“Revenge Omens” – Chapter Seventeen: Always

And this, my darlings, is it. The final Chapter of Revenge Omens.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this fic, even when it was so painful that I thought I was going to write myself into an early grave. I must admit that I waffled considerably over how I was going to end it, so I hope that what I eventually came up with sits well with all my lovely readers.

A big thank you to Masao, whose lovely art was the inspiration for this fic, and who graciously gave me enthusiastic consent to write it. And more big thank yous, of course, to all the beautiful people who read, commented, gave kudos, and supported me through Patreon and my new Ko-Fi account. You are all awesome, amazing people.

Now go read the final chapter, and share with anyone whom you think needs their heart torn six ways from Sunday. XD

Enjoy, my loves!

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