Plans & Goals 2021: Week 9


My friends, last week was…a thing. It wasn’t all bad, so don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a doom-post or anything, but Thursday through to the end of the week was an emotional rollercoaster, let me tell you.

Thursday in general was just an incredibly frustrating day that I wanted so badly to leave behind me. It began with an email letting me know that my AO3 account had been temporarily suspended. I’d previously been ordered to remove any mention of my Patreon from works on my account (I had thought that links were prohibited, but that simply mentioning it was okay), and I’d done so. Turns out, I missed one mention on one chapter of one of my more-than forty works. So, yeah, okay, it was technically my fault, but still extremely frustrating, because the suspension means that I can’t update anything for two weeks, and I hate disappointing my readers. So that was the beginning of my mood.

Later on, though, I got bad news concerning future work (or, more accurately, the lack thereof), then found out I’d lost several Patreons, and that was followed by a truly disgusting power bill that nearly made me puke. All of this on a day that I was already feeling off-kilter because of my recent attempts to change my diet. Therefore, long story short, I ended up having a bit of a breakdown and spent more time than I care to admit curled up in bed with my head under the blankets, quite frankly bawling my eyes out. Depression is a cruel mistress, my friends. Even when well-controlled with proper medication, the right number of triggers can send you into a hell of a spiral.

Luckily, I have the kind of husband who will snuggle with me and ask me what’s wrong, and when I can’t answer, will wet a face cloth and wash off my face while telling me that I’ve “made yourself all sticky and gross” to make me laugh. 🙂

So, yeah, I survived Thursday…but it put me in a funk that resulted in some truly spectacular fucking-over of my diet (more on that later). Then, Friday was comprised mainly of getting the house in order for company that was coming on Saturday, plus several hours playing games at a friend’s house – the latter of which was obviously great, but I mention it because those two things combined meant that I got nothing done on Friday. Then there was Saturday, with the aforementioned company, plus watching two of our niece’s hockey games, and a Chinese food buffet that so thoroughly knocked us all out that we all just blobbed in the living room watching movies while cuddled under couch blankets all night. Then Sunday…which was basically a repeat of Saturday.

Basically, the weekend was a good time; it’s just worth noting that I got absolutely nothing productive done during those three days.

So, with that established, let’s go ahead and look at all of the categories:


So I believe we’ve already established that diet went very, very sideways in the later part of the week. I was actually doing really well in the beginning of the week too, so it’s that much more frustrating. All things told, my willpower was just destroyed by that one really rough day, and it didn’t rebuild itself over the weekend. I ate a lot of shitty food, and in large quantities. In the long run I don’t think the indulgences really set me back all that far, but the real problem is that once I indulge I find it very difficult to reign myself in again. Today, for example, I’ve pretty much eaten all my allotted calories for the day, and I’m not even hungry right now, but I just desperately want to be eating. This has always been the issue I have the hardest time with when it comes to diet. I have a massive sweet-tooth, and I constantly crave salty snacks as well, on top of the fact that I never seem to be properly satiated. I just always want more. Thus the strain to my willpower. If I could actually manage to get this particular issue under control, losing weight would be a cake-walk.

But, that’s basically impossible, so…

Ahem. Anyway, concerning exercise we can pretty much draw a parallel with the food issue. I did my “Morning Meltdown 100” prep videos for Monday through Thursday, and then lost the will to continue. Luckily Saturday was actually meant to be a rest day, so I really only screwed up on Friday and Sunday, and I made up for one of those days by doing two vids this morning. I’ll do another two tomorrow in order to get back on schedule, and everything will be peachy keen again. Right? Right.

Kinda related note: I recently found a program that’s all about meditation on Beachbody. I did the first 10-minute meditation this morning and it was rather lovely. The only problem is that, with the world the way it is right now, I feel like I need to repeat the meditation a hundred times a day to remain calm. @_@


Creatively, things were a little bit slower this past week than I would have liked, but it was still half-decent overall. On the artistic side of things, I started a new fan-art piece that is a little more on the complex side, and is being shared on my Patreon in WIP stages. I didn’t get a lot of free time to do much more than that, but I did also make two little cutesy images to use as tier pics in the update of my Patreon page.

