SHORYUKEN! Street Fighter Haul – Cammy & Chun-Li Action Figures, Funko Pop & T.N.C.-02 Light-Up Ken!

SHORYUKEN! Okay, okay, so I can’t say it properly…but in trying to I got to playfully punch Jason in the face over and over again, so I’m calling that a full-on success. XD

Today on the channel we have another haul of Street Fighter toys, including the ridiculously awesome Ken Masters statue I got from Big Boys Toys….it TALKS AND LIGHTS UP!! Check out the vid, and if you’re interested in any of the stuff we showed, you can check them out in the links in the description box below the video!

OH HO HO HO… AWESOME Dragon Ball Z/Super Frieza Figures for the Collection – DXF/WFC/MSP

What does pure evil in anime form look like? We’ll show you, with a haul of Frieza figures from Dragon Ball Z/Super! No seriously though, this guy is monstrous, and he also happens to be Jason’s all-time favorite. Take that as you will! XD

We’ve got a number of collectibles from Banpresto and Tamashii Nations, and they’re all awesome representations of this totally unrelenting character from one of our favorite anime of all time. Check it out!

Previews World: Collector’s Corner Interview!

We’ve hit the big time! Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but Jason and I were recently interviewed by Previews World for their “Collector’s Corner” article, and I must say that it feels pretty awesome! They asked us about the favorites in our collection, when and why we began collecting toys, what inspired our YouTube channel, and more, and it feels pretty amazing to go to their website and see our answers and photos sprayed out across the front page! We definitely feel honored, and here’s hoping that the exposure helps drive some new viewers to our YouTube channel. ^_^

Check the article out by clicking the image below!

toy chest interview

Dragon Ball Super SSGSS Haul! Goku Funko Pop, SH Figuarts Vegeta & Banpresto Scultures!

There were lots of complaints floating around the internet about Dragon Ball Super, but to be perfectly blunt, Jason and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Was it flawed? Of course. Were the power levels absolutely outrageous to the point of pure foolishness? Damn right. Was it all a ton of fun? You bet your ass it was!

But this isn’t a review of the show, nor is it the start of a fight with those who didn’t enjoy the show. You see, Jason and I have the Super Saiyan Blues (ha ha…that one was Jason’s) now that Dragon Ball Super is over, so we decided to cheer ourselves up by unboxing a few awesome SSGSS collectibles!

Cammy Collectible Love! Street Fighter Cryptozoic Knockouts, SH Figuarts & Play Arts Kai!

It’s time for some Cammy Collectible Love! 😀
Jason is pretty much obsessed (he’ll try to deny it, but don’t you be fooled!) with Cammy from Street Fighter, so I decided to let him finally do a haul with these three gorgeous figures that have been languishing in their boxes in the basement. We have a Street Fighter Knockouts statue from Cryptozoic, an articulated figure from Play Arts Kai, and a S.H. Figuarts figure that I was forced to buy as a Christmas present on threat of divorce. ^_~
Check out our vid to see some awesome shots of all three, and then let us know in the comment section which one is your favorite!