“In Silence Our Secrets Lie” – A Good Omens FanFic – Chapter 20

It’s strangely bittersweet, but Chapter 20 is the last (plot-important) chapter of “In Silence Our Secrets Lie“. There will be an epilogue, but that is going to be totally self-indulgent fluff-and-smut that has no bearing on the overall story. Therefore we can officially call “Silence” complete.

This story has been such a fun ride. It was my most enjoyable write in quite some time and I will honestly miss it! All the lovely comments and fanart I received were beyond wonderful, and really spurred me on to write more and more. As a result, “Silence” ended up being my longest ever completed work of fiction, currently sitting at just under 80k words. To be able to say that an idea for a fanfic turned into a fully-fleshed out piece of writing that is nearly 30k-words longer than any of my actual NOVELS is quite a thing. I’m incredibly proud of it and incredibly happy that so many people (~11,000 hits atm!) have enjoyed reading it.

If you’ve been reading, thank you so much for your support!
If you’re a fan of fluff-n-smut be sure to keep an eye out for the bonus epilogue!
And if you’re hungry for more, please subscribe to my AO3 account, as there will be plenty more coming in the future!

~Love and kisses!~

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