Plans & Goals 2021: Week 3

Oh my goodness, is it really Monday again already? I know I’ve said this a million times before, but I really do have no idea where last week went. I feel like very little in particular actually happened, and yet it was just gone in a flash.

Mind you, when I say that I feel like very little happened, that’s not to say that I didn’t get anything done. That is to say, there’s definitely plenty that I should have gotten done and didn’t, but other stuff got done. Some of that stuff was, like…housework and whatnot, but hey…that crap has to get done too, right? Right.

Side note before I get into the meat of the post: I just wanted to mention that it’s snowing. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, honestly, but it kinda is because we’ve had a weirdly mild and lacking-in-precipitation winter so far. I mention this because, remember last week when I complained that I was cold and couldn’t seem to get the chill in my bones to go the hell away? Well that has pretty much persisted since last week’s post. It turns out that having a really mild start to the winter makes it feel that much more miserable when the world finally does get cold.

Okay, whining out of the way! Let’s do this thing!


Phew! Okay, a few things of note this week.

First of all, I did do several days in a row worth of P90 videos, so yay for me. However, in direct opposition to this…I got really really bored with the P90 vidoes. Now, I’m sure things will bounce around in my head as the weeks go by and I have different things going on and whatnot, but yeah, just at the moment doing those same two P90 videos back and forth is striking me as incredibly boring, which is not very conducive to keeping a habit going. So, to shake things up a bit, I started playing “Just Dance 2021” (which Adrianna got for Christmas). I’ll probably intersperse the actual exercise vids with the dancing to shake things up a bit, but we’ll see how it goes. What’s really important right now for me is to just keep moving and burning calories. Lord knows I’ve got a lot of them to burn.

And speaking of calories, we had a bit of a hiccup over the weekend. I did fairly well concerning food throughout the week, though I started to slip a bit at the end of the week, and then Saturday came, and oh boy… Long story short, it was a friend’s birthday, and we had a small Covid-restrictions-appropriate party for her, and there was a lot of liquor, and a lot of food, and just…just arseloads of calories, you guys. Just off the top of my head we had a chocolate cheesecake, chips, crackers with cheese and pepperoni, peanut butter balls, trail mix, and Swedish Fish, and that’s not considering the calorie content of all the stuff we drank. Soooo…yeah. I ended up gaining some weight back that night. lol Most of it is probably water weight, because that happens every time I drink, but even so I intend to be as good as possible for the rest of the month to try to reverse some of that damage.

To those ends, and because Jason is starting to feel like a pathetic blob as well, we’re both going to try to stick to an intermittent fasting schedule for a while and see if it helps us. Honestly, neither of us ever really eat breakfast, and we both tend to just guzzle water and coffee until late afternoon, so it shouldn’t be all that difficult to pull off, as long as we restrain ourselves from snacking at night.


Firstly, I would like to revisit the topic of my new graphics tablet and the fact that I am absolutely fucking loving it. I’m not really getting the hang of coloring stuff, and I’m not entirely sure that I ever will, but even just the sketches I’ve been doing…SO much better than 90% of the shit I do organically in a sketchbook. Being able to have a ‘model’ layer to sketch over top of makes getting poses right so much easier. It has honestly made drawing so much more fun for me than it’s been in ages.

Of course, you can probably guess that I’ve been doing a ton of Good Omens fanart, and I am totally not sorry at all for that, but I’ve also been doing some more original stuff and that’s been great as well. The picture below, for instance, is a scene from “The Other World: Book One”, and after completing it I started to seriously consider eventually republishing the books with occasional illustrations. I think it would be fun and add a touch of something extra to the books. That will definitely be a ‘way down the line’ kind of thing though.

