I’ve Got Fan-Art! ūüėć

If you guys have been paying attention AT ALL, you’ll know that I’ve become somewhat obsessed with writing Good Omens fan-fiction. All of what I’ve written so far has gotten an excellent reception on An Archive of Our Own, but in particular the in-progress In Silence Our Secrets Lie has been getting lots of amazing attention. Every chapter I post gets a wave of absolutely beautiful comments, and for the first time in my life I’ve been getting¬†fan-art!¬†I mean, technically it’s Good Omens fan-art, but it’s for MY STORY. And that’s amazing to me! So I thought I’d share. ^_^

I’ve posted these pieces in what I believe is the order I received them, with a bit of info and link to the artists’ Instagram accounts in the captions. Check them out and give them some love!

Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 19.37.15
This right here is the first fan-art I’ve ever received, and it simultaneously made me squeal and smirk. It’s from a scene in Chapter Three in which voiceless Crowley gives himself horns to remind Aziraphale that he’s a demon. XD¬† kittykazoo_art
Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 19.35.57
¬† This piece is from Chapter Four, when Aziraphale gifts Crowley a blanket he’d been caught cuddling. I actually drew the scene myself and put it up on Instagram as a #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge, and this was my first entrant! I was super exited to get this, and GLC did a great job! greenleaf_loves_cats
Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 19.34.49
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Similar to the previous picture, this piece was created for my DTIYS challenge from Chapter Four. I love MJ’s very unique style, so getting this put another huge smile on my face! mjfitzarrow
Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 19.36.44
This lovely – and a little bit sad – piece comes from Chapter Two in the story, when Aziraphale wakes Crowley to offer him a bath and inadvertently scares the poor thing to near-discorporation. ;_; vusster
And last, but definitely not least, we have this absolutely gorgeous mini-comic that outlines the last few lines of Chapter One. I was absolutely astounded when I saw this for the first time and have honestly not been able to stop staring at it since. ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧¬† ¬†la_dame_du_warren

National Novel Writing Month 2019


It’s that time of year again! The time of year when good little boys and girls of the writer persuasion wrack their brains and their fingers, destroy notebooks and laptops alike, and drive themselves to the brink of madness by attempting to write a full 50,000-word novel entirely within the confines of 30 days.

Last year I didn’t really¬†participate in NaNoWriMo for a variety of reasons, many of them stress-related, some of them personal.¬† I technically signed up and reported some written words, but it was a complete bust in the long run. For the most part I only really signed up at all because I hated the idea of not participating after having previously done so for 8 years in a row. Other than¬†technically¬†keeping my participating streak unbroken, there was really little to no point in my bothering to claim that 9th year spot.

Well, this year is going to be different, my friends. For one thing, because of my stubbornness in signing up last year, this year is my 10th since attempting NaNoWriMo for the very first time. That alone makes it special and makes me feel almost like I have to pull this one off. How can I possibly accept screwing up my 10-year anniversary?!

For another thing, I’m in a much better place this year than I was the last. Mentally, emotionally, physically, financially…everything is just¬†better¬†this year, which means a world less stress and more time and energy that I can use to focus on, you know…actually writing.

But that’s not to say that my participation this year is going to be standard fair. Oh no, as usually I intend to be thoroughly rebellious and totally screw with the system because, apparently, I can’t do anything at all the normal way. Who likes normal anyway?

This year, for my 10th Anniversary NaNoWriMo, I fully intend to write well-more than 50,000 words, but they will not be toward a single novel. Rather, I will be working on all the wonderful thoughts that have been dancing around in my head for months now. That includes working toward the manuscripts of The Other World Books Three, Four, and Five, plus a handful of different fan-fiction ideas I’ve been playing with (almost all of them Good Omens ones…don’t judge me), as well as a variety of short stories and other such things that I’ll be writing for my Patreon.

Does it make sense to split my attention like that? No, not necessarily. But only I know how my brain works, and believe me when I say that this is what’s best in order to keep me writing throughout the month.

