Plans & Goals 2021: Week 25

Holy hell, you guys…it’s week 25. Do you realize what that means? It means that it’s almost halfway through the year. When did this happen? I really need to know! Time is running away from me! I’m growing ever closer to my inevitable demise!

Okay, perhaps that’s just a little bit dramatic. Forgive me. I’m in one of those dramatic kind of moods. XD

So last week it was officially summer, and this week it’s officially summer for the kids. Today was the last day of school, so it’s celebration time for the littlest Tobin. She’s free until September, and feeling pretty good about it, I’d wager. Good thing I’ve been working toward getting healthier, because I have a strong feeling that I’m going to be spending quite a bit of time outside in the coming weeks. Better pick up some sunscreen!

Anyway, I’ll be honest; I don’t have a whole lot to talk about in the pre-goal part of this week’s post, so I’m just going to dive right into it. :3


ALRIGHT. First off, I am going to take this moment to give myself an incredibly well-deserved pat on the freakin’ back. Feel free to join me in my personal self-celebration. You see, my dear friends, as of the two exercises I completed this morning, I am exactly halfway through Morning Meltdown 100! Hu-freakin-zzah! I am incredibly proud of myself, you guys, especially since there were no catch-up days; I actually pulled off 25 straight days of doing two videos (equalling an hour) per day, without ever once screwing up and needing to attempt to jam extra exercises in somewhere!

On top of that, I feel confident in saying that I’m getting stronger, because I’ve recently begun using heavier weights for more and more of the exercises. It’s very motivating, let me tell you.

I’m not quite at the end of a full month, so I’m not looking too closely at numbers just yet, but I can tell you that I’ve lost approximately 6 lbs this month, and I know for sure that I’ve built some muscle, so chances are that my body measurements have changed. I’ll take a closer look on the first of July. ❀

Concerning food-related health aspects, I’ve been up and down but mostly I’ve managed to be pretty good. I’m still having my treats, and I’m still enjoying piggy food (we had nachos with our movie the other night, for example), but I’ve been pretty diligent about keeping track of my calories, and have been getting much better at saying ‘no’ when I know that I’m reaching for food out of anything other than actual hunger. I’ve also been drinking water like it’s going out of style, and have been making substitutions here and there in order to conserve calories. For example, today Jason wanted burgers for supper. I like burgers but have no overly strong feelings about them, so I cut a ton of calories by ripping up my meat and throwing it on a salad, rather than on a bun and with fries on the side. I’ve been doing things like that on the regular, freeing up calories to have little treats or to reduce my totals on days when I’ve gotten less cardio that day.

Bit by bit by bit, I hope that these little changes will add up, and that my body will start burning more fat in response to building more muscle. Fingers crossed! But for now, I know that I’ve been feeling a lot better, and sleeping like a bloody log, so if nothing else, there’s that!


Okay, let’s get one thing out of the way right away…I did absolutely no art last week. I feel frustrated about it too. Granted I had other things I was busy with – it wasn’t as though I was sitting on my ass all week – but I’d intended to get back into some of the art and didn’t manage it at all. Therefore, coming into this new week, I am pledging that I will get some art under my belt, even if it’s just playing around with coloring some of my previously-existing line-art. I’ve got plenty of that to work with for the time being.

Moving into the writing side of things, I can tell you that it was a rather decent week, although not quite good enough to satisfy My account was looking for me to write 13,340 words last week, and I closed out with 10,621 words. That’s quite a bit of a discrepancy, but 10.6k words is also pretty damn decent, thank you very much, so I’m not too mad at myself. My Pacemaker goal for this week is much more doable, so hopefully I’ll have a more successful report for next week.

The specific types of words I wrote leaned heavily to more of ‘The Prince’s Consort’…and yes, I know that I said I’d focus on ‘The Other World: Book Three’ since I’d already gotten ahead on ‘Consort’, buuuutttt….yeah. *cough cough*

I promise to write some ‘Other World’ this week! i bloody-well promise!


Okay, so first off, yes I’m still reading nothing but fan-fiction, but OMFG is some of it so goooooooood!

*cough cough* Seriously though, I’m going to start reading some of my actual books soon. I’m probably going to start with comics and manga because it’s quick and will serve to make me feel like I’m plowing through some stuff. Hey, nothing wrong with making myself feel good about my falsified progress, right? πŸ˜›

Gaming has actually increased a bit recently. I mentioned last week that I’d been playing ‘The Witness’, aka ‘the game that makes you feel like a genius one moment and a dumbass the next. I finished it last week…mostly. I finished the man story, but there’s still a challenge left to do. It’s in a secret room, and is a timed challenge requiring you to run around and solve several randomly-generated puzzles in a row. The puzzles aren’t overly difficult, but the time aspect is a real bitch. I’ve yet to pull it off and have taken a short break from trying, though the kid has indicated a desire to see me make an attempt, so I’ll probably be returning to it soon. Wish me luck and sanity.

In more relaxing gaming endeavours, I broke out the new ‘Pokemon Snap’, which was my Mother’s Day gift, but I didn’t get it until recently because of work, lockdowns, quarantine, and so forth. It’s a very simple game without a huge amount to accomplish, and is obviously not what you’d call challenging, but it’s incredibly fun and a super-relaxing play. It give me major nostalgia feels from when I played the original as a kid, and it’s easily a game that I’m going to play over and over again whenever I need a smile. πŸ™‚

In ‘watching’ news, we finished the available episodes of ‘Demon Slayer’ on Netflix, as well as the available episodes of ‘Close Enough’, and I’ve continued watching ‘Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure’…almost up to the final ‘season’! Jason and I also watched an old 80’s horror sci-fi from Tobe Hooper that neither of us had ever seen, called ‘LifeForce’. It was wonderfully ridiculous; basically a ‘vampires came from space’ story that’s told in a dead-serious way. It may have been genuinely freaky back in the day, but watching it now with those old special effects…it’s pretty humorous. I enjoyed it for the most part, but I don’t think it’s going to become an October regular or anything.

So there you have it! Another week down, and we’re nearly 50% of the way through 2021! I must say, this year is going a lot better than the last. That said, I’m gonna go knock on some wood right now, just in case. πŸ˜›

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❀

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