In terms of writing, I had another weird week. Productive, but a bit off. For several months I had a pretty decent laser focus going with whatever I was working on at the time, but now I’m starting to fiddle off into multiple directions at once again. Part of that is obviously because I’m trying to put work into “The Other World” instead of just lending all of my attention to fan fiction, but part of it also seems to be a refusal of my brain to be able to handle one idea at a time. I’ve been all over the place, writing bits and pieces of scenes for all different projects, while also trying desperately to force myself to focus on the projects that are more time sensitive, and I can’t seem to manage to keep myself moving forward in the right direction. I keep jumping from chapter to chapter, everything all out of order. My brain is like a bloody word blender.

That said, I did still manage to write quite a bit throughout the week, so I guess that’s a positive, right? wanted me to write 10,178 words for the week, and I ended it out with 12,061 words, with only 1963 of those being non-fiction, and about a third of the fictional words being toward “The Other World”. Considering how mushy my brain has been all week, I consider that to be a pretty wicked win.


Uhhh…okay, so….*cough*

First of all, I’ll just go ahead and say that I basically fell apart when it came to social media and self-promo last week. I’m not even sure exactly what happened…I just looked back at myself on Sunday night and realized that I’d posted practically nothing on any of my accounts for several days in a row. Obviously I’m going to try to turn that around in the coming week, but damn…it never fails to amaze me how much time and effort it actually takes to deal with several social media accounts at once. It’s no wonder so many people end up with burn-out and have to take ‘internet vacations’ for their mental health.

Looking at a more broad range of productivity-related topics… I, uh…I had absolutely nothing to do with the editing and uploading of our most recent video. Oh wait. That’s not a positive thing either, is it? *cough*

To be fair, after the video was up I started work on getting our website back up and running (it had been suspended because I was late on the yearly invoice, because the credit card they had on file was the old one). That said, I can’t really give myself too much credit for that, because after getting everything up and running again I basically just…poked around with different themes for a few hours…and eventually stopped because I couldn’t figure out how to get our ads to work with the different themes…and got frustrated and sulked about it for a few hours afterwards.

Hey, I’m not a web-design person, okay? Gimmi a break.

So yeah, from a ‘productivity’ standpoint, I actually kinda feel like things went off the rails. I mean…I did a bunch of house stuff that needed doing, so there is that, and I did a few other real-life-related errands that you guys frankly don’t need to know about…but when it comes to the YouTube channel, and the social stuff, and the self-promo, and all that kinda stuff…yeah, I just…blah.

Moving on before I put my head through a wall…

If you’re interested at all in the numbers, both Twitter accounts and the Author Instagram account went up three followers each, while the YouTube Instagram, for whatever bloody reason, went down five.


And then there was the down-time, which, honestly, you can probably mostly summarize by the birthday party I mentioned earlier. I mean, really. That one thing basically wrote off my entire weekend, especially considering how I felt like epic shit the day after. Ugh. Booze and huge quantities of sugar…

But seriously, I suppose I do have a few things to mention in this category.

As far as reading goes, I’m actually a bit annoyed to say that I didn’t even touch “Godsgrave” last week, because I didn’t find a whole lot of time for reading at all. When I did read (which was mostly during moments such as stirring the gravy I made with yesterday’s supper) it was little bits and pieces of fan fics that I’m currently subscribed to. To be fair, though, those fan fics have been fucking amazing…just saying.

Gaming has been pretty straight-forward and unremarkable as well. I played “Jedi: Fallen Order” a few more times, though not generally for an extended period, so I’ve still got roughly a third of the game or so to go. I could probably beat it pretty quickly if I just chose a day and sat the hell down and did it, but I’ve had so many little things going on all at the same time lately that I haven’t really wanted to give up that much time at once for a game. Aside from that, the only game I’ve been playing is the aforementioned “Just Dance 2021”, for the workout purpose.

Side note, though: the other day we downloaded the demo for Resident Evil 8, and Jason played it. It didn’t really show much about what the gameplay is going to be like, since it was a one-off without any ability to fight back against monsters, but it definitely showcased how beautiful and ridiculously creepy it has the ability to be. If that dead body had shifted one more time, I thought one of us would have had a heart attack.

