Plans and Goals 2018: Week 21 Review


Hey, look at that! It’s Wednesday! My procrastination skills are growing!

Okay, yeah, that’s not a good thing, and big thanks to my friend Marie for reminding me to do this today because I’d genuinely forgotten again and before I knew what had happened it would have been time to write this week’s post, and then I’d be irreversibly messed up.

Before I get into it this week I just want to once again bring up something that I’ve mentioned in the past few previous weekly review posts, and that is the fact that I truly feel like my brain has stopped working of late. I have no idea what the cause could be – it could easily be anything from stress, to hormonal changes screwing with my brain, to a subconscious form of self-sabotage – but it remains a fact, and it’s something I’d very much like to reverse. So if anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to let me know. It’s very much like my brain has turned to fog; like I’m in a constant daydream that makes it very difficult to focus, and sees me forgetting things before I’ve even had a chance to tell myself to remember them. If I didn’t know better I’d say it was medical, but I do think that’s an extreme observation. Chances are it’s something much simpler.

Anyway, let’s set that side for now and get into the point of this post.

Plan #1: Focus more on Writing.
While “focus” has become a bad word in relation to these posts, I can at least say that week 21’s report is much better than it’s predecessor.

  • Goal #1: Write half a million words throughout the year. I didn’t get as much writing done as I was hoping to, due in quite a large deal to the fact that omfg I can’t think straight at all someone send me some goddamn ritalin or something! Ahem. But it was also an infinitely better week than the previous two. I did a little bit of blogging, to the tune of 1303 words, a bit of fiction to the tune of 2865 words, and a bit of “other” stuff, to the tune of 211 words. The fiction bit, amusingly enough, was split between another erotic tale for my pen name’s repertoire…and a children’s chapter book that I started with my daughter in mind. Yeah, my brain goes in some wildly different directions sometimes. Annnnnnyway, those words totaled 4379 for the week, bringing my year’s total up to 91001 and keeping my daily average steady at 619.
  • Goal #2: Sell more books. I actually recently posed this one as a question to my entire Facebook friends list because goddammit it is so hard to sell self-published books without spending money! A few people had good ideas, mostly involving social media (oh good, because I don’t spend enough time on there already…lol), a few people made suggestions of things I’ve actually already tried, and a couple of people were mildly asshat-ish. “Forget about YouTube” came up once, which I will heartily admit made me twitch.
    Anyway, long story short, it hasn’t been going well on the sales front, although my post asking for thoughts and suggestions did end with a Facebook friend picking up both of my books for her Kindle and promising to review them on Amazon. So that was nice.
  • Goal #3: Complete and publish The Other World: Book Two. There hasn’t been a whole lot of movement here, aside from a little further work on the “codex”, as I’m now referring to it. I did work out a few ideas for improvements to the manuscript though, which I’m hoping to implement as soon as possible.

Plan #2: Focus more on YouTube.
I have to be honest: YouTube just hasn’t been a priority lately. There’s been a lot going on, and I’ve had to focus energy into more important avenues, on top of other smaller things that have been holding us off, which I’ll explain below.

  • Goal #1: Film more often. We did manage to get two videos up in week 21, one of which was sponsored by Entertainment Earth, so that was awesome. I wish it could have been more, but as mentioned, there’s been lots of little issues. We had a couple of days in a row of travel last week, which exhausted us so badly that we took the third day to pretty much curl up and die on the couch with our respective video games. Following that we had the return of whatever-the-hell has been going on with Jason’s eye, on top of a strange and worrisome throat tickle on my end – the past few years I’ve been randomly picking up a laryngitis-like condition that screws up my throat quickly if I don’t allow it to rest the second the tickle begins. When you mix all that in with the more-important stuff I’ve been focusing on (one such example is looking for paying work), and there just hasn’t been enough time or energy in the world to get me down in the basement in front of a camera. Here’s hoping some things settle down soon.
  • Goal #2: Put more focus into, and have more fun with, the social media aspect. Let me preface this one by asking a question: when the hell did Instagram start doing “Stories”, and do people really ever watch them? I mean, in the back of my mind I think I knew the option  has been there for a while, but it just seems like such a SnapChat thing, and I personally have never watched a single person’s story before this past week, so when Jason suggested we start posting to our story my honest reaction was, “What? Why?” A friend of mine who runs an at-home business claims that Instagram Stories are actually much more likely to be scene than individual posts, but I just don’t get it myself. That said, I’ve been trying to make an effort to post to it, and in the process have practically given up on SnapChat, since it just feels so much like doing the exact same thing twice. In fact, I’m thinking I might actually officially give up on SnapChat as it just doesn’t seem to be the social media mogul it once was (or was it? I don’t even know). I get very little interaction through it, even when I’m posting a lot, and that little bit of interaction just seems to be from family and close friends anyway, so it seems like a waste of time and energy to me. If you think I’m wrong, feel free to let me know, but I think for the time being I’m just going to strike that one from my daily “to-do’s”.
    Twitter is, as always, the big one for me, and that’s all going quite well. I’ve also been trying to put a little more time into the Basement Geeks Facebook group because I seem to have distanced myself from it mentally in recent months for some reason.

