonizing moments. I seriously wanted to bawl my eyes out so many times and very nearly made myself sick enough to throw up during one chapter in particular. It is absolutely fantastic and could easily be its own novel if the author wanted to change the names and whatnot to make it an original story. Unfortunately I can’t count it toward my Goodreads challenge total, but it was absolutely worth the read.
  • Play video games – Games came in bits and pieces over the past week. I never really sat down and really played anything in a major sense, but I played a bit here and there with family. A bit of Just Dance with the kid, a Smash Bros game or two. I got roped into a bit of Mortal Kombat 11 yesterday, which is always “fun” because I suck at it so bad. 😛
  • Watch shows/movies – Mostly we’ve been lazily throwing on Family Guy at bedtime recently, but we’ve started looking for new things to watch as well. The most recent movie was Doctor Sleep, which I thoroughly enjoyed and now want to read the book for. Good thing it happens to be one of the books I currently have in a pile waiting to be read (if I can ever drag myself away from GO fanfics)!

And that, as they say, is that! All things considered, not a terrible week, not a stupendous one. Just kinda…there. Hopefully next week I’ll have something more interesting to report, but in general I can say that I’m pretty much satisfied with how last week went.

How was your week? Any accomplishments you want to share? Goals you worked hard on? Feel free to share in the comments! ❤

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