And then there’s movies and television, of which there haven’t been a great deal lately because we’ve been mostly watching the hockey games as they come up. We have been watching “Community” again, and have gotten more into it as we’ve gone. We just watched the paintball episode the other day and I thought I was going to die laughing. Aside from that, we haven’t really been watching much of anything, although I watched a couple of episodes of Supernatural, since I haven’t watched the 14th or 15th seasons yet. I figure that now that it’s over I should probably catch up, right? It’s probably going to be the kind of thing I mostly watch when I’m, like…folding laundry and whatnot though, since Jason has no interest in it anymore.

So that was my week, in a nutshell. I can’t believe that we’re almost through January already… Things seem to be going decently, overall, but I’m still wary, given it was 2020 only a few weeks ago, and that stain cannot possibly be cleaned away so easily. Fingers crossed, everyone, and let’s all stay vigilant. ❤

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

Plans & Goals 2021: Week 2

Another Happy Monday to you, my dear people! I hope that yours is more comfortable than mine is at the moment. Oh, don’t worry, there’s nothing major happening. I’m just ridiculously cold at the moment. You know how, sometimes, the cold just gets right into your bones, and no matter what you do it seems like you can’t properly warm up? Yeah, that’s me right now.

In fact, you know what? Excuse me for a moment while I go pop my Magic Bag in the microwave for a few minutes.

Ahhhhhhh…there we go. That is so nice.

Okay, so anyway, we’re a little more than halfway through January now, and there’s a ton of nonsense going on in the world. We’re all waiting patiently to see how Trump’s ejection from the White House goes, front-line health workers are doing their best to distribute Covid vaccines as quickly as possible, and sea shanties have apparently become the thing on TikTok, which is just bloody flabbergasting to me.

Meanwhile, I’m over here just trying to be a human being who accomplishes things and exists with moderate levels of success. And, I suppose, I’m doing a pretty decent job. More or less.


Last week I mentioned that I had waited a bit to start exercising because I wanted to move in reasonable steps whilst recovering from the slob-fest that was the holidays. In the week that has passed since then I have had four P90 program days, two recovery days (because restarting an exercise program always breaks me in the first few days), and one write-off day that was such because we were visiting family. I also went for a couple of walks on the rest days, just to keep up the calorie burn while letting my aching muscles heal.

I also said that I was going to do the P90 stage-1 videos until the end of the month, and then see how I feel from there. I’m predicting now that I will probably go right to the stage-2 videos for February. That’s obviously much faster than the normal program would suggest, but since I’ve done these exercises before and am re-adapting to them fairly well, I figure I may as well push myself. If that push turns out to be a terrible idea, I’ll simply reverse and spend a few more weeks in the first stage. I do, however, want to try to speed myself along, simply because when it comes to making changes to my body I tend to plateau quickly if I don’t change things up.

When it comes to the food side of things, I did well throughout the week and then had a bit of a set-back on the weekend while we were visiting family. Being away from home and at the mercy of other people’s dining choices is always a bit of a toss-up, but on this particular trip we were visiting my grandmother-in-law, and that’s a whole other kind of story. The woman is an amazing cook, and also hears words like “trying to lose weight” and chooses to translate them as, “I’M STARVING PLEASE GIVE ME ALL THE FOOD!” The result was a night of handmade fishcakes and beans, with buttered tea biscuits of course, plus apple pie a la mode for dessert. Oh, and she sent us home with two coolers full of things she didn’t want anymore, one of those coolers being nothing but homemade sweets.

So YEAH. I love the woman, and everything she makes is bloody delicious, but remind me to stay away from her until I’ve achieved my health goals. XD

As far as more specific goals go, I feel pretty safe to say that I’m going to have accomplished my mini-goal of losing 2 lbs by the end of the month. My weight is a little bit up in the air at the moment, partially because of all of grandma-in-law’s amazing food, partially because I’m building muscle. But either way, I’m currently a bit more than 2 lbs down, and I doubt that’s going to go back up in the second half of the month. Maybe I’m a fool to say that out loud, but rest assured that I’m knocking on wood as I type this.