#3: Focus more on myself.
If there’s something I’ve been managing to do lately, it’s been focusing on myself, although not necessarily in a good way. I think that between the brain fog thing and the fact that I’ve been doing annoying things like looking for work, I’ve been tending to put my personal enjoyment above all else recently. Part of me thinks that I deserve that, but it’s also a slippery slope. It’s much easier to let yourself fall into the game of “I’ll do what I want!” than it is to climb back out of the hole of procrastination you’ve dug for yourself.

  • Goal #1: Take time daily to read/watch/play. As with the previous report, I can say that I’ve been playing a lot of games. Well, a lot of A game, anyway. I’ve fluttered about a little bit, but mostly I’ve been a little obsessed with Rayman Legends on my PS Vita. For one thing, it’s just genuinely a fun, challenging game with tons of stuff to find and regular new modes and challenges to check out. For another thing, though, I think it’s the prospect of an ENDGAME that has been appealing to me. Everything else I’ve been doing seems endless – just a constant stream of things that come one after the other with no promise of reprieve – whereas this game has a finality point, a place at which I can say that I’ve literally done everything it has to offer and I am DONE. It’s an achievable goal point during a time when none of my personal goals feel achievable.
  • Goal #2: Stay active, but don’t obsess. Oh man, see that word “obsess”? I may have – just may have – become a little obsessed. Not in a bad way though! I wrote the wording of this goal with the idea that I didn’t want to torture myself over my weight or anything, but to just work on my health a little, and that’s what I’ve been doing. But yeah…oh man am I obsessed with Zombies Run! I got a tip on Twitter to do the “race” missions before continuing on with Season 2 of the game because of hidden story elements, and geez… I ended up doing 40 km worth of missions in just under a week. And that’s counting the fact that I neglected to go out on two recent days when it was raining really badly. So…yeah. I think it’s safe to say that I’m “staying active”.

So that’s pretty much it. I feel like I was a little chattier than usual, which is a bit funny considering I didn’t really have all that much to report. But hey, at least I managed to settle my brain long enough to actually make the post, right? Right. 😛

How was your week? Were you able to accomplish anything? Do anything fun? Make any progress toward your own goals? Feel free to share!

Plans and Goals 2018: Week 12 Review


Okay, we’re back into familiar territory, folks! I’d been feeling strangely like the weeks have been crawling by recently, but week 12 up and disappeared on me rather quite suddenly and I’m not entirely certain what happened yet…which feels oddly comfortable.

Don’t mind me. I’m clearly broken.

Anyway, I’m having a very hard time believing that we’re nearly at the end of March, and this past week I’ve had a difficult time wrapping my head around what I have and haven’t accomplished. It feels a bit like I’ve done nothing, and yet been way too busy, and at the same time feel like there’s a million things left to do. My brain is all wibbly-wobbly. And I don’t have enough timey-wimey.

If you’re extra confused now, you’ve lost a love point from me. 😛

Anyway (again), I have a few things to talk about, so let’s move on.