The only real question, at this point, is what I’m still doing here, yammering away at you fine people rather than writing fiction? Well, honestly, I just wanted to have a chat! And now that I’ve had one, it’s time to go back to the fiction, my friends. Fiction!

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo 2019? Let me know what your username is so I can add you as a friend! You know having friends to be accountable to makes you significantly more likely to complete the challenge, right? That’s what they tell me, anyway. So let’s be friends! Friends who write fiction!

Yeah, okay, I’m just rambling now. ON TO THE WRITING!

Can’t Lose You Now [A ‘Good Omens’ Fanfic]

Have you ever been so obsessed with a particular fandom that you just have to contribute to it in some way?

For the most part I contribute to my fandoms by way of collecting Рtoys, books, vinyls, etc. I fill my life with the things I love. But sometimes the urge to create is stronger than the urge to consume.

I’ve been positively drowning myself in ‘Good Omens’ fan-fiction for a good month now, after finishing the book and re-watching the show failed to properly scratch the itch I was feeling. I’m a bit of a hyper-fan by nature, but only certain fandoms (Buffy, Supernatural, and Doctor Who come to mind) make me twitch in just that certain way that one might define as ‘hyper-fixated’. I¬†need¬†more.¬†I need Aziraphale and Crowley in my life. Thus, fan-fiction. And if I’m being perfectly honest, there is some fan-fiction on An Archive of Our Own that is genuinely (no, seriously) better than most of the published books I’ve read. Some fans, without a doubt, are as much masters of the craft as those who created the world they’re revelling in.

I don’t consider myself to be one of¬†those, but I have gotten plenty of lovely comments on this piece that I wrote to get some of that itch out of my system. It’s called Can’t Lose You Now, and is written in three chapters that can be taken individually or as a whole, depending on your preferences.

Chapter One is my vision of the night after the failed Apocalypse, when Aziraphale joins Crowley at his flat for the night. It’s angst and fluff wrapped in fear and confessions of love.

Chapter Two is a retelling of the body-swap. I fleshed it out, added in the thoughts of each character as they witness their respective partner’s punishments. A little more angst and a little more fluff.

Chapter Three is the explicit bit, so a big warning there if you’re not into that kind of thing. This one is still fluffy but also very smutty. A 6000-year-long friendship comes to a head in the most wonderful physical ways.

Thus far the AO3 community has been absolutely amazing to me – despite having¬†so much other¬†Good Omens works to compete with, mine has managed to get 236 kudos (basically: thumbs up), 34 bookmarks, and 12 comments in just around three weeks. And that is bloody amazing to me. Therefore, I will continue to write for the site, because I¬†thrive on this kind of attention, you guys. ūüėõ

So with that in mind, feel free to check the fic out and let me know what you think! I’ll link to future fics here as well, of course, because I love you and you love me, and that’s how this relationship works. ^_~

Goals 2019: Week 27 in Review


Well hello there all you beautiful people! Has it really been a week already since I wrote the last post after just arriving in camp for my new oil sands job? Yes, yes it has! That bodes well, because that week honestly kinda flew by, and if there’s one thing you want time to do while you’re out on these kinds of jobs, it’s “fly by”.

My first week out here has been pretty decent overall. I began with a few day shifts that allowed me to get to know the crew and the site, not to mention get over my jet lag. Then I transferred over to the night shift and was quickly bumped up from 10 hour shifts to 12. I’m sure all of that sounds horrible to most of you, but the truth is that it’s all good stuff. When you’re out on these jobs, thousands of miles away from family and stuck living in a work camp for weeks or months on end, what you really want to make sure you’re doing is making money. And 12-hour shifts, working nights? That’s a significant bit of extra money. Believe me: I ain’t complainin’.

Of course, working 12-hours daily and being at the whim of the bus, dining, and quiet hour schedules can make life a little frustrating at times, but I’ve learned how to maximize my time over the years, so it’s all good. No worries; I’ve got this handled. No, really!