A few things of note concerning creativity this week. I’m going to set writing aside for a moment and talk about visual art, because my god, I’ve been having a blast playing with my new tablet! There’s been a bit of frustration concerning compatibility issues – it works with my Chromebook, but now matter what I try I can’t get the cursor to appear, which makes it impossible to use. It will probably work with my tablet just fine, but because that is an Amazon Fire rather than a Samsung or Apple device, I’m not able to download the Huion Sketch app on it, which is the app that works best with the graphic tablet so far.

Long story short, I’ve been using the graphic tablet with my phone, which works perfectly, but is also an awfully small screen to be working with. I’m getting the hang of it, and using a touchscreen device makes it very easy to zoom and turn and all that good stuff, but the small screen is definitely difficult to work with. My eyes are ageing, people. 😛

That said, I’ve drawn some stuff in the past week that I am incredibly pleased with. I haven’t done a lot of coloring yet, but even just the line art has been miles beyond what I usually create with a pencil and a photo snapped on my phone. Here’s just one example of what I’ve drawn since swapping over to digital drawing:

I am wicked pleased with this sketch, and have seriously had to drag myself away from my tablet to avoid spending entire days just drawing. Make no mistake, though, that I’ll be doing a lot more of it whenever possible. If you want to see what I come up with, make sure you’re following my social media, as I share pretty much everything on Instagram and Twitter.

Back to the writing bit, it ended up being a slower week than I was originally hoping for, but still not a bad one in the long run. I ended the week with 10,905 words, just barely missing out what my account was looking for (which was 11,059 words). 4018 words of that was non-fiction stuff – blog posts and the like, with the remaining obviously being fiction. The really important bit here is that of those fiction words, roughly three thousand of them were toward “The Other World: Book Three”. I mentioned last week that I’m concerned that I’m spending too much of my writing time working on fan fiction – which is legitimate writing, but non-saleable – so I’m happy to be able to report that I’ve started forcing myself to put the work in toward one of my actual books. Besides, my beta-readers have been waiting for this one for far too long now. It’s about time I get something together to send to them, right? Right.


I won’t lie: I don’t feel as though I was overly productive this past week. I mean, productivity isn’t all that easy to quantify when it comes to things of a more creatively-based nature, but I just don’t feel like I did all that well.

For one thing, the house is a bit of a sty at the moment. That’s not entirely on me, of course, but just the overall messiness and disorganization of the place definitely makes me feel unproductive, even if there are other things that I’m accomplishing. I definitely need to take a bit of time – a few hours at least – to just go through everything I can and get this place into some kind of order, but it’s easier said than done for sure. Especially since some of the stuff that needs doing comes down to fairly major dedications. For instance, the reading/writing/retro gaming room needs a total overhaul. Everything is everywhere at the moment, and that’s not even taking into account that I desperately need to find a way to fit another bookcase in there.

Moving away from house-related stuff, we have the online world, which wasn’t my friend last week. I shared the art I was working on, and a few random toy pics, and my Patrons have certainly been hearing more from me lately, but other than that, I was pretty quiet. More specifically, I have a few tasks that should have been taken care of last week (I can’t elaborate right now, but trust me, it’s all very exciting stuff), but it just never happened, and for no good reason. Quite possibly I let myself get distracted by things like hockey starting up again and becoming positively obsessed with digital art. But I need to try to work around those distractions, because plenty of stuff still needs to get done, regardless of what else I’ve got going on.

From a self-promo standpoint, I did gain a few more lovely Patrons, and sold a WHOLE BOOK YAY ME. >.> No, seriously though, yay me. It’s something, right?

