Threads Box #2: Effigy Box!

What’s this? Another Threads box already? Well, yes! Due to circumstances of which I am not a party, we got two Threads boxes within a week of each other, and I’m okay with that!

This second box contained another awesome shirt design that I am totally not going to let Jason get his hands on, as well as a one-shot graphic novel called “Effigy” that sounds incredibly interesting. Both items gave me a huge smile and are definitely well worth the subscription price of £10!

So again I say: go check out the vid, and when you’re interested in checking out Threads for yourself, click the link in the description box to get £5 off your first box. You can’t beat a deal like that, you guys!



Unboxing! Zavvi Threads Monthly Subscription Box

We’ve previously done unboxings of Zavvi’s geeky subscription box, ZBox. But now there’s another! “Threads” by ZBox is an offshoot service that focuses on wearables and readables. Each box contains a licensed shirt and either a book or a graphic novel, both for just £10. A heck of a deal, in my opinion!

Zavvi asked me if I’d like to check out this service, and I heartily agreed because I love reading, and I love geeky clothes. It’s a perfect fit! Take a look at my vid to see what it’s all about, and if you’re interested click the link in the description box to get half off your first box!

Jason’s Top 7 Godzilla Movies

Not everything is about an immaculately-woven story-line or top-end special effects. Sometimes the most enjoyable things in life require you to just turn off your brain and revel in the insanity that another mind has concocted. HENCE, the Godzilla franchise!

We’re big fans of the big guy in the Tobin house, with Jason being an absolute uber-fan, so a friend suggested that he do a “Top X Godzilla Movies” video in celebration of King of the Monsters being out in theaters! He decided to go with 7 movies, and you can really see the absolute joy when he talks about these goofy, fun pieces of cinema history. Check it out and let us know in the comments which ‘Zilla flicks are your favorites!

Cryptkins Series 2 Blind Boxes – Full Case!

Cryptkins are positively adorable, miniature versions of mythical and legendary creatures from all over the world. They come in cute little blind boxes designed to look like crates, and every last one of them is as sweet as sugar! We previously opened a full case of the Series 1 line on the channel, but today Adrianna and I dove into a full case of Series 2 figures, and we had a blast uncovering more cryptid creatures.

Check out the video and let us know who you think got the better pulls, as well as which Series 2 Cryptkin is your favorite!

My Geek Box Unboxing (April 2019) DOUBLE-MUGGER!

It’s been a while since we unboxed a My Geek Box, and this one did not disappoint! When it came in the mail we were shocked by how ridiculously heavy it was, but we would soon find out why…this particular box is a DOUBLE-MUGGER! And you know what? Normally I grown when we get yet another mug in a subscription box, but both of these mugs are actually pretty awesome. AND there were some other awesome items in the box as well, so check it out and let us know what you thought!