Plans & Goals 2021: Week 29

I was so close to having a relatively relaxing week, you guys. Super close. We’d done some work in the back yard, gone for a few walks, did a bunch of Pokemon Go-ing with our friends, watched some stuff, and let ourselves become interested in the Tokyo Olympics. And then…disaster!

Okay, I mean, I shouldn’t really throw away the word ‘disaster’ in such a cavalier fashion, but a crappy thing happened. No two ways about that.

Long story short, we had our friends, with their two sons, at our place for a backyard fire, and during the visit all three kids ended up on the trampoline together…which, yeah, they shouldn’t have been. Hindsight. Anyway, one boy knocked my daughter sideways, causing her to fall into the other boy’s leg, and the next thing we knew she was in tears and cradling her right hand. There was no visible damage so I figured she’d just strained it or pulled a muscle or something, but the pain persisted for several minutes so I took her to outpatients and it turned out she has two metacarpal bone spiral fractures. :O

This is her first time having any kind of major injury, and she’s dealing with it like a champ, but the injury happened Friday night and we had to wait until TUESDAY morning for her to finally be seen by the specialist, so suffice it to say that we’ve all been a little out of sorts for the past few days. Yeah. Free health care is great but it does definitely have its downsides.

The upside is that the breaks weren’t bad enough to require a full cast, so she just has to remain strapped to a splint for three weeks. The annoying thing is that, like a cast, the splint set-up has to be kept dry. In the dead of summer. Yeah. Honestly, I think hubby is more frustrated about that part than she is, but I understand why.

So anyway, that’s the major news of the week…how’ve you been doing?

Yeah, okay, I’ll do the goal stuff too. 😛


I am soooooooooo close to finishing the ‘Morning Meltdown 100’! As you can imagine, things got thrown a tad sideways as a result of my daughter’s injury, but not as much as you might think. Friday (the day of the injury) was actually my normal rest day and I ended up taking Saturday off as well because there were more important things that needed to be taken care of, like getting her back to the hospital for a Covid test before she was allowed into the IWK to see the specialist. I did, however, get back into it on Sunday, as well as Monday, skipped Tuesday because of all the driving and the appointment, and then back at it today, so I’ve now got only three days left of the program! I’m a bit annoyed that the final week got thrown all over the place, but the most important thing is that I did, in fact, do all the videos when I was able. That’s more than I can say for attempts at previous programs!

So yeah, I’ve managed to plow through, and this Saturday will be my final day of the program! I’m super-excited just to be able to say that I finished it, but also to officially take some measurements. I know that I haven’t really lost any weight in the past little while, but my clothes definitely feel like they’ve been fitting differently so something has changed, even if it’s mostly just muscle production.

On that topic, though, food is likely the main reason I haven’t lost any weight recently. *cough cough* I’ve mentioned before how hard it is to avoid calories in the summer, especially when there are get-togethers, booze, ice cream, and so on, and it’s still true. Plus, I made my daughter chocolate chip cookies because, well…you know…and of course that means I’ve ended up eating some as well. It’s impossible to resist! I have literally the most delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world! LITERALLY. You cannot convince me otherwise!

*further coughing*

Anyway, I have been trying to eat more fruits and veggies, and restrain from overindulging, but there’s no denying that liquor, potato chips, and sweets have been a regular presence in my life so far this summer. Ahhhh, if only I could somehow convince myself that I have no taste for sugar or salt…


Hey, guess what?! I actually have something to report when it comes to art this week! I didn’t get a huge amount of drawing done or anything, but I started picking at a new sketch idea to go with one of my fan-fics, and I also started coloring a previous piece I did for the ‘Good Omens’ Season 2 announcement. Both pieces are currently exclusively behind-the-scenes on my Patreon, but I can share these heavily-cropped bits that I recently put up on my Instagram:

This is a snip of the sexy piece I’m working on to go with ‘The Prince’s Consort’. Right now I just have the general outline and a little bit of cleaned line-art done, but I fully intend to work on it some more this week.

These are snippets of the colored version of my Season 2 celebration sketch. I’m still working on it (you’ll notice that there’s no shading and that the umbrella behind Crowley’s head is still white), but it’s coming along rather nicely, if I do say so myself!

On the writing side of things, I think I did alright, especially considering that most of the weekend was shot all to hell, but this is another week of not hitting my goal, unfortunately. Pacemaker wanted me to write a totally reasonable 11,494 words, but I only managed to pull off 7211 by the end of the week. All things taken into account, I think that was actually a pretty decent number of words. I’m not mad at myself, we’ll just say that. Plus Pacemaker gave me a significantly easier goal for this current week, so hopefully I’ll be able to pull that one off without any issue, despite the beginning of the week getting so messed up.


When it comes to the down-time of last week I have to be honest: most of it was overridden in my brain by the incident with my baby’s arm. So, there’s a good chance I’m forgetting half of what actually occurred. Forgive me, I’ll list what I can recall. 😛

Books: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….I bet you can take a wild stab at what I’m going to say here! But, you guys, in my defence, I stumbled across some amazing fics last week, you have no idea… Such good writing. I sincerely hope that some of these people are writing entirely original works as well.

Games: mostly the gaming of last week can be attributed to board games. We had a couple of nights at our friends’ place playing a ridiculously fun/infuriating game called Crocanole (most certainly spelled wrong), which is a bit like curling in which you flick the ‘stones’ with your fingertips. We also played a marble game that’s kinda like an old-school version of ‘Trouble’, and a few card games like ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Five Crowns’, which are always favorites. When it comes to video games things were much slower, although I did play a little bit of the newly-released ‘Pokemon Unite’. I mainly played it to complete a few of my daughter’s objectives while her hand was a giant ball for those first few days, but it’s actually pretty fun. It’s a kind of team-based battle royale game with Pokemon instead of your standard style of fighters. A cute free-to-play game if you’re interested in checking it out.

Shows/Movies: mostly what we watched this past week was the Olympics in Tokyo. We’re bigger fans of the winter sports, but the summer ones can be interesting too, and there’s always a sense of desire to see your country do well that flourishes during the big games. This was also the first Olympics we’ve had where our kid was old enough to really care about sitting down and watching, and she ended up getting really into some of them. She cheered whenever we got a medal, and I think she was really impressed to see women competing in things like skateboarding and weightlifting. I can’t wait for the winter games now, because I just know she’ll get a huge kick out of the ski-jumping and aerials. XD

Aside from the games, we mostly just watched a few episodes of some of the shows we’d been into already, with the occasional super-dumb movie on Tubi. We’re becoming re-addicted to shite b-movies, and I’m not going to lie…it’s a bit fantastic. 😛

And that brings us up to today, a day of sleeping in, grumbling about the rain, indulging in coffee and cookies, and working hard to take pictures of and box up all the stuff that we’re trying to sell on E-bay. I wouldn’t say that I’m all sunshine and roses at the moment, but I’m okay, and that’s okay. Right? Right. That said, here’s hoping to a less eventful and more relaxing report next week. 😛

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

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