“Revenge Omens” – Chapter Eleven: Never Again

Deep, cleansing breaths, my loves. Deep, cleansing breaths. 

This is actually a bit of a shorter chapter because where I intend to go next felt like it would make the chapter far too long, but I expect you’ll enjoy it all the same. Our emotionally-destroyed boys finally sit down and have a bit of a chat. Crowley learns a few things and Aziraphale hears something that he desperately needed to hear. Perhaps a bit of healing is occurring? Difficult to say, but you can judge for yourselves. 

Enjoy, my loves, and remember to protect your hearts!

“Revenge Omens” – Chapter Ten: From All the Forces of Heaven and Hell

Phew! We’re up to double-digit chapters now! I must admit, when I first started writing this fic, I wasn’t expecting it to be a particularly long one, but it seems to have grown and become a THING and now I know that I have to bring it to some kind of satisfying conclusion, and that’s what we’re slowly heading toward, starting with this particular chapter. The question is, what kind of conclusion will it be?

I’m genuinely curious: what are you expecting from the outcome of ‘Revenge Omens’? Are you expecting to be stabbed in the heart right up until the end? Are you thinking of more of a bittersweet finale? Or are you still holding out that somehow, someway, things are going to turn out alright, that it will miraculously work its way into a happy ending? Let me know in the comments so I can get a feel for what my lovely readers are thinking!

In the meantime though, enjoy Chapter Ten, in which Phanuel arrives with an ultimatum and Aziraphale defends himself in a less-than-civil manner.

Enjoy, my loves!

Ineffable Advent – Day 14: Christmas Tree

Screenshot 2019-12-15 at 1.52.57 PM

Oh boy, we’re moving into some really good emotional territory now! Day 14 of my Ineffable Advent – Christmas Tree – involves Crowley explaining to Aziraphale why he’s been avoiding Christmas since the holiday’s conception. A little bit angsty, but also with some hella-good comfort and all-around love for my soft bois.

Appropriate for all audiences!

Ineffable Advent – Day 13: Gingerbread Man

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Today’s Ineffable Advent, Gingerbread Man, delves into a bit of angsty territory… I’m sorry! I actually intended for this one to be a lot cuter, to be honest. But then I started writing it, and it just…became…this. *cough cough* More cuteness tomorrow, I promise!

Revenge Omens – Chapter Two

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Confession: I posted this, like…two weeks ago, but forgot to share it with you guys. I’m so sorry! NaNoWriMo and coming-up-to-the-holidays season is a time of year that pretty much breaks my brain irreparably. So just…bear with me, k? K.

Anyway, the second chapter of Revenge Omens, as based on the AU concept by Masao Miichi, is available for your reading pleasure. The story now moves forward to the present which, for the purposes of this story is 30 years after the events of Good Omens. During this time lapse Risen Crowley has been (kinda) working for Heaven, while Fallen Aziraphale has been trapped in Hell. Both believe the other to have been destroyed. This chapter gives some insight as to what Crowley’s life has been like for the past three decades.

Fair warning: this is not warm and fuzzy in the slightest. It may, in fact, be one of the most depressing things I’ve ever written, and that’s saying something. Enjoy! ;P