Ineffable Advent – Day 9: Mistletoe

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Yesterday’s Ineffable Advent entry was smutty as all get-out, but it also involved some MAJOR FEELZ. Today’s entry stems off from those feelz in a cute and fun way (at least, in my opinion). Aziraphale, who has a bunch of humans he wants to give presents to this Christmas, drags Crowley off shopping with him, and Crowley finds himself caught between immense boredom and desperately wanting to behave for his angel. Yeah, you heard me. Crowley desperately wanting to be good (but only for one being, and that being is the only person in existence who matters) is a major aesthetic of mine, #SorryNotSorry.

Ineffable Advent – Dec 2: Santa Claus

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Day 2 of my Ineffable Advent is live! Today’s prompt was “Santa Claus“, and the story features Crowley catching Aziraphale doing a holiday favour that he finds somewhat embarrassing. This is another General-rating one, so everyone can enjoy! ❤

Ineffable Advent – Dec 1st: Angel

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My Ineffable Advent of Good Omens fanfics is officially live! Day 1 is “Angel“, and in this story Crowley helps Aziraphale with his self-esteem issues, triggered by the hanging of angel Christmas decorations. This one is rated “E for Everyone” (ha ha) so if you’re not into the smutty side of the fanfic fence, this one is safe for you. ❤

Good Omens Fan Fiction Advent Calendar 2019

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Okay, so if you’ve been paying any attention at all you’ll know that I’m currently straight-up obsessed with Good Omens and, in particular, reading and writing Good Omens fan fiction. So I figured I’d make the most of my sickness hyper-fixation and treat my lovely readers to a Christmas Countdown of Ineffable Husbands fun! I’ll be posting a short fic per day from December 1st through to the 25th; a few of them will be rather mature (and there will be warnings!) but most of them will just be cute, Christmas season fun with our favorite angel and demon. 😀

The fics will be posted by the date they apply to on AO3, so if you want to subscribe to the series and get notifications as they pop up you can do so here. However, I’ve also been posting them early on my Patreon, so if you’re a little hyper to get your holiday hyjinx fix, you can do so by becoming one of my lovely patrons right here. Currently the first three stories are available for consumption there, but I’ll be posting more later today, so keep your eyes out!