Plans & Goals 2021: Week 40

How are we all doing on this fine Canadian Thanksgiving day, my dears? Let’s start off this post by wishing a happy giving-of-thanks to my fellow Canucks. I hope you had a great Turkey Day with family and/or friends and that you’ve been able to be thankful for something. ❤

The hubby and kid and I had a rather busy long weekend, ourselves. We got up early Saturday morning to travel into the city for our annual Halloween-store hunt and spent a good chunk of the day in the ‘Spirit Halloween’ and ‘Glow Halloween’ superstores. We recorded footage and took lots of pictures, and all three of us ended up picking out costumes, so we’re all prepared for the holiday now.

The drive home from the city, I have to admit, was not a great one for me. The beginning of the day had been quite lovely, honestly, but the afternoon turned into one of those days where a series of small annoyances and inconveniences makes you feel like absolute shit. Hubby and the kid managed to cheer me up in the end, but it was a rough few hours of wanting to curl up in a ball in bed and just be alone. It’s been a while since I had an episode that bad, but it was bound to happen sooner or later, considering how stressful things have been lately.

Sunday turned around significantly. We travelled to hang out with family for Thanksgiving, which meant lots of excellent food, some phenomenal desserts, and a fair bit of boozing. It wasn’t as big a gathering that night as usual, but those of us who did dip into the liquor ended up quite full by the end of things. It was a pretty good night, and I definitely indulged more than necessary, and I’m actually genuinely surprised that I didn’t wind up sick as a dog this morning.

Which brings us back to now, back at home and snuggled up on the couch with the kitty, watching ‘Urban Legend’ on Netflix while I write this post! So now that we’re all caught up, let’s see about those goals, shall we?


A few things of import to mention in this regard. Firstly is the point that the weekend was definitely not a good time for my body. Sooooo much food and booze… Man, holidays are so awful for the waistline.

Secondly, I did restart the ’10 Rounds’ program last week, but I haven’t stuck to it entirely so far, partly because of several days of interruptions, and partly because I’ve let myself get so far gone at this point that each individual day of exercise makes me feel like I need at least a day of rest. I fully intend to continue on, but it just might not be quite as steady as it’s meant to be. I’ll do my best, basically. Wish me luck?

The other important thing, though, is diet, which hubby and I have let get really out of hand for the past while. We both agreed today that some major changes need to be made, because we’ve both gotten badly out of shape at this point. We’ve got guts, for fucksakes. Genuine guts. It’s unacceptable. Not to mention the fact that we both kinda feel like crap more than half of the time. So, yeah, things definitely need to change.

That brings us to a little wager the cousin-in-law and I made late last week. There are no stakes, in the strictest sense, but it’s a kind of matter-of-pride thing. We’re both trying to lose a significant amount of weight, and have figured that the best bet is probably small goals at a time. So we’re going to try competing with one another to try and reach our first goals: 10 lbs for me and 15 for him (because men lose weight more quickly, and it’s a fact, so don’t @ me). We’re going to torment one another to keep ourselves on track, so here’s hoping the sense of accountability to someone helps us both.


Okay, I have to say, I’m honestly not sure how I went the entire week without drawing anything, especially considering that there are at least a dozen things I want to draw. So there’s that. Annoyance number one.

Annoyance number two is that I once again managed to not hit my goal, despite the fact that I was really doing my best all week to write as much and as often as possible. The goal wasn’t an overly difficult one either: it was a pretty standard 10,428 words. I missed it by a long shot, though, only hitting 8447 words by the end of things. I’m actually a little tempted to say that I must have missed recording some words somewhere, because I’d swear that I wrote at least 8k worth of just the Kinktober fics. But, regardless, if I did miss some words somewhere, I don’t really have a good way of figuring out where they went, so there’s no use in bothering myself over it. All I can do is accept a loss for the week and try to work harder this week.


As we are currently in the month of October, and thus the ’31 Days of Halloween’, our down-time has been mostly spent watching horror movies, as with every year at this time. In the past week we’ve watched a mixture of old, new, standards, and new-to-us movies, some good, some…not so much.

Monday was ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2’, which is a fun slasher, but also a totally off-the-wall sequel that really does nothing to try to live up to the original. Tuesday was ‘Black Sabbath’, an older anthology that was okay, but only one of the three stories was actually memorable (‘The Drop of Water’ story, in case you’re wondering). Wednesday was a favorite of ours: ‘Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight’, which we showed the kid for the first time, and she thoroughly enjoyed Billy Zane being his Billy-Zaniest. Thursday was ‘Motel Hell’, which…I mean, it was fun, but what a strange way to tell a story…every time I felt like I had a handle on it, something new was thrown into the mix. Friday was a brand new flick, ‘Werewolves Within’, which is a dark comedy with some extremely amusing (and lunatic) characters. Saturday was ‘Waxwork 2’, a film that is more laughable than anything, but also features a few ridiculously fun scenes with Bruce Campbell. And finally, Sunday was ‘Urban Legend’, which we’re finishing as I write this post because we put it on after all that drinking and fell asleep before it was over…but it’s a standard teen slasher that is kinda bad, but in an amusing way.

The reading side of things has been as far away from spooky as possible. The main thing that I actually read was ‘Dark Corners’, a cute Halloween-based ‘Good Omens’ fic that is an adorable human AU meet-cute that practically gave me cavities. It demands to be thoroughly enjoyed!

The other story that I ‘read’ was consumed by way of the podfic recordings, because I adore the girl who read the story aloud. It’s called ‘Romancing the Tome’, and is another human AU that has action, romance, and a lot of super-cute fun and humor, not to mention sexiness. Definitely worth a read or listen, if you like that kind of thing.

And on the topic of games…uh. There haven’t been any. Period. lol Nothing more to say!

So there we go; all said and done for another week. Not the best week, certainly not the worst week, and there’s only twelve more to go in the year. How crazy is that?

So if you’ll excuse me, I have to go give a cat a bath and find another horror movie to watch so that we can keep up the tradition. Cheers, my dears!

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

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