Plan #1: Focus more on Writing.
“Focus” is an illusion. *performs Jedi mind trick on readers while crossing fingers behind back*

  • Goal #1: Write half a million words throughout the year. Dammit, I seem to gone in the wrong direction again. I don’t know what it is about me that I can’t seem to accomplish two good weeks in a row on, well…anything, really. But writing specifically. It wasn’t my worst week, but it definitely wasn’t anything worth writing (ha ha) home about. All I wrote was blog posts, totaling 4504 words for the week. That brings my year’s total up to 60,441 and my average-words-per-day down to 728. That’s not an enormous drop in average from last week, but still frustrating because I just can’t seem to keep that number moving upward.
  • Goal #2: Sell more books. I sold one book at the collectible shop! Annnnnnd, that’s about it. Nothing to get too excited about, obviously. I do have a little plan coming up shortly about how I’ll hopefully amass a few more e-book sales than usual, so stay tuned for that in the coming week.
  • Goal #3: Complete and publish The Other World: Book Two. And still I move on through 2018 with little to no actual advancement on this goal. I get more and more frustrated with myself with every week, believe me. I’m considering sitting down some afternoon and re-reading Book One just to remind me of what it is that I love about this story and why I want it to continue.

Plan #2: Focus more on YouTube.
The focus has been a bit broad in the past week, I’ll admit, although some stuff has still been getting done.

  • Goal #1: Film more often. We only filmed two videos in the past week, and one of them was for a review and giveaway sponsored by Entertainment Earth, so we had that extra bump of motivation there. I wish we’d done more, but between the kid having two days off school (one day for weather and another for an “administrative day”), combined with the fact that we had a lot of stuff to do around the house and couldn’t seem to quite get our thoughts organized, it just didn’t happen. Hopefully now that another school week is starting and a lot of the house stuff has been taken care of we’ll be able to put in a better effort in week 13.
  • Goal #2: Put more focus into, and have more fun with, the social media aspect. Despite a low-end on the filming, the social media continues on unimpeded, and we’ve got lots going on there. Lots of Instagram, lots of Twitter, a fair amount of interaction with the Facebook page and group, and I’ve even been getting some SnapChat in. I’ve been noticing a spike in interaction on these platforms as well, which is a good sign that we’re moving forward in a good direction. Anyone can amass followers as a numerical value, but it’s building a group that can actually converse that proves you’re getting somewhere with your audience.

#3: Focus more on myself.
I can honestly say that I put a fair chunk of focus into myself in week 12, even if it’s not necessarily the kind of focus I was originally thinking about when I wrote these goals.

  • Goal #1: Take time daily to read/watch/play. I’m still obsessed with mobile games, and it’s getting worse (my daughter and I have been playing WAYYYY too many of the “Papa’s Pizzeria” line of games), but I managed to get some actual good reading in this past week as well. I finally sat down and got through the first library edition of Buffy the Vampire Season 8 comics (all in one day too!), and I’ve put another big dent into A Clockwork Orange, which I’m genuinely enjoying, but is just a slow read for me with all that confusing slang. I didn’t get any actual video games in, nor did I watch any of the shows I’ve been wanting to catch up on, but I managed to get some relaxation in throughout the week, so it’s all good in my books.
  • Goal #2: Stay active, but don’t obsess. Last week I mentioned that I’d taken my FitBit off for psychological reasons; this week I’m telling you that I put it back on. Yeah, I’m just that whishy-washy. Hear me out, because I had a bit of a nervous breakdown of sorts early this past week as I debated which reality made me feel more miserable: continuing to gain weight and hating how I’m starting to look, or denying myself from eating anything and everything in sight and then sitting on my ass all day. I eventually came to the conclusion that my body image and health is more important to me, so in addition to strapping the FitBit back on, I’ve also made several other changes that I’ll discuss in a separate post. It’s been going moderately well so far, but I’ll leave that for the other post as well. Watch for it!

So that was week 12. I fell asleep part-way through writing this post, so I apologize if anything seems confusing and disjointed. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go try to actually get something done for week 13. Ciao!

How was your week? Were you able to accomplish anything? Do anything fun? Make any progress toward your own goals? Feel free to share!

Plans and Goals 2018: Week 10 Review


Okay, this might come as a huge shock to those who have followed me and read these posts of mine before, but it feels like it’s been ages since I wrote an update post. Contrary to my usual feelings of a week passing by in the blink of an eye, week 10 of the year feels as though it lasted forever. It makes me curious what was different about the week to have made it feel this way. I’d like to replicate the results so that I can stop constantly feeling like my life is blowing by on a breeze. 😛

The other upside is that I feel as though I’ve managed to get a little done this week, even though we ultimately had a few very lazy days due to poor weather and related fatigue. So let’s just jump into it.


Plan #1: Focus more on Writing.
Last week I spoke of writer’s block, the bane of every author’s existence. That block followed me into week 10, but all was not in vain, because I fought it by with “goofing off” methods.

