Flea Market Finds Fridays Episode 2: A Gun-DAMN Good Haul!

It’s our second Flea Market Finds Fridays, the new channel segment where we show off the awesome stuff we picked up at our local flea markets!

This week I, in particular, got an awesome haul of stuff from my childhood that I can’t wait to play with and take tons of pictures of! Jason also found an awesome item that we got a great deal on because of a broken piece (Gorilla Glue to the rescue!) and, as always, we’ve got some awesome comic books to show off as well!

Check out the vid, let us know what you thought of our haul in the comment section below, and don’t forget to let us know what kind of awesome stuff you’ve found at local flea markets!

Flea Market Finds Fridays Episode 1: Toys, Comics, & Collectibles!

Flea markets are great places to go if you’re a collector. Whether you’re hoping to find old, retro stuff from your childhood, books and comics that the owners no longer care to hold on to, or somewhat newer stuff that the owner has just decided they don’t want, you can find tons of stuff for great deals at a flea market. Especially if you happen to not care about packaging.

Jason and I go to the flea markets around here practically every Sunday, so we thought it would be fun to start up a new “segment” on the channel to show off all our fun finds! This is our first every “Flea Market Finds Fridays” episode, and though we were still working the kinks out it was a ton of fun! Come check out what we picked up, let us know which items are your favs, and leave a comment letting us know what kind of awesome stuff you’ve found at flea markets!