“The Scent of Desire” – Chapter 01 [A Good Omens AU]

Welcome, my darlings, to the next multi-chapter fic in my ever-expanding Good Omens library of obsessions!

The Scent of Desire” is a human AU with alpha/omega dynamics. Crowley is an omega who has given up on the idea of a traditional relationship due to an anomalous medical condition that, among other things, causes the scent of alphas to be abhorrent to him. Of course, that is before he meets the angelic bookshop owner, Aziraphale, who is the kindest and most gentlemanly alpha he has ever met. 

There will be some occasional (mostly mild) angst in this tale, but after finishing “Revenge Omens” I’m definitely focused more on self-indulgent fluff-and-smut for this one. This is, for all intents and purposes, a falling-in-love tale full of adorable softness and eventual hot-and-sexy fun-times. :3

I’ve already got several chapters complete, so this fic will go straight to a regular, weekly release schedule, updating on Mondays. This first chapter will go to AO3 a week from now, with the second chapter going into Patreon early-access at the same time; rinse and repeat for the following weeks until the tale is complete. 

I’ve been having lots of fun writing this one, so I hope you all will enjoy reading it as well! Enjoy the first chapter, my lovelies!

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