  • Goal #1: Write half a million words throughout the year. “Goofing off methods” is not as horrible as it sounds. I wrote a few extra blog posts, which are easier to deal with than fiction, and then I scratched the fiction itch by playing around with some meaningless fanfic just to get the creative juices flowing. I also started a no-commitment-required journal to get out those random thoughts that may or may not prove to be useful in the future. The result of all this was 4852 blogging words, 1430 fiction words, and 383 non-fiction words, for a weekly total of 6665. Adding to the grand total I’m up to 50,407 (officially a novel’s worth!), and my daily average has worked its way back up to 731. I’m still a ways away from getting back up to where I was, and no where near where I should be, but at least I managed to turn around and move in the proper direction again this past week!
  • Goal #2: Sell more books. No physical sales yet, according to my shop-owner buddy yet (boooooo), but I did have a few random surprise e-book sales last week! Two people grabbed “Nowhere to Hide”, and another grabbed “The Other World: Book One”. It’s a sad state of affairs that I got super excited about three e-books, totaling about $2.50 in royalties, but considering I’ve been known to go months without a sale? Yeah, sue me, I’m happy.
    On a related note, I recently submitted my manuscript for “The Other World: Book One” to a small Canadian publisher. I’m not holding my breath, but I thought it was worth a try to see what they think. Maybe I’ll even get some advice with my rejection letter. (Listen to that confidence, am I right?) Of course, the ideal situation would be an acceptance, but I won’t hold my breath (especially considering it could be months before I get a response).
  • Goal #3: Complete and publish The Other World: Book Two. Up above when I’m talking about my word count for the week you might notice that I didn’t attribute any words to The Other World: Book Two. That’s because I didn’t touch it. Case closed.

Plan #2: Focus more on YouTube.
As previously mentioned, we did have a few lazy days recently, but that doesn’t mean Jason and I have been absent when it comes to the channel.

  • Goal #1: Film more often. We managed to film and publish five videos in week 10, one of which was a semi-complicated video involving a time-delayed Lego build, and another that was a Funko Pop haul, something we haven’t done in ages in order to avoid the ire of the toxic side of the community. I’m happy with that level of productivity. We could definitely do more, but what we did didn’t cause any undue stress or frustration, so I’m happy with it.
  • Goal #2: Put more focus into, and have more fun with, the social media aspect. Twitter is starting to become the place I spend most of my time online. That’s all that really needs to be said about that. I’m getting more into Instagram lately as I train my brain to recognize when a good photo idea is present. SnapChat is still a difficult one because I just don’t think of it half the time, but since it’s the platform on which I have the fewest followers and least interaction, I’ll cut myself a little slack on that one. All in all, this particular goal is going pretty well, and though I haven’t focused on the numbers recently, I believe my follower numbers have been going up as a result.

#3: Focus more on myself.
I’ve had very little stress of late, so I must be doing something properly, right?

  • Goal #1: Take time daily to read/watch/play.  I have to admit it. I cannot lie. I’m still spending most of my “me time” playing crappy mobile games and Pokemon TCG Online. I kinda hate myself for it a little. I’ve never had an addictive personality when it comes to thinks like drugs, alcohol, or gambling, but when it comes to mobile games? I can destroy an hour without realizing a minute has passed. It’s a bit ridiculous. That said, I also managed to squeeze in about half of Stephen King’s “On Writing” this week, and spent a bit of time catching up on some shows I’ve been wanting to watch, so at least that’s something a little less embarrassing. 😛
  • Goal #2: Stay active, but don’t obsess. Just Dance with the little one continues to be my greatest form of exercise – god damn that game will kick your ass – but I also did a bit of walking in week 10, and we had a lovely family outdoor day on Saturday when the weather was nice, which involved some 1-on-1-on-1 basketball play. That said, I still seem to be gaining weight and I’m extremely perturbed about it. I need to figure out how to turn this around before I start requiring new pants. 😡

That was my week 10; not exactly worth jumping for joy over, but definitely a respectable period of productivity.

How was your week? Were you able to accomplish anything? Do anything fun? Make any progress toward your own goals? Feel free to share!