Say hello to my little snek-demon…
…and my little bookworm-angel!

Cute, yes? I’m pleased with them. ^_^

Looking at the writing side of things, I came quite shy of my goal for the week, mostly due to the aforementioned game night and company, because there’s obviously only so much writing you can get done while you have guests (or are the guest). Even so, I did still manage to get quite a bit of writing done throughout the week. Pacemaker wanted 12,301 words, and I managed 9819 by the end of the week. Many of those words were also toward the last few chapters of “The Scent of Desire”, so that’s exciting. It’s always a big deal when I finish a story, even if it’s ‘just’ fan-fiction. There’s a real sense of accomplishment. And fuck knows that I need some sense of accomplishment in my life right now.

Related note: The Other World – Book One is currently on sale on Amazon and Kindle for 99 cents USD. The sale will continue through the 13th, so if you’ve been interested, you should grab it now!


You can probably make some pretty easy assumptions for this one, right?

All things considered, I think it was actually a fairly productive week. Until the weekend hit anyway….then it became entirely recreational in every sense of the world.

That said…I once again couldn’t tell you what I’d actually done. But believe me when I tell you that I did a lot of it! Like…a whole lot! *cough cough*

Seriously though, a glance at the social media numbers tells me that nothing major happened last week, but that the ‘nothing’ that ‘didn’t happen’ was on the positive side of things. The YouTube Twitter stayed right were it was, while the Instagram account gained two followers; the Author Twitter gained one follower, and the Instagram gained three. Piddly numbers, but at least they’re positive ones.

Related note: I’m more than a little bit peeved with Twitter at the moment. As I was writing this post, my author account got suspended for 12 hours. Why, you may ask? Well, for inciting violence, of course! And now you’re probably wondering what on Earth I would have said on Twitter to be accused of “inciting violence”, right? Well…I suggest that a racist piece of shit – who was unnamed, by the way – deserved to be hit by a bus.

All things considered, I suppose you could file that under “inciting violence”, but considering that the person in question was a completely unanimous being to whom I couldn’t have directed actual violence if I’d wanted to, and that person was an absolute garbage human being who suggested that black people shouldn’t be allowed to write books…I mean, come on. Context is a thing, Twitter. Look into it.


And finally we come to the down-time section, which is basically where I lived all throughout the weekend.

Gaming wasn’t a thing at all in this past week; I just never really found the time, or when I did have the time I wasn’t in the mood. Mostly I watched Jason playing ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ whilst doing other stuff myself. That game is all kinds of gorgeous, by the way. I’m to understand that it’s way too bloody linear though.

I’m finally almost finished with ‘DarkDawn’! I can’t bloody believe it’s taken me so long to read this book, especially considering how excellent it is, but I guess it’s just a lot longer than it appears from the outside. It’s a TARDIS book. Yep. That’s it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Anyway, point is, I’m almost done! It’s a bittersweet (almost) victory, but I’ll still be happy to have the series behind me so that I can finally get into reading something else. I’ve got books that two friends loaned to me months ago, so that’s probably a good place to start.

We finished up ‘WandaVision’ this weekend, and I was personally pretty happy with the overall show. I think, more than anything, I’m glad that it was a limited series show and not a movie. It worked a lot better as an episodic thing, in my opinion.

We also watched the first two ‘Rush Hour’ movies on the weekend…just because Jackie Chan is awesome. And we showed Adrianna ‘Back to the Future’, which she seemed to quite enjoy. Lastly, we checked out a strange little travel show hosted by Richard Ayoade, called ‘Travel Man’, and we got a few good chuckles out of it. It’s basically Ayoade and a different guest each episode, travelling to a tourist destination and trying to get as much as possible out of it in 48 hours. Almost every morsel of food eaten on the show is a horror story, so I got a good kick out of that.

So that’s another week down, and we are well on our way through March at this point. March Break approaches, the Covid vaccines are starting to roll in heavily, and social media has become even more of a cesspool than it has always been. That about covers it, right? Right… Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go listen to nine or ten more of those meditation videos. I feel like I’m going to need them.

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

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