2022: The Year of Trying Desperately to Keep It Together (Week 2)

There’s just something about Monday’s, don’t you think? They have such a capacity for both promise and frustration. It’s only 9 am and I’ve already experienced both. I woke up from a mostly-restful sleep, ready to start the day, prepared to try out a new exercise vid…and then it came to pass that the kid’s school bus never showed up, so I had to drive her to school. Not exactly a bit deal, in the grand scheme of things, but just enough to throw me off and send my brain into one of its weird spirals wherein it takes me hours to reassert a logical thought process and actually get anything done.

Well, at least I’m getting this done, which is something.

But also, we had a pretty gross storm over the weekend, and now I’m hearing on the radio that we’re expecting wind gusts between 80 and 100 km starting this afternoon…not particularly pleased abut that. Here’s hoping I get supper heated up before it really kicks into gear. There are few annoyances greater than having the power go out before supper is ready.

ANYWAY, that’s enough mindless complaining for now. I’m snuggled up on the couch with a kitty while hubby plays ‘Doom Eternal’, so let’s go ahead and get this week’s report out of the way, shall we?

Maybe after that I’ll manage to get something productive moving in my brain.

Goal Set #1: Artistic Fulfilment

Okay, so, starting out with writing and art, I can honestly say that I’ve got a half-decent report to make for week #2.

Writing first. The short version is that I didn’t quite hit my Pacemaker.press goal for the week, but I got really close, and I’m pleased with that considering that I had a complete and utter mental shutdown on the last day of the week. In the end I came out with 9602 words written, which isn’t too far off from the 10,221 words Pacemaker wanted me to write. I’m more than happy with that because, as I said, on the last day of the week (for reporting purposes) my brain just…stopped working. I couldn’t seem to do or think of anything. It was rather disconcerting and I did not enjoy it. I hope that it doesn’t happen again any time soon.

What’s also really nice about the 9602 words that I wrote last week is that about half of them went straight into ‘The Other World: Book Three’. Yes, I said I was going to do it, and for a change I actually did what I said. Are you proud of me? :3

On the art side of things, I’ll start by saying that the brain shutdown I experienced yesterday was nothing compared to the creative shutdown that happened throughout the week. Every time I tried to draw it was just an utter disaster. Everything looked like complete and utter shite. I was aghast at how horrible everything I was attempting to create was coming out.

That was until – somewhat ironically – last night. I decided to sit down with my tablet, relax, and just play around with an idea I had for a gift to one of my favorite ‘Good Omens’ fan creatures. I only did the rough sketch so far, but I’m quite pleased with how it’s turning out. I’ve got high hopes (and fingers crossed) for the line-art, and maybe even a bit of color. :O

I won’t share the whole rough, because the progress shots are for my Patrons, but I’ll give you a little cropped sneak at what I have so far:

Curious? I’ll give you a little hint as well… That’s Book!Crowley. ^_~

On another note that’s related to artistry, kinda, I just wanted to take a moment to mention how much I’m enjoying the Gem Painting kit my mother gave me for Christmas. I was not expecting to enjoy it as much as I have been, and I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s strangely soothing and there’s something quite pleasant about seeing the image grow by little bits at a time. I’ve been carving out a few minutes per day to work on it, and I have a feeling that I’m going to end up addicted to these things, especially if I can find more cool geeky ones.

Goal Set #2: Physical Focus

Okay, I”ll admit to right off the bat is that the Muscle Burns Fat program only lasted a few days. The first day – which was leg day – basically broke me, and when my legs were still throbbing three days later I decided to take a break and let them recover before deciding what to do next. I’ve come to the conclusion that, while the program seems like a good one, it’s just a tad too advanced for me at the moment and I need to take things a little bit slower.

What I’m going to try instead (as soon as I finish this post, in fact), is some of the videos by ‘Sharona’s Hill’, whom I stumbled across on TikTok. She calls her videos ‘walking exercises’ because they are low-impact, zero equipment videos, but they’re really more like dancing. She has a ton of them to a variety of music – including random movie themes and the like – and they look like fun. Two or three of them (they’re between 10 and 15 mins long) will pump my daily steps up by a few thousand, plus get me sweating, so maybe I can shed a few pounds and build back up to the #MBF program. If nothing else, they should be amusing to try. I’m seriously considering recording myself doing one to see how ridiculous I look.

To be determined.

Goal Set #3: Self-Promotion/Branding

Last week I said that I hated to even make this one of my goals. That attitude has not changed. Especially considering the annoying numbers I’m looking at from last week. What it basically comes down to is that my TikTok subscriber number is the only figure that went up. The others didn’t go down by much – just one or two here and there – but that doesn’t make it any less annoying when I’m hoping for growth.

I had no book sales or pages read last week, which is a bummer too. But, I suppose, if I want to look on the bright side for something, I got some lovely comments on some of my fanfiction over the past few days. So yeah…that’s nice. ❤

Goal Set #4: Mental Wellbeing

And last but not least, we have the ‘keeping my brain’ running section, which obviously didn’t work all throughout the week. *cough cough*

It definitely wasn’t all bad though. I’m just being dramatic, as usual.

I read a fair bit of fanfiction during my off-hours last week, but I also plowed through Junji Ito’s ‘Smashed’, which is another of his short horror compilation manga. It was excellent, as usual, and definitely creeped me out in a few places. Plus his art is just fantastic. Two thumbs up for sure.

I didn’t play any games throughout the week, but I did finally watch ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, which was a blast and means that I’m all caught up for whenever we’re able to watch ‘No Way Home’. Hubby and I also checked out ‘Last Night in Soho’, which was totally off the wall and not what I was expecting at all, but pretty enjoyable none-the-less.

There was the gem painting, of course, which soothes me in a way I can’t really explain…I’m nearly halfway finished with it now, and already wondering what I’m going to do next.

And if I’m being honest, I spent a lot of time last week on TikTok, which isn’t necessarily the best thing for my mental wellbeing, but there’s so much stuff on there that makes me smile, so I really can’t deny it to myself. Plus it helps spark my creativity and desire to work on other things, so it can’t be all bad, right? Right.

And we come to the end of this week’s report. It wasn’t the most productive week, but all things considered I’m not particularly disappointed. I know where I have to focus some more energy in the coming week, but in the meantime I’m going to go try to warm up and then check out those dancing vids. Wish me luck! ❤

Feel free to let me know how your year is going so far! Do you have any big goals? Specific plans? Anything awesome on the horizon? Share what’s going on with you! ❤

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