“The Scent of Desire” – Chapter 25 [A Good Omens AU]

This is it, my dears and darlings! I stretched it out a bit further than I had originally intended, but upon showing a few time-skip scenes into our lover’s lives together, I feel that this story is finally, undeniably complete. 

I have adored writing this story, and as my first (and only) alpha-omega tale I have been so very pleased with the reactions that it has gotten. It is my most popular story on AO3, and looks to remain that way for quite some time, with so many beautiful comments on each chapter that I could almost cry. ❤

Thank you to everyone for reading, commenting, theorizing, teasing, gasping, screaming, and just being an absolutely fantastic audience for this story. You are all awesome

I hope that you enjoy this final chapter, featuring a bit of smut and some epic fluff, which is exactly how I feel that any story with these two bois should end. ❤ ❤ ❤

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