Revenge Omens – Chapter 4: To Make a Maniac

Screenshot 2020-03-09 at 5.34.23 PMScreenshot 2020-03-09 at 5.34.12 PM

Ooh boy, my lovelies…this was another very difficult one to write! As a general rule I tend to write Aziraphale as very nervous and anxious, and occasionally too deep inside his own head to see straight. This is the first time I’ve outright tortured the poor thing, and it was a miserable experience. I feel like the chapter turned out well in the end, for the purposes of the story, but my dears…I felt so bad writing it!

Chapter 4: To Make a Maniac is a series of flashbacks that show what was happening to Aziraphale in Hell while Crowley was off thinking he’d been destroyed. For the sake of being forthright (though I’m sure you’ve all figured out by now that this is not a pleasant fic by any stretch of the imagination), I’ll warn you that there’s quite a bit of graphic violence in this chapter. But don’t worry…Aziraphale isn’t at the receiving end of all of it.

Chapter 4 is currently in Early Access on my Patreon page. It will be posted on AO3 this coming Saturday, but if you’d like to read it early and support your favorite indie author at the same time, all it takes is a $2 donation, and you’ll have access to all my Patreon exclusives. ❤

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