Plans & Goals 2021: Week 23

Oh goodness gracious me, is it Monday again? Fancy that! Time is a construct, you see, and I don’t adhere to it. XD

Seriously though, welcome to a new week, my darlings! How did the previous one go for you? It was pretty decent for me, although I must admit that my mind, productivity, and everything in general honestly, was fairly eclectic. I got distracted several times, in a variety of both productive and unproductive ways. For instance, have you ever gone into a room in your house with the intentions of tidying it up a bit, and you end up absolutely dismantling the entire bloody room and doing a full-day clean, organize, and redesign? If you answered ‘no’ to that question, I both envy and pity you.

I stepped into the spare room (which is our guest room, but also my reading/writing room, and a place for all our retro gaming stuff) on Thursday with the intention of just clearing up a few things so that I could pull out the futon for cousin-in-law. Before I knew it I had almost every item out of the closet, cords and consoles strewn all over the room, and a ridiculous, unprecedented need to move all the furniture around immediately. In the end, I managed to put everything back together – which was a personal achievement if I’m being honest – and I rather like the way the room turned out. I still desperately need another book shelf, but I rearranged things in such a way that all the gaming stuff is on one wall, across from the futon, and everything is hooked up in such a way that no cords have to be moved, yanked out, or swapped whenever someone wants to play something. Plus the bookshelves are closer to the futon now, which just makes more sense to me. I still might swap two of the shelves with my writing desk for one final change, but I haven’t decided yet. I’m thinking probably, though, since it would mean that the computer chair isn’t two feet into the room, right in front of the door. 😛


So that’s one thing that happened to distract me. There was also having cousin-in-law visiting, which is obviously going to be a massive distraction of an enjoyable kind. Drinking and games were had, which is always a good time. But also, E3 was going on this weekend (and is actually still going on right now), so we enjoyed watching several of the showcases. I didn’t see a whole lot that is of massive anticipation for me personally, but I definitely saw a few things that interest me. I’m very curious about this ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ game that’s on the way from Square-Enix, and there are a few indies, remasters, and new originals that sparked some interest. Also, ‘Devolver Digital’s showcase was just fucking fantastic. I love it when companies actually have fun with their showcase, and DD seemed to have a blast making fun of some of the most hated trends in the industry. More of that, please and thanks.

But enough about all the stuff that kept me preoccupied the past few days. What about the goal stuff, huh? Well, let me just tell you…


First off, I’m going to go ahead and give myself some major pats on the back for this weekend. Believe me, I deserve them! You see, despite having company in the house for the past three days, plus doing a fair bit of drinking and getting distracted by fun stuff, I didn’t miss a single workout! That’s especially awesome when you consider that I’m currently doing two workouts per day! Yes, my darlings, I hit every video, even on the morning that I was feeling the effects of drinking perhaps a tad too much the night before. I am ridiculously proud of myself for this, considering how easy it normally is for me to latch on to any excuse to skip a workout. So let me just go ahead and say, “Fuck yeah, go me!”

Diet is another story all together. lol

No, in all seriousness though, it wasn’t all that bad, considering the drinking, which inevitably comes with snacking. The first half of the week was great, focusing on healthier foods and counting calories to keep myself accountable. The second part of the week was much less focused, but I also managed to restrain myself concerning the snacking issue, and we still had healthy dinners…except for that one day we had waffles. *cough cough*

Long story short, I had a bit of a ‘bulk phase’ weekend, but I’m back to better habits now. I’m ignoring the scale for the moment, but I don’t expect that I sabotaged myself too badly, especially considering the aforementioned on-schedule workouts. 😀


Now, I do have to admit that creativity-based stuff really took a back-seat this past week. Mostly it was just all the previously-mentioned distractions taking my mind away from creative stuff, but also I just had no desire what-so-ever to do any kind of art this past week. No drawing, no coloring, no work on stuff already in progress…just no art in general. I feel a bit bad about it now, to be honest, and I’m finding the desire starting to spark again, so hopefully I’ll actually have something to share here for next week’s post.

On the writing side of things, however, I didn’t do too poorly at all. I did not hit my goal, unfortunately, but considering what a busy week I had I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Pacemaker wanted me to grind out 10,684 words, and I flopped out with a final total of 8224 words. That’s still pretty damn decent, if I do say so myself. Plus I’ve been successfully transitioning back to writing on the Chromebook rather than doing so much of it by hand, so that’s really increasing my productivity, as I’m sure you can imagine.

As a side note, I’ve managed to get four chapters ahead on ‘The Prince’s Consort’, which is a whole month of updates to AO3 and Patreon, so I’m going to use that buffer zone to settle in and get some work done on ‘The Other World: Book Three’. I’ve been neglecting my original stuff for far too long.


I’m sure you realize that this was actually, probably, the busiest category for this past week. 😛 For everything except reading, that is. I did do a bit of reading, but it wasn’t any actual book or anything…just a bit of chapter catch-up on a few WIP fanfics I subscribe to.

As far as games are concerned, though, there’s been a fair bit of that. For one thing, while cousin-in-law has been around we’ve played a handful of SNES games on the Classic, as well as several rounds of ‘Quiplash’, which the kid had been begging to play for a while. But we also went to the board games for some of our entertainment. We dug out ‘Balderdash’, which we hadn’t played in years, as well as ‘Rock, Paper, Wizard’, which is always a run and ridiculous event. We also tried out two games we hadn’t actually gotten around to playing yet. One was ‘Love Letter: Batman’, which is a very simple game that turned out to be a blast to play, and the other was ‘Horrified’, a co-op board game that challenges a group of people to defeat classic Universal Monsters. It seemed confusing as sin while we were trying to learn how to play it, but it turned out to be the kind of game that quickly makes sense when you actually start playing. In the end we managed to defeat Dracula and the Gillman, but it was a very close thing, and apparently that’s the easiest ‘mode’ of the game. Sooooo…lol…yeah, it was fun and we’ll likely try it again on a more difficult ‘mode’ to see how badly we get our asses kicked.

In the ‘watching’ category, we’ve mostly been focusing on E3, and watching silly meme YT videos in between the showcases. That said, hubby and I did watch a movie earlier in the week: ‘The Woman in the Window’. Our expectations weren’t high because the reviews were pretty harsh, and in the end I don’t have any strong feelings about it one way or the other. There were some interesting bits to it, and I rather liked the themes of depression and PTSD, but the overall movie was just a bit forgettable in my opinion.

So that was week 23; mildly productive, mostly distracting, but a decent bit of fun overall. I’m looking forward to a somewhat quieter week with a bit more efficiency on my part, but all in all I’m in a pretty pleasant place right now, so yay for that. ^_^

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

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