“A Touch of Heaven” – A Good Omens Fic – Chapters 05 & 06

Chapter 05 is now live on AO3.
Crowley finally gets the bandages taken off his eyes and is overjoyed to finally be able to see again! Except…He faces Aziraphale for the first time with sight, and there are several surprises waiting for him. ❤

Chapter 06 is now in early-access on Patreon and Ko-Fi.
Two idiots with a single braincell between them, and that braincell currently running on reserves since all the blood has flowed decidedly…elsewhere. :3

Enjoy, my lovelies! ❤

“Two Ships Adrift at Sea” – an OFMD Fic – Chapters 04 & 05

Chapter 04 of Two Ships Adrift at Sea are now available on AO3.

Ed wanders into Barbados, searching for some sign of Stede. He finds it, but it’s not what he was expecting at all…

Chapter 05 is now in Early-Access on Patreon & Ko-Fi.

Stede is reasonably anxious to find Ed, but his plans are stymied when the Revenge is becalmed. During said becalming the crew accidentally lets some information slip that leads to Stede approaching Izzy. 

It goes just about as well as you can probably imagine.

Enjoy, me mateys! ❤

“You Can Stay At My Place” – A Good Omens AU – Chapter 16 & 17

Chapter 16 of “You Can Stay At My Place” is now live on AO3. A fond farewell, a few nerves, and a very successful “first”.

Chapter 17 is now available in early-access for Patrons and Ko-Fi supporters. Well, this one has come to an end, my darlings… I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, but it’s time to move on to the next one! Before we do that, though, how about a bit more soft, sweet smut to say farewell with? :3

Enjoy, my darlings! 

“Carnal Matters” – An OFMD Short

Carnal Matters” is a short NSFW fic based on this mini-comic by Vladmitry

Set in a post-season 1 world in which the whole crew is back together, Stede takes note of some of the intimate activity taking place among the crew and shyly informs Ed that he’s not really keen on ‘carnal matters’. Ed is perfectly fine with this – he’s just happy to have the man he loves back by his side – but when an innocent kiss triggers something in Stede he absolutely goes for it with gusto!

Enjoy, me mateys! ❤

“You Can Stay At My Place” – A Good Omens AU – Chapter 15 & 16

Chapter 15 of “You Can Stay At My Place” is now live on AO3. A very important conversation is had. FINALLY.

Chapter 16 is now available in early-access for Patrons and Ko-Fi supporters. I think it’s high time these bois had a little bit of sweet, soft fluffiness, hmm? Oh, and a wee bit of smut wouldn’t go amiss either. Ke ke ke…

Enjoy, my darlings!