In other non-goal news before we dive into it, it took a few days of getting over jet lag, dealing with a pulled muscle in my neck, and getting used to the shifts, but I did eventually get back into my P90 exercises two days ago. And that, my friends, is a very good thing, because I am officially off the keto diet. It’s not that I necessarily¬†wanted to stop doing it, but after a couple of days in camp I determined that it just isn’t feasible while I’m here. There aren’t enough keto-friendly options in the dining halls without eating the same 3-4 things over and over again every day – which is a recipe for disaster. So I’ve ditched the diet for now, although I am still¬†trying¬†to eat moderately healthy while I’m here. Salads ahoy!

Okay, I think those are the only major things I wanted to bring up before getting into the goals, so let’s go ahead and move on now:

Goal #1: Write half a million words.

I am both quite happy with myself and quite annoyed with my past self concerning this goal this week. On the positive side, I did an excellent job getting my writing in for week 27! I had my best week since…I can’t even remember when…with 9671 beautiful words. Hell to the yeah! Nearly 10k! WOO!

The annoying part, however, is the fact that since I had so many terrible weeks in a row, the numbers Pacemaker.press is asking me for are still much, much bigger than the numbers I’m getting. Twice as much bigger, in fact. The goal-tracking site wanted me to have written a little over 20k for week 27, so my lovely 9671 is still pretty damn down there.

That said, screw it! I wrote nearly 10k last week! I’m happy! If I can write another 10k this week I’ll be even happier!

It seems counter-intuitive considering the work schedule, but being back to work in the oil sands really makes me¬†want¬†to write. A lot of it is just the fact that I don’t have many day-to-day concerns; yeah, I’m working 12 hour days, but I don’t have to cook or clean or run errands. So I use that time to write! Seems like a win, right? Yeah, I knew you’d agree.

  • Goal #1a:¬†Write at least a quarter million¬†fictional¬†words.¬†What’s even more awesome than writing nearly 10k words in a week? Without question it’s the fact that nearly all of those words were fictional ones! Yes, my friends, I’m finally back in the saddle and I cranked out 8685 fictional words last week! About half of those words were the first pile of pages of The Other World: Book Three, which I’m writing by hand in notebooks during my breaks and lunches (because every now and then I just get in the mood to write by hand for some reason). Most of the rest was toward Nowhere to Run, the sister-novel to Nowhere to Hide. I feel like I’ve actually got a decent wind going on both of them, which is pretty exciting. For the first time in what feels like forever, I’ve got ideas churning in my head again!

Goal #2: Read at least 50 books.

Reading has also been going quite well. Remember when I said I’ve learned how to maximize my time when I’m out here? I wasn’t kidding. While I’m writing during my breaks and lunches, I read while on the bus to and from site, and in the evenings when I’m laying in bed, getting ready to drift off. In that way I finally managed to finish “It“, and I also flew through “Sharp Objects” in about a day and a half. Now I’m about a quarter of the way through “Jurassic Park“, which I’ve been meaning to read for ages, and my Goodreads Challenge page is looking top-notch!

Goal #3: Build my social media communities…EVERYWHERE!

Here’s where things might get a little off-kilter, because it’s a bit difficult to keep up with the social media stuff while I’m out here. Not necessarily because of limited time (although that’s obviously part of it), but because I falter for things to talk about and/or share. There’s nothing to take pictures of out here for Instagram, so I’m just running on whatever I shot before I left. Twitter is a bit easier because you can play on what other people are talking about, but ultimately I still have to provide my own content. Facebook and Snapchat…psh. I handed the Basement Geeks group back over to Jason to take care of while I’m gone, and Snapchat mostly just gets whatever I’m sharing to Instagram at the time. So with all that in mind, let’s glance at some numbers.

Last week’s numbers are as follows:

  • The YouTube channel gained 2 subscribers
  • The YouTube Twitter account went up 13 followers
  • The YouTube Instagram account went down 13 followers
  • The Snapchat account‚Äôs score went up 15 points
  • The Author Twitter account gained 2 followers
  • The Author Instagram account went up 8 followers

Wait, what the-¬† Oh FUCK OFF, Instagram! This would have been a beautiful, all positives week if it hadn’t been for stupid, stupid Instagram! I’ll never get why the follower numbers on that platform jump up and down like a jackrabbit, but apparently I lost as many followers on the YouTube Insta last week as I gained the week before. Bloody stupid hell. If anything social media related is going to drive me insane, that’s going to be it.

Goal #4: Play more (proper) video games. 

I did, in fact, bring my Playstation Vita out here with me, and I suppose I could also play some old roms on my computer if I really wanted to, buuuuuuuuut…yeah, no. I’d like to be finding time to play games, but right now all my free time energy has been going toward reading and writing, and for the time being that’s how I want it to continue. When I start to drive myself mad, or I start running out of books to read, I’ll haul out the Vita and shoot some zombies or rampage across Pandora or something.

Goal #5: Put more time, focus, and energy into the YouTube channel.

I suppose, for the most part, I can just set this goal aside for the foreseeable future. I mean, the channel will continue, and I’ll still be doing channel-related things throughout my time in Alberta, but I definitely won’t be filming any videos any time soon. That said, after a few weeks when I’m really in the groove of things I’m probably going to start recording voice over files to send to Jason for possible videos, so I won’t give up on this one just yet. That said, you can obviously understand that I don’t really have anything to report since I have no way to properly film anything right now.

And that, as they say, is that! There are obvious blind spots when it comes to things I simply can’t do while out here on a work camp (i.e. film), but for the most part I’ve got to go ahead and say that this was a pretty awesome week. Reading and writing have taken up some major acreage in my brain plot (what the hell do I even mean by that?) and aside from the frustration of Instagram, the social media side of things is holding strong. I really can’t complain about anything this week! That’s almost frightening! XD

How was your week? Did you accomplish any goals? Make any new ones? Do anything else that made you feel awesome and accomplished? Feel free to share in the comments!

Who Needs Sleep? – An IWSG Post

Insecure Writers Support Group Badge

It feels like it’s been ages since I wrote a post for the IWSG…probably because it¬†has¬†been ages. In fact, it’s been so long that I had to re-add myself to their Linky list. (Not for the first time, likely not for the last time.)

I haven’t been writing a lot of any kind of posts – aside from my weekly update posts – on this blog for a while now, as a matter of fact. So when I happened to scroll past an IWSG post someone had shared on Twitter, I thought it was about time.

And “about time” is the conversation I’m bringing to the table today.

As a writer who is not, unfortunately, able to make a living from writing, where does one go about finding the time necessary to actually, you know…write?

One of my favorite quotes from Stephen King’s “On Writing” is (paraphrased), “if you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to write”. That really resonated with me, and I fully believe it. Reading is a necessary part of writing for numerous reasons, so you have to make time to do it, which is why it’s part of my 2019 goals, even if it’s time-consuming.

The problem is that there are lots of other time-consuming things in the life of a (mostly)unpaid writer as well. For myself, personally, I work full-time to pay the bills. I also have a husband and daughter who require and deserve my attention. There are things I have to do as a responsible adult and homeowner, like running errands and doing chores. There are exercises I’ve committed myself to in order to take care of my health. There are other tasks – such as my YouTube channel – which are important enough to me to demand a portion of my time and effort.

What it all comes down to in the end is, when do I find the time to write?

And the answer is, quite simply, that I don’t. Instead of sitting down at a desk every day for several hours and plucking keys or scrawling in journals, I snatch at tiny moments captured while doing everything else I have to do. I scribble in a notebook while on my breaks at work. I record ideas in my phone while playing games with my daughter. I pluck out blog posts one paragraph at a time while I’m doing laundry, cooking supper, and helping my husband edit videos.

This sort of thing, I think, is why a lot of writers drink.

That’s probably making light of the bad situations some people have found themselves in, but you know what I’m getting at. It’s so easy, with all the other things that one has to deal with in life, to find writing getting pushed aside, no matter how important it is to you to do it.

Yet we keep dealing with it, because we must. We must find the time. We must write, no matter what, even if it means losing sleep and expending non-existent energy.

We are writers, and we are stubborn AF.

So when do you write? Where do you find the time? How do you make your best use of that time? Please share, because I’d genuinely love to know.