Plans & Goals 2020: Week 37 Review

Happy Monday everyone! If you aren’t a Monday person, please excuse my enthusiasm, as I am attempting to be cheerier in general. Also, wish me luck. It’s not always an easy thing to accomplish. 😛

On this surprisingly lovely Monday morning I have a few things to mention. Firstly and foremost, the first week back to school for the little miss went fairly well. It’s definitely going to be a strange year, and there were quite a few kinks to work through on that first day when they had the kids lined up for half a mile while waiting to get in the school, but things seem to have gotten a little calmer since then. The biggest frustration, I expect, will be from kids who have trouble being still for too long, because the new rules have kids remaining in their classroom for all classes except gym, as well as lunch. My daughter doesn’t seem to be having any issue, as she’s not a fidgety kind of kid, but I can only imagine how some of the other kids are doing. Fingers crossed for no one to lose their minds.

On a related note, our local university starts back up today, and restrictions seem to be going well there, aside from four out-of-province students who failed to self-isolate when they arrived and subsequently got fined $1000 each. Congratulations, dumbasses. Whether you agree with self-isolation or not, the fact of the matter is that those are the rules in Nova Scotia, and you just cost yourself an entire course price-tag before classes even started. I hope whatever party you snuck out to was worth it.

In other randomness, sometime within the next few days I should be receiving my new phone in the mail. Jason and I were both eligible for an upgrade, and unlike several times in the past the current required contract plans were actually better than what we already had, so there was absolutely no reason not to go ahead and upgrade. We’re both getting a Samsung S20+, and I’m extremely giddy for a new toy. lol Our old phones were still decent ones, but being several generations old now they were starting to get very slow, die very fast, and overheat when running too many programs, so it will be exciting to have a shiny new phone that runs like a top for a while. I’m sure that’s neither here nor there to you guys, but I wanted to mention it because it makes me smile. 🙂

Okay, let’s get into the goal stuff, I suppose!

Goal #1: Be Healthier

Phew…I’m not going to lie; last week was basically a complete system shutdown as far as this goal goes.

  • Eat better (and less) – In a general kind of sense, I ate well throughout the week…but in a more narrowed down, specific-times-of-day sense… Yeah, okay, so we had a lot of snacks last week. A lot of sitting down and gorging on bad-for-you crap like popcorn and cookies and nachos and- Bah, you get the idea. The point is that I fell off the wagon something fierce when it comes to being careful about what I put in my body. But I am newly motivated to do better! Over the weekend we picked up a fridge that my parents were getting rid of (because they re-did their kitchen), and it’s nicer than our old one, and nice and clean and shiny, and somehow that gives me motivation to fill it full of good foods. Fingers crossed that the motivation lasts. lol
  • Drink more water – Part of the reason that I think I went a little foolish with the snacks last week is that I’ve been slowly waning more and more on how much water I’m consuming in a day. I’m not sure exactly what happened – I guess I just stopped paying attention – but I would definitely say that my consumption last week was down considerably from where it has been in recent weeks. This is something else that I have newfound motivation to fix, especially considering that the new fridge has a (working) ice-maker, so I can have nice cold water all the time. ❤
  • Get more exercise – Oh MAN, did exercise just…go by the way side last week. I believe I did some strength training last Monday, and that was pretty much it. We didn’t even do much in the way of walking around to play Pokemon Go, because we all had special research that required doing raids, so we mostly drove around searching for raids rather than walk half an hour toward a gym only to find that nothing was going on there. It’s a shitty excuse, I know, I’m just saying that’s what happened.

    Long story short, I got wicked bloody lazy last week, and I’m (yes, I’m saying it again) NEWLY MOTIVATED to fix this nonsense. To be more specific, I decided to start doing ‘Zombies, Run!’ again. I’ll probably still sneak in strength training a few times a week because muscle burns fat, but in a general sense I want to do more cardio so I can burn calories, train my heart and lungs, and have fun all at once. ❤
  • Lose 2 lbs per month – Surprisingly enough, considering all the junk-eating and not-exercising, I did not gain weight last week, thank fuck. That said, I didn’t lose either. This morning I was sitting at 172.8, which is basically right where I was last week. I’m definitely not going to complain though, obviously. I’m just bloody delighted that I didn’t gain anything.

Goal #2: Be an Author

Productivity highs and lows concerning author stuff this week. The writing itself? Fan-fucking-tastic. Everything else? Eeeehhh….