If you’re curious about numbers, there’s not all that much to report this week. The YouTube Twitter account gained three followers, while the Instagram account lost one. The Author Twitter account stayed steady, and the Instagram gained two followers. Nothing really worth talking about, to be honest, but at least there are no major losses to report either.


Did I mention that I loathe winter and that snuggling up under a blanket to do nothing of import is quite possibly the best thing ever? Yes, I believe I did. But it’s always worth mentioning again.


Most of my down-time in the past week was spent gaming, which you might find a bit surprising if you’ve been following my reports for a while now. I do have a bad habit of starting games and never finishing them, or only playing them for a few minutes at a time over a long stretch of time. When it comes to “Jedi: Fallen Order”, however, I’ve been pretty much hooked. It’s a “Soul’s-Like” game, which isn’t usually my cup of tea since I suck at those kinds of games, but the learning curve wasn’t steep and, come on…it’s a Star Wars game! It has a fun story and amusing characters, and has challenges while not being unfairly difficult, and I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly. The only trouble is that Jason started playing it last week as well, so now we’re splitting our time between it. I can’t really complain though. It’s a fun game, so who am I to deny him? ^_~

Concerning books, I’m still working on “Godsgrave” at the moment. It’s an amazing book, even more enjoyable than “Nevernight”; it’s just that it’s long and I’ve been spending most of my extended periods of down-time playing the aforementioned game. That said, I’m hoping to finish it soon, both so that I can mark it off on my “To Read” list, and also start reading the final book, “Darkdawn”. I’m very curious to see where this story ultimately goes, and it’s definitely shaping up to be one of my favorite series of all time.

Lastly, we have the stuff that I’ve been watching, which mostly boils down to “Disenchantment” and hockey. “Disenchantment” recently had the third season launched on Netflix, and we enjoyed the first two seasons so that was an obvious choice. But also, hockey returned, and since there’s been so little of it during Covid we obviously jumped on that. So far the Leafs are 2 for 3, so that’s decent. Here’s hoping tonight’s game goes well!

I will mention one more show, however, that we’ve been watching an episode of here and there: “The History of Swear Words”. Not necessarily the kind of show you might want to binge, but interesting to click on every now and then. It’s more just people talking about swear words than necessarily giving a comprehensive history of them, but it can be quite amusing, and it’s hosted by bloody Nicolas Cage, so I don’t know how you could possibly resist. It’s on Netflix if you’d like to check it out.

So that’s another week down, and one more day toward (hopefully) better things. Fingers crossed, right? Let’s keep our heads up, everyone!

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

“The Scent of Desire” – Chapter 11 [A Good Omens AU]

Those of you who have been reading “The Scent of Desire” will know by now that it’s a bit of a slow-burn…even though the story only takes place over a few weeks, everything is drawn out to the extreme, with Aziraphale trying so very hard to treat Crowley with the respect he deserves.

But this…this is probably the part of the story that a lot of you have been waiting for. XD

Chapter 10 has gone off to the lovely people over at AO3, and my beautiful Patrons get Chapter 11, which officially earns this story it’s “Explicit” rating.

Enjoy, my thirsty darlings! ❤

“The Scent of Desire” – Chapter 10 [A Good Omens AU]

It’s Monday, and I remembered to share the chapter-update-changes to the blog! Go me! 😛

Chapter 09 of The Scent of Desire has gone off to AO3 and is getting some great comments so far, but where the really awesome comments have been is on Chapter 10, which is in early-access for my lovely Patrons! That’s not a transparent attempt to try to get you to subscribe to my Patreon…I really have been getting some amazing comments there and I wanted to mention it because they’ve had me smiling like a lunatic all day. XD

Chapters 09 and 10 are were shit starts to really go down, so I’ve been super-excited to share them with everyone. Whether you’re an A03 reader or a Patron, I definitely hope you’ll enjoy what’s to come! ❤

Plans & Goals 2021: Week 1 (& a Bit)

Happy Monday, you lovely people! I hope that 2021 is treating you well so far and that you are keeping far, far away from news stations, because right now that’s the way madness lies. I’m just saying.

