Aliens “Game Over” Collection Titans Vinyl Blind Boxes – Full Case Unboxing from Entertainment Earth

You simply cannot have too many xenomorphs. That’s my opinion, anyway! Therefore I was more than happy to check out the “Game Over” Collection of Titans Vinyls blind boxes which were sent our way by the awesome people at Entertainment Earth! This set includes two human characters, one android (plus his rare chase option), one vehicle, and a whole slew of aliens, including three different chase variants. They’re awesome little figures, especially the Alien Queen and the Chestburster, but you really have to see them, so check out the vid! Then let us know in the comment section which ones were your favorites, whether you have any yourself, and check out the description box for a link to where you can grab a case! Let the invasion begin!

NECA Aliens Action Figure Haul & Unboxing – BUBBLEGUM VS SOUR BLUE RASPBERRY!

Bubblegum Pink or Sour Blue Raspberry?! Place your bets! One winner takes all!
Seriously though, these two NECA Warrior Alien repaints are amazing – pink is based on the Alien arcade game sprite, and blue is based on the retro Kenner figure from back in the day. Both are hysterical and so much fun to play with, and could practically light up a room! Check them out!

Super Gross & Awesome Horror & Sci-Fi Madballs: Series 1 from NECA & Kidrobot! Foam, Freaky & Fun!

Warning: if you’re easily offended, this might not be the video for you. XD
Today we’re talking about BALLS…..Madballs, that is! We’ve got the entire first series of “Horror and Sci-Fi” Madballs, featuring Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Predator, and a Xenomorph and Facehugger. They are weird, they are disgusting, and they are absolutely awesome. Check ’em out!