My Geek Box Unboxing for June 2019

Okay, we now know for sure that the previous My Geek Box we got was May’s, because this one had June written right on it. LOGIC, people! LOGIC!

And speaking of logic, this box had Star Trek in it! Not to mention an awesome shirt design as usual, plus an exclusive Harley Quinn Funko Pop and a few other items as well! This one was pretty nicely stuffed, I have to say, and the Star Trek items (yes, that’s a multiple!) are very awesome. So check out the vid and let me know in the comment section which item was your favorite! Also don’t forget to check out the links in the vid’s description box to get a discount off your own first My Geek Box!

Halloween To Be Read (October 2018 TBR)

I don’t usually talk about books very much on the YouTube channel, but I thought I’d do something a little fun and different and share my Halloween To Be Read list! I love reading scary stories throughout the month of October, so I made a video talking about what I’m planning to read this year, including some Goosebumps I’m going to read with my daughter. What are you guys planning to read through October this year? Let me know in the comments!

Cryptkins Blind Box Mystery Figures by Cryptozoic Full Case Unboxing! CUTEST MONSTERS EVER!

These guys are SO ADORABLE!!! We got a full case of these brand new Cryptkins blind boxes thanks to the awesome people at Cryptozoic, and we just couldn’t wait to dig into them and see what we got! These little vinyl figures are based on monsters of myth and legend from all over the world, which is right up our alley. Check out the vid to see which ones we ended up pulling!