Flea Market Finds Fridays Episode 5: Star Wars, DBZ, Marvel & a French Godzilla? Le Roar!

The fifth Flea Market Finds Fridays video already! Jason is just pumping these videos out, and it’s awesome to see how much they’re being enjoyed! For this video we had a bit of a theme going, because we seemed to gravitate toward Star Wars and Dragonball Z during that particular trip. XD

Check out the goodies – some of them rather nostalgic – revel in how amazing a job Figuarts does on their Zero series, and take a gander at the interesting Bargain Bin Comics we happened to find on this trip! Then be sure to let us know what you thought about everything in the comment section, and as always feel free to let us know about some of the wicked finds you’ve picked up at your own local flea markets!

Flea Market Finds Fridays Episode 3 – Jason Bought FUNKO POPS?!? Toy & Comic Haul!

Flea Market Finds Fridays are quickly becoming some of our favorite videos, and our followers seem to be enjoying them as well!

For Episode 3 we’re showing off a variety of collectibles that we picked up, including a couple of Funko Pops, some Ninja Turtles, and an awesome Dragonball Z movie figure that Jason found. And of course we’ve also got some Bargain Bin Comics to show off, some of which are pretty damn awesome, I have to say.

Check out the vid, let us know what you thought of our finds, and feel free to share what awesome stuff you’ve found at the flea market recently!

Unboxing Viewer Mail (February 2019) – QFig, Funko, Doctor Who, & Taste Testing Japanese Candy!

Viewer mail time! We got some awesome viewer mail from Marie and River recently, and it was a ton of fun to unbox. Marie sent a couple of awesome figures she knew we’d love (plus a special decoration and some goodies for Adrianna). River sent a wicked Doctor Who wearable for me, plus a box of random Japanese candy that Jason…had a bit of an experience with. Trust me, you just have to watch his reaction!

Thank you for everything, you two!

OH HO HO HO… AWESOME Dragon Ball Z/Super Frieza Figures for the Collection – DXF/WFC/MSP

What does pure evil in anime form look like? We’ll show you, with a haul of Frieza figures from Dragon Ball Z/Super! No seriously though, this guy is monstrous, and he also happens to be Jason’s all-time favorite. Take that as you will! XD

We’ve got a number of collectibles from Banpresto and Tamashii Nations, and they’re all awesome representations of this totally unrelenting character from one of our favorite anime of all time. Check it out!

Dragon Ball Super Dragon Stars Action Figures Series 1 & 2 w/ BAF Shenron Unboxing!

You may have noticed by now that Jason and I are a bit into Dragon Ball. It should come as no surprise, then, that we picked up the entire first set of Bandai’s Dragon Stars Build-a-Figure action figures! We’re unboxing series 1, featuring Super Saiyan Goku, Beerus, and Vegeta, and series 1, featuring Super Saiyan Vegeta, Frieza, and Goku, and we’re also summoning the wish dragon himself, Shenron! Check it out, and click this link if you’re interested in checking out Dragon Stars figures for yourself!