  • Write 500,000 words throughout the year – I mentioned last week that my account had given me a very easy week to deal with, and deal with I certainly did. I was set to write 4979 words, and absolutely destroyed that with a total of 11,260 words for the week. Some of those words even worked toward ‘Book Three’, which my beta-readers have all been poking me relentlessly for. I’m working on it, you guys, I swear!
  • Promote published books – Hey, I actually kinda did this last week! Just a little, but I managed to sell two of the physical copies that I have piled up and taking up room in my reading/writing room. So that’s nice. I definitely need to put more effort into this one though.
  • Promote Patreon & exclusive content – Nothing went up on the Patreon last week, but that was mostly due to timing, since I put up ‘Revenge Omens’ chapters at roughly ten-day intervals, and the last one went up on a Sunday. That said, I’m currently working on Chapter 11 and it should be up in the next couple of days. Additionally, I’m soon going to start transcribing some of the other stories I’ve been picking at here and there, with the intention being that I’ll have multiple chapters typed up and scheduled so that there will be new posts every week for so many weeks in a row. At least, that’s the plan! Wish me luck accomplishing it!
  • Work on Author social media – Whoooooo-boy. Okay, uh…no sense in mincing words: I basically just gave up on social media in general for a good five or so days in a row there. I’m not even entirely sure why I did so…I just kinda…walked away from the internet for the most part. *cough cough*

    On a positive note though, I’m hoping that getting my new phone will help encourage me to spend some more time working on the social accounts. That said, as far as this week goes, the author Instagram gained one follower and the Twitter account remained the same.

Goal #3: Be a YouTuber

No ‘highs and lows’ to speak of here; just good old fashioned ‘fuck all’.

  • Film/edit/upload – Yeah, we just…yeah… We kept telling ourselves (and each other) all week that filming was going to happen, and then it…didn’t. A few times it was because of actual other shit that needed doing, but many of those times it was good old fashioned epic failure.

    In our defence though, if we had filmed last week the videos would almost definitely be difficult to watch because of constant cuts so that Jason could sneeze and short or so that I could wipe away the copious amount of sweat I was dealing with. I don’t know what was up with us last week, but the weather and/or flora and/or hormones had as all fucked up. Jason had several days in a row of sinus issues, and I couldn’t move two feet without sweating like I’d run a marathon.

    So, uh. Yeah. Take that as an excuse if you want. lol
  • Promote and Interact (Social Media) – As mentioned above, social media just went right down the toilet last week for whatever bloody reason. As a result the Twitter account lost two followers and the Instagram account stayed the same. I must admit, I’m getting really sick of looking at the numbers for those two accounts, because the graph of them would be like a sine wave. A little up, a little down, and back around again. I feel like if I look at the numbers from the beginning of the year I’ll see that I gained effectively nothing. And I won’t lie, that is outrageously frustrating. Let’s work on trying to fix that, hmm? Yeah. Okay.
  • Expand website content – *hands over ears* La la la la la la la I can’t hear you la la la la la la la la-

Goal #4: Be Fun!

I mean, I’m fun all the time, right? Right. Glad we’ve got that settled.

  • Read 50 books throughout the year – Aside from a few short fics that I picked up here and there, I can’t report having read any books this week. (I know, big shocker, right?) At the moment I am focused on the ARC that I mentioned previously so that I’ll be able to get my review up in the requested time-frame. Don’t worry, I’ve always been the type to work best on a rapidly-approaching deadline. lol

    With that said, I’ve recently been working on scanning all my books (and manga and comics) into a tracker (because we keep ending up with multiple copies of things like ‘Goosebumps’ books whenever we go to secondhand sales) and looking through everything has been giving me a real desire to actually, you know…read things. *cough cough* So maybe I’ll actually get some progress going soon?
  • Play video games – Funny enough, Jason just told me this morning that he’s not buying me any games for Christmas this year because I never play them. ^_^; So, yeah, that pretty much explains the situation, right?
  • Watch shows/movies – Here’s an admission: Jason and I had never watched a single full episode of ‘Community’ until recently. But we’ve rectified that now! We recently started watching it as our dinner-time show, and are quite enjoying it so far. It’s one of those shows that we had always intended to watch, but just never got around to, so it’s nice to finally get around to it.
    In other shows, we just watched the most recent episode of ‘The Boys’ and it continues to be fan-fucking tastic. If you haven’t checked out the show yet, I highly recommend it (just don’t watch with your kids nearby).

    In movies, we haven’t been watching too much because Jason’s been spending the later parts of the evenings playing a new game, but we did just recently re-watch ‘The Babysitter’ so that we could also watch ‘The Babysitter 2: Killer Queen’. The sequel was fun, but they pushed a little bit too much of the really goofy stuff for my tastes. The first was more grounded in the realm of possibility, while the sequel had some really foolish scenes that tried to be fun but just pushed a bit too far past any semblance of reality. Still fun though.

And here we are, once again at the end. In the time it took me to write this post Jason’s phone showed up, mine didn’t, and I’ve been online with a support rep for fifteen minutes now trying to work out why my tracking info just says ‘no shipment found’. Wish me luck, my friends, because I was in a decent mood when this post began and now I’m clenching my teeth pretty damn hard.

How was your week? Any accomplishments you want to share? Goals you worked hard on? Feel free to share in the comments! 

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