So anyway, we’re a bit more than a week into the year, and it’s time for my first “Plans & Goals” report. These reports are going to be a bit less structured and a bit more ‘whatever-I-feel-like-mentioning’ than in previous years, because we all need a little less structure in our lives. Well, I mean, some people could probably use more structure, and in some ways I’m probably one of them, but…shut up.


Okay, so starting at the top, we have the “Health” category, and I believe that I’m slowly moving in the right direction with this one. I didn’t start into the exercising right off the get-go because I spent a lot of the holidays eating like a complete sow and I didn’t want to overwhelm my system too much all at once. So, instead, I started with cutting back on junk and calories in general. That’s not to say that I went full-diet-mode or anything, but I spent the first ten days of the year getting myself back into a more normal relationship with food. Eating at more normal times, no booze, no mindless snacking, and so on.

Now that I’m acting a little more normally, I’ve moved into stage 2 (as of today), which is the reintroduction of exercise and counting calories. I’m starting with the phase-1 P90 videos, but I’m not dedicating myself to the full program. I’m going to see what I feel like by the end of January, and if I seem to be moving in the right direction and those phase-1 vids aren’t doing it, I’ll jump up to phase-2. If the phase-2 vids don’t seem to be doing it, I’ll jump to P90X. It all depends on how well things progress.

In the meantime I’ll be drinking as much water as I can stand (I’ve been to the bathroom so many bloody times today, you guys….lol) and be keeping very close track of my calorie intake, as this is basically the only method that has ever really worked for me when it comes to weight loss.

That said, as I was discussing with my cousin-in-law earlier today, my goals are less about the number on the scale and more about the numbers on the measuring tape. Yes, I would be very happy to hit a specific number that I have in mind when it comes to pounds, but my bigger concern is getting my waist size down, because I’ve been carrying a lot of belly fat in recent years and that just isn’t healthy. It’s gotta go. And, I mean, if I lose circumference in some other areas too, that would be perfectly fine with me. 😉

On a related note, I did set myself a mini-goal for this month to have lost 2 lbs by the end of it. I’ve pretty much hit that already just in water weight from cutting out the drinking and whatnot, but I’m sticking to that 2 lbs for now because my weight will probably shift as I gain muscle.

I was also set a personal challenge by the aforementioned cousin-in-law, in relation to my health goals. I had previously challenged him to give up all soda/pop by the end of this year, because he drinks an ass load of it and it’s not good. He, in return, challenged me to find a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit AT ALL, and get into it by the end of the year. For the purposes of this challenge, I chose my geeky corsets, which have been completely out of the question for a while now. I’ve got two of them hanging on the wall in our bedroom as motivation. ❤


So far I am well on my way to having a productive writing year again. For the first ten days of the year my new goal set me a word count of 13,844 words, and I managed to write 14,437, which is 3% of my goal complete already! Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

One thing of note, however, is the fact that all of those words so far have been fan-fiction words. I’ve said before that I do not feel the least bit ashamed about spending time on fan-fiction, because it is a totally valid form of writing (that just isn’t able to be sold). But I also said that I want to start splitting my writing time more productively between fan-fiction and original fiction. That didn’t happen in the first stint of the year mainly because I was still trying to finish the “Ineffable Holiday” series that I had dedicated myself to. Now, however, that is complete, and I am back to having a single fan-fic project at a time – the current of which is a few chapters ahead of my weekly update schedule. Therefore, in the coming week, I fully intend to spend the significant portion of my time working on original fiction, and more specifically: The Other World: Book Three. Because, honestly, it’s pathetic that I haven’t at least got a beta-reader copy of that done yet.

Speaking from a monetary standpoint, I do want to mention that I’ve gained four new Patrons since 2021 began, which is a huge deal to me, and if any of you lovely people are reading this post right now I just want to hug you to pieces. ^_^ Actual work is…not forthcoming at the moment, so every little bit is a huge deal to me. Thank you all so much!

And on a non-writing standpoint, I will mention that after a bit of troubleshooting I managed to get the digital tablet my parents bought me for Christmas working correctly, which means that I can finally start testing out the possibilities of all-digital art. There’s going to be some major growing pains since I have some rather bad habits when it comes to drawing, but if I can get the hang of it I’ll actually be able to share COLORED art instead of the simple sketches I usually share. ^_^


I mean, I’m not going to lie and say that the turn of the year has meant an explosion of productivity for me, because that would be foolish. Especially when you consider the fact that we’re finally getting cold, dark weather and I suffer quite extensively from seasonal affective disorder.

That said, I’m taking baby steps and it’s going half decently. With the help of my husband and daughter I managed to get all of the Christmas decorations down and put away in a single day. I’ve been doing a truly mind-boggling amount of laundry as a result of letting it pile up over the holidays. I’m picking at areas throughout the house that require a ton of organizing (and some clearing out/gutting as well). I’m also working hard on responding to things (emails/comments/etc) as soon as they appear on my phone instead of putting them off and forgetting about them for a week. That one is a work in progress of the highest order, but a work in progress none-the-less.

Speaking from a self-promotion standpoint, there’s not a lot particularly good to report… I’ve had no book sales or Kindle pages read since the year began. The YouTube channel is up 5 subscribers and my author Instagram is up 7 followers, but all the other social media is down, for whatever reason. And I don’t seem to be garnering a lot of interaction on any of the social media – unless my boobs are in the shot, which is not something that bothers me, but can be a bit of an eye-roll situation. Really the most positivity I’ve been getting is through Patreon and AO3 when I post a new chapter of “The Scent of Desire”. So, to all those lovely people: you’re seriously keeping me going, and I thank you for that!


And finally we have the down-time section, which has to be my favorite section at the moment, because I loathe winter and just want to curl up under couch blankets and do lazy relaxation things. Don’t judge me.

Books are where it’s at right now, though I feel like my ability to read fast has disintegrated over the years. I would very much like to fix that, but I suspect part of the issue is just getting older. 😛 Anyway, I finished two books that I’d already had partially-read: Hocus Pocus & the All-New Sequel and Flight or Fright, and I threw some quick reviews on them on my Goodreads account. I then got distracted by fan-fiction for a few days – not because I’m still obsessed (although, let’s be honest…I am) but because several of the stories I’m subscribed to updated and I wasn’t willing to wait to read them. That said, now that those are out of the way I’ve gotten back into Godsgrave, which I can’t believe I let sit for so long. I’ll likely delve right into Darkdawn as soon as I finish it, because this is a series that begs to be devoured.

Moving away from books, Jason and I completely devoured the second season of Cobra Kai last week, and are now hoping to fuck that the third season doesn’t take ages to come out. Then we started watching Sweet Home, and absolutely devoured that in a few days. Seriously, if you’re looking for something to watch on Netflix, check these two out. Cobra Kai is so much fun if you grew up with The Karate Kid, and Sweet Home is an amazing Asian horror show with fun monsters, incredible character-driven subplots, and regular mega-gut-punch emotional moments. I absolutely loved it and am pissed that it hasn’t yet been approved for a second season.

The one thing I haven’t mentioned yet is video games, and that’s because I didn’t play much in the way of them yet this year. I did pick a bit at Rock of Ages, and played enough of Tetris 99 to get the new Kirby background that’s available right now, but that was it. I’m planning to play some Jedi: Fallen Order this week, but that’s contingent on kicking Jason off the PS5, so we’ll see how that goes. 😛

And I’d say that just about covers week 1 of 2021! Not exactly mind-blowing stuff, but everything is mostly heading in a forward-facing direction, so that’s good, right? Right. Fingers and toes crossed for things to keep moving that way.

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