Plans & Goals 2021: Week 28

If I had a nickel for every time I mentioned how quickly the week seemed to speed by without me, I’d never have to worry about money again. Let’s add another coin to the pile.

In all seriousness, summers have always tended to be a strangely busy for us, despite there being no school, often no work, and just as often nothing pressing that needs to be done. Somehow, regardless of the fact that all three of us are basically ‘free’ for the season, it seems as though we’ve always got things going on that make the time pass in a flash.

This past weekend, for a silly example, was ‘Pokemon GO Fest’, the anniversary celebration that the Pokemon GO team puts on every year. In the past year we’ve been casual GO’ers, but it always ramps up a bit when the weather gets nice enough to feel comfortable walking around for extended periods of time. And this summer came with the unexpected surprise of new cohorts for the game. Our friend’s oldest kid got into the game and wanted to start joining us for our ‘hunts’; soon after, the friend saw how much fun we were all having and decided to give it a go himself. Now we have a group of five to go out hunting, and that made ‘GO Fest’ even more fun. We spent nearly the full two days out and about, catching all the different Pokemon that popped up during each special hour, plus doing a pile of raids to pick up some legendaries we didn’t have (and get our friends their first legendaries). It was a blast, and completely destroyed the weekend as far as noticing time passing.

Add to that regular walks for any reason we can come up with, since the whole family is now on Fitbit and we’re constantly competing with friends for the best step-counts. Plus we had a swimming-and-ice cream afternoon, plus we had a few evenings at our friends’ place to play board games, plus we had a couple of fires in the backyard, plus… Well, I’m sure you get the idea at this point. Just, suffice it to say, we’ve been making the most of the summer, even if that doesn’t necessarily equate to productivity in certain neglected aspects of our everyday lives. *cough cough*

So, just keep that in mind, is what I’m getting at. 😛


You guys, I am so close to the end of ‘Morning Meltdown 100’ that I can taste it. I completed exercises 83 and 84 today, which were the third and fourth videos in the final phase on the program. They were not easy, let me tell you, but I can definitely feel a major difference in what my body is able to pull off these days. I’m quite pleased with the program, in general, but I’ll also be more pleased to complete it, both to be able to say that I did, and to be open to try something else. There are a metric ton of programs on Beachbody, so I’m sure that if I start looking now I’ll find something excellent by the time I finish MM100 next week.

Plus, you know, all that ‘Pokemon GO’ walking and trying to beat my friends in steps has definitely added to the fitness minutes count.

Food-related stuff continues to be more than a little…vexing. Mainly the issue is that it’s summer, and summer brings with it alcoholic beverage, and cold treats like ice cream, both of which are virtually impossible for me to turn down. When we went swimming the other day, for example, we stopped by an ice cream place our friends told us about, and by the time we left I’m pretty sure I’d eaten a day’s worth of calories in ‘S’mores G’lore’ in a waffle cone. It was bloody delicious, and I refuse to feel bad about eating it, but it definitely did my waistline no favors. All the exercise is definitely helping to counteract some of the calories, but I haven’t lost anything on the scale for a while, which is definitely starting to bother me a bit.

On another related note, I’ve been bloody exhausted the past few days. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a bit dehydrated from all the wandering around in hot weather, or if drinking less coffee lately is becoming an issue, but I’ve just been wicked tired and I’m not enjoying it. I might be getting older, but I’m still too young to be needing a nap in the middle of the afternoon even when I’ve gotten eight hours of sleep the night before.


My dears, my dears…I am rather embarrassed to admit how unproductive the week was concerning creative ventures. First of all, there was absolutely nothing as far as art is concerned. That’s not for lack of desire or ideas…I’ve got a dozen things I want to draw, not to mention all the ‘draw this in your style’ challenges that have been showing up on Instagram, plus the fact that I’d like to start making fanart for some of my favorite fanfics. But I can just never seem to find the time to sit down with my phone and tablet. I might have to start carrying around a sketchbook to get some of my ideas started, at the very least.

Then there’s the writing side of things… Oh, my friends, my friends…I am honestly quite disgusted to admit that I didn’t get anywhere near the week’s goal, despite it being an entirely reasonable one. I was supposed to write 9609 words – which should have been easily doable – but by the end of the week I’d only managed a paltry 5953 words. To be honest, I could hardly believe it when I counted up my numbers this morning. It feels like I wrote much more than that, and yet… *sigh*

Most of the issue with my productivity is likely little more than the fact that I’ve been so busy with everything else that’s been going on, but a bit of writer’s block is certainly not helping. I’ve got numerous works in progress at the moment and have been hopping between them as I have ideas, but I’ve also been spending a lot of my writing time staring at screens or pages while my brain struggles to work out which words should come next. Maybe it’s a symptom of how tired I’ve been feeling.

Maybe I should start getting B12 shots again, instead of taking the tablets…just a random thought. Maybe it would help. *shrug*


You’ve likely gathered from the previous parts of this post that ‘down-time’ hasn’t exactly been in any shortage recently, but here are a few more details.

Reading continues to be something that taunts the back of my head. I haven’t set eyes on a single book or comic or anything of the like in weeks. I have still been reading updates to some of the fics that I’m subscribed to, but even those have been 10-15 minute stints whenever a new chapter pops up. As with other subjects mentioned earlier, I just haven’t been able to find the time required to sit down, by myself, in a quiet setting, and read a bloody book.

Watching things has been much easier, both because I can multitask with other things I want/need to do while watching something, and also because it’s more of a family affair. In particular, hubby and I have been watching a pile of old, ridiculous b-movies on Tubi recently. In fact, as I type this we are watching ‘Absurd’ and having a blast making fun of the dialog. It’s become a bit of a thing in recent days to throw on one of these movies whenever we’re exhausted from the day’s events, and it generally turns into watching two or three.

We’ve also been watching the fifth series of ‘Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure’, which is by far the most…homoerotic of the series. That’s not a bad thing; I just find it hysterical. The number of male characters who have tit-windows in their shirts is fantastically hysterical.

When it comes to gaming, the trend lately has been more toward tabletop games than video games. I’ve still been playing ‘Pokemon Snap’, but that’s pretty much been it for video games. On the other hand, we’ve been hanging out with our friends to play ‘Love Letter’, ‘Five Crowns’, ‘Selfish’, ‘Blokus’, ‘Marbles’, and more. It’s quite nice, actually, since hubby and I have always rather enjoyed board and card games, but in the past haven’t really had anyone to play with. Nothing quite beats a board game with a few friends, a few drinks, and some snacks. It makes for a good night all around. 🙂

So the short version of the whole story is that there’s been tons going on, all good, but hardly anything productive. I hope to be able to turn that around, somehow, but I’m not going to hold my breath given that it’s summer and there’s so much happening. Fingers crossed though!

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

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