Dream Log – March 9th 2019 – School Daze & Halloween Horrors


The first thing I recall is that I was back in school, a very common dream theme for me. Unlike my usual school dreams, however