Plans and Goals 2018: Week 3 Review


I’m writing this post after playing several songs in a row on Just Dance with Adrianna, so I’m going to spare you guys the usual talk of how the week just flew by, and save my energy for actual information. ^_~

Plan #1: Focus more on Writing.
This wasn’t a particularly exciting week for writing, with not a huge amount to say, so I’ll just jump right into the individual details:

  • Goal #1: Write half a million words throughout the year. Worst week yet! Yay! Seriously though, I’m not getting down on myself because there were other good parts to the week, but getting my word count up wasn’t really one of them. I only hit the 1370 goal on one day, and had one day where I didn’t write at all. I’m disappointed in myself for that, but it was an extraordinarily busy day, so I’ll give myself a pass this one time. All together for the week I wrote 3456 words for blog posts and 1845 words toward TOW, for a total of 5301. That means that I’m up to 14480 words for the year so far, which is an average of 724 words per day. That makes me reaaaaaaally far behind, but my daily average did technically go up since last week, so at least that’s something!
  • Goal #2: Sell more books. As ever, this proves to be extraordinarily difficult, but I’m determined to persevere. I haven’t heard from the shop owner on whether he’s sold any of my physical copies, but I did have a few page reads pop up on Kindle. That’s encouraging, but not exactly financially exciting. For those of you not in the know, authors enrolling their novels in Kindle Unlimited make an average of about half a cent per page read. Since I got about 80 pages read the other day, that means I’ve made less than half a buck. Not exactly something to brag about, but hey…I guess something is better than nothing.
  • Goal #3: Complete and publish The Other World: Book Two. This one has been hurting my brain a little lately. I’m currently in that mode that a lot of writers get in, in which they’re just kinda…sick of their WIP. I want to press on because I want something that’s together enough to send to my beta readers, but I find myself staring at the pages and just zoning out. I think I need a little bit of a kick in the head to get back on track. Anyone have any ideas?

Plan #2: Focus more on YouTube.
This is the second week in a row that Jason and I kicked ASS on this goal, so if nothing else, I feel extremely accomplished here.

  • Goal #1: Film more often. Throughout this week, between one vid that Jason and Adrianna did, a few I did myself, and the rest that Jason and I did normally, we filmed 9 videos and uploaded 7 of them. I’m pretty sure that’s a new record! They weren’t spread out so that it was one posted per day, but I choose to look at it in that averaging respect. We put up 7 vids in 7 days! With two left over to spare! Woo!
  • Goal #2: Put more focus into, and have more fun with, the social media aspect. The social media this week has come naturally as a result of so much video posting, but I’ve also been hanging out a lot more often on Twitter, which I find to be the easiest platform to use without wasting too much time. I’d like to start focusing more on Instagram though, since that’s where we currently have the most followers.

Plan #3: Focus more on myself.
So did I take care of myself this week? Ha ha ha ha ha ha…hahahaha…ha…ha…

  • Goal #1: Take time daily to read/watch/play. I didn’t have a lot of stimulating “me time” this week because I was just too busy to find it. I did have random little bouts of playing phone games while, like…waiting for Adrianna to get out of school, and I did get a bath one night and read a bit more of A Clockwork Orange, but that was basically it. With that said, I’m going to HAVE to find some time for myself sometime this week, because I’m pretty much running on fumes at this point.
  • Goal #2: Stay active, but don’t obsess. To look at my day planner (where I record everything) you wouldn’t think I was particularly active this week because all I really wrote in that column was “cleaning” over and over again. But you’d be wrong because that cleaning was active as sin. I did some major deconstructing of the basement, bagging up toy boxes and hauling them up two flights of stairs and a ladder to toss them in the attic, not to mention rearranging shelves, sorting collectibles, and actually cleaning in the form of vacuuming, dusting, etc. All that put together and I may not have gotten a lot of steps, but I’m damn well exhausted, I can tell you that!

So that was week three! It was tiring, and I didn’t get as much writing done as I would have liked, but everything  else went pretty well, and the channel is doing very well because of it, so I guess it was a success in general. ^_^ Here’s to week four!

How was your week? Were you able to accomplish anything? Do anything fun? Make any progress toward your own goals? Feel free to share!

Goals and Aspirations in Review – September 2017


Remember last month when I gushed about how I had a great month and practically everything went to plan and it was an overall very successful period of time in my life? Good times, good times.

September was not like that. For a variety of reasons (the main one being that I just pretty much felt like an enormous ball of crap for most of the month), September was not a good month at all. I got very little done and built up a lot of stress as a result. So let’s try to get through this one as quickly as we can.

The month didn’t start off too badly. I’d set myself a 400-words-per-day goal and I did pretty well for the first couple of weeks. But then it all kinda went sideways on me and I ended up writing effectively NOTHING for the second half of the month. All in all I ended up with 3201 blogging words, and 7186 words toward The Other World: Book Two, for a monthly total of 10,387 words. That’s not a bad number at all, but it’s 6000 words less than last month, and given how awesome I was doing at the beginning of the month, it could have been a really good total if I’d kept up the steam.

Mini-Goal #1.a. Publish more erotic fairy tales.
As previously mentioned, I’m removing this goal for the remainder of the year, as I’ve decided to focus my time and energy on The Other World: Book Two instead.

Mini-Goal #1.b. Start writing blog posts again.
If you’ve been hanging around here you know that this has definitely not been happening. I think I wrote one or two posts in September that weren’t just me sharing our YouTube videos, and that was about it. I’m still struggling for topics, to be perfectly honest. I just don’t know what to talk about these days! If you’ve got any ideas, please feel free to let me know!

Mini-Goal #1.c. Find ways to promote the book(s).
This continues to be the goal that I expect to take me to my grave, especially since any substantial effort I do put in is thoroughly NOT rewarded. For example, I recently put the “Nowhere to Hide” e-book up for sale for 99 cents until Halloween. I shared that sale on this blog, my author Twitter account and YouTube Twitter account, our Instagram account, my personal Facebook page, author Facebook page, YouTube Facebook page, and Basement Geeks Facebook group, and my Snapchat account, and I went back and re-tweeted and re-Instagrammed a few times to make sure people were seeing it. So far from that effort I’ve gotten a grand total of 5 sales, and at a 35% royalty rate that comes to a whopping $1.73

Go. Me.

#2. Get healthier.
The way I bounce around on this goal is kinda sad, really. I get super-motivated for a little while and then it all just drains away. Part of it is a lack of results to help keep me pushing forward. We’re an instant-gratification society, but that’s not even what I’m talking about. For example, I put myself through a routine of gradually increasing squats/pushups/lunges/crunches for two months. I didn’t miss a day, and by the end of it I was doing ridiculous numbers of those four exercises. But I didn’t see a single change in myself. I supposed, technically, yeah, I saw a change in the fact that I was actually able to DO those numbers of exercises, but no visual changes, which is what I’m looking for. I couldn’t see any toning, any tightening, or anything of the sort as a result of my efforts, and I actually GAINED weight during the ordeal – probably muscle weight, but it still feels like a kick in the teeth when you’re working so hard. And thus I end up failing to the way-side because it just doesn’t feel worth it if I’m not getting anything out of it.

Mini-Goal #2.a. Walk/run 10k 8k steps per day.
Along with the above goal, this one got demolished in September. I got really lethargic and sedentary in the second half of the month. The first 12 days of the month I hit the 8k goal every day. Then I lost my motivation, as mentioned above. I did get a few more 8k days when we had shopping trips and the like, but I didn’t record them so I can’t report them. I’d say, if I were to guess, I probably had about 15 8k days, but my daily average is likely through the floor because once the lethargy hit I had a ton of days with 4k steps or less. *grimace*

Mini-Goal #2.b. Take daily “me time”.
As previously mentioned, I’m leaving out this goal for the rest of the year because I’m not sure how to quantify and report it.

#3. Work on my online presence – specifically, YouTube.
I need to put this one up higher on the list so that I’m not always ending on a particularly sour note. September was not a good month for YouTube. We were doing pretty good at the beginning of the month, but as I keep mentioning, the second half of the month went to hell and we didn’t record a damn thing for over two straight weeks. There’s not much more I can say about it than that.

Mini-Goal #3.a. Learn to respond immediately.
This, I can actually say, I am getting better at. Particularly when it comes to comment replies on social media. I’m still a little slow with emails because they take more time, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely.

Mini-Goal #3.b. Focus more on daily social media.
And last but not least, this one was also affected by the terrible second half of the month, but probably the least-affected. I still managed to mostly keep up with Twitter and Instagram, and Facebook to a lesser extent. Snapchat suffered the most, but that’s also where I have the fewest followers anyway, so it’s not a huge deal.

Okay, now that I’ve thoroughly exhausted myself by discussing my failures, tell me how your month went! Did you accomplish anything in September? Finish anything? Start anything new? Meet any goals? Feel free to let me know!