Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!

We recently added a few wicked-amazing show-stoppers to our collection. Two of them were my big Christmas present to Jason, and the third he picked up afterward when the shop gave him a great deal on it. Together, the three make an amazing display that you really can’t help but smile at!

They are from the Premier Statue collection of Batman ’66 statues by Diamond Select, and they are unbelievably awesome.

First up is Batman himself, or should I say Adam West? Because honestly, this statue is Adam West for sure. The face is perfect, the costume is perfect, and the stance is perfect. There just aren’t enough good things to say about how wickedly cool this statue is!

Then we have the two ladies of the line: Julie Newmar’s Catwoman, and Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl. Both are beautiful representations of the actresses in their iconic roles, and they’re so frikkin’ sparkly! How can you not love epic amounts of glitter? These two ladies are absolutely gorgeous and compliment Batman beautifully.

There’s also two more statues in the collection – The Joker and Robin – but we haven’t found those as of yet. It seems likely that they’ll be added to our collection at some point if we can find them though! This line is absolutely gorgeous and a must have for any huge fan of the Batman 1966 TV show. We LOVE them!

ThinkGeek Haul! Q Figs & Pokemon – Unboxing Q Fig Batman Superman Deadpool & Pokemon Fashion Style!

Online retailer Think Geek sent us a gift package of items to show off! Jason and I got a pair of awesome Q Figs that totally suit our style and collection, and the little missus is the proud new owner of a vegan leather Pokemon purse! Check out the vid to see what everything looks like up close and to hear our thoughts and opinions. Don’t forget to hit subscribe while you’re there, and leave us a comment letting us know which item you like the most!

Surprise Box from The Border Geek! TMNT, DC Comics, MOTU and BATTLETOADS!

We got another box of goodies from our buddy Derek, The Border Geek! This box is mostly for Adrianna, but has a few things for lil’ol’ me and Jason too, and includes Ninja Turtles, Batman the Animated Series, an absolutely incredible old meme that will never die, and BATTLETOADS! Anyone here remember Battletoads? Yeah you do. XD

BOOTLEGO? Uz Sent Us a Batman Bootleg Lego Kit… AND IT’S AWESOME! GO BAT-HERO!

It’s not quite Lego…and it’s not quite Batman… It’s Bat-Hero Bootlego! XD

Our buddy Uz sent us a bootleg Lego set he found online, and we had a blast putting together this time-lapse video of us building it to show off on the channel. Just remember, when you’re watching all our foibles and missteps, that the official version of this set says “Ages 8 and Up” on the box. XD

My Geek Box Unboxing (February 2018) Marvel, DC, Star Wars & Ready Player One – Bring Back The Blue!

Time for another My Geek Box! This one featured items from Ready Player One, Marvel, DC, and Star Wars, and I won’t lie…this one felt a little light to me. But to each their own, of course, and if you’re interested in checking out My Geek Box for yourself don’t forget to use the coupon code in our video description for £10 off your first box.