Plans & Goals 2021: Week 27

Happy, uh…er…Tuesday! Yeah, for some reason I don’t seem to be able to get these things out on Monday lately. Better late than never, right? πŸ˜€

A few things to talk about first…

Firstly, this past Sunday was my and the hubby’s anniversary! It’s been 12 years, and he continues to make me laugh like a lunatic all the time, even when I don’t want to. That’s surely the definition of love, right? I think so. ^_^

We spent our anniversary playing washer toss with hubby’s family, since we’d decided to visit for the niece’s birthday. It was a fun time full of drinks, food, my continued inability to play washer toss, and a couple of the family babies, who never fail to make me smile. We were all well-exhausted by the time we got home. πŸ™‚

Second thing: this past Thursday I got my second Covid vaccination, so now I am fully vaccinated. πŸ˜€ I got Pfizer for the second shot, and the injection itself went as easily as the first one. The following day, however…hoo-ee…it hit me this time! I didn’t feel sick, but I felt like someone had kicked the ever-living crap out of me. I was sore all over – the kind of sore that makes you cringe just to change position when you’re sitting down – and I was ridiculously tired. I’d slept a good 7-8 hours that night, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open for most of the day. I was trying to keep my mind occupied with writing, but I just kept drifting. Aside from a brief moment when I went out with hubby and kid to do a Pokemon Go raid, I didn’t leave the couch the entire day. Mostly I watched hubby playing a game, and fell asleep multiple times. That said, by the following morning I felt perfectly fine and haven’t had any issues since. So huzzah for that!

Third thing: hubby got his second Covid vaccine this morning, so I’m fully expecting to be dealing with a massive sook tomorrow. Wish me luck. πŸ˜›

Fourth thing: my current ‘Good Omens’ novel-length WIP fic just hit the fifth spot in my ‘Top 5 by Hits’ list on AO3. That might not sound all that impressive, since it’s only my works, but when you consider that my top fic recently passed 30,000 hits, things come a bit more into perspective. I am pleased. And I just wanted to share that fact.

Okay, I think I’m good now, so let’s get into the bulk bits.


Okay, first off, I have a confession to make…this past Thursday I…*gasp;sob*…I skipped my ‘Morning Meltdown 100’ exercises! *dramatic sobs of abject agony*

No, seriously though, I fully expected that if I had any reaction to the second vaccine it was going to mean a missed exercise day. What I wasn’t expecting was that I was going to end up doing the birthday/washer toss/etc thing over the weekend, and not get home until rather late at night, thus accidentally missing another day of exercises.

But here’s the good news: I made it all up! Since I inadvertently had a rest day due to the vaccine, I did the exercises I missed then on what should have been my actual rest day. Then, after I missed a day because of the revelries, I made them up by doing two days in a row of three vids. Now I’m caught back up and have still yet to truly miss a single vid. Only roughly two weeks to go and I’ll have completed the program! How wicked is that?!

No, seriously though, I haven’t properly finished an exercise body since hubby and I did P90X in the lead-up to our wedding TWELVE YEARS AGO, so, yeah, I’m pretty pleased with myself.

The food side of things has been a little more difficult, especially with things like the aforementioned revelries throwing things a bit out in left field. But it hasn’t been bad-bad. Mostly it’s just been hard restricting calories while things like birthday cake are floating around. But I’m definitely betting better at not going crazy whenever there is alcohol around. So…forward momentum, I suppose.

I’m still not taking any measurements yet, aside from my morning step on the scale, so I don’t know how successful I’ve been overall. Weight loss has been at a bit of a standstill, but that may be because I’ve been building muscle, so we’ll have to wait and see what things look like once I take some actual measurements. That said, I have noticed some of my clothes fitting better, so that’s obviously a good sign.


In the creativity column, I have absolutely nothing to report for art from last week. I did start an attempt at coloring the kiss-in-the-rain pic that I shared last week, but I didn’t get very far at all. I also intend to start making fanart for some of my favorite fics, and I’d like to do some DTIYS challenges as well, but I just haven’t been finding a lot of time to sit down with my tablet and draw. Plus I draw much more slowly than I write, so the process requires more of the time that I haven’t been finding.

So, okay, no art then. What about writing?

Oh, I did plenty of writing last week… The thing is, my wanted me to write a ridiculous number of words…just shy of 14k…and that definitely wasn’t happening. I mean, it probably could have, if I’d been capable of keeping my eyes open on the day the vaccine broke my body. But as it stands, I only ended up managing to pull off 10,118 words for the week.

That said…10k is nothing to bloody sneeze at! I’m definitely quite pleased with that number. I’m hoping to hit that again this week, since Pacemaker is taking it a little easier on me with a goal of 9609.

So what did I spend the week writing? Well, I hate to admit it…but I started working on more Good Omens fics. Yeah, don’t worry, I’m cringing while you sit there judging me. I just can’t help myself! I keep coming up with more and more ideas, and these characters are just so fun and easy to write!

Hey, it’s still writing, yes? *cough cough*

For your information, if you’re actually interested, the other fics that I’m now working on are a College AU in which Crowley is an artist who falls hard for literature major-Aziraphale, an Architect AU in which dig-director Aziraphale discovers an ancient ruin in which he awakens snake-God Crowley, and a series of short stories which will be based on, *ahem*…porn tropes.

No, seriously, I totally understand. Judge away.


I can’t believe that I’m saying this again this week, but I still haven’t managed to get around to reading anything that isn’t an update to one of the fics I’m currently subscribed too. On that note, though, a few of those fics have actually recently ended, so that time will be freed up anyway. Assuming that I don’t find more to subscribe to…*sheepish grin*

Games have been a little bouncy, but hardly non-existent. Mostly I’ve been playing ‘Pokemon Snap’, which continues to be big dumb fun, but I also played a little bit of ‘Little Nightmares 2’ and ‘Borderlands 3’ last week as well. I also helped hubby play ‘A Plague Tale’, which basically means that I kept an eye out for collectibles and helped him solve a few minor puzzles, but it’s something! FYI, if you’re planning to play that game, be forewarned that it is most certainly not a pleasant story. I don’t know how you could think it would be, considering the premise, but it doesn’t hurt to remind people.

The watching side has been slow. I finally finished watching the fourth ‘season’ of ‘Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure’, and we’ve continued on with ‘Godzilla: Single Point’. Hubby has also been putting ‘Black Books’ on at night when we’re in bed, and while I’ve mostly been falling asleep to it, I thought it worth mentioning because that is an excellent show if you’ve never seen. Funny as sin. Other than those, though, I can’t think of much that we’ve really sat down and watched recently.

So I suppose that’s pretty much it! I felt like I had more to report this week, but I must have been imagining things! Or I wasn’t, and those things will just go unsaid. No major loss either way. πŸ˜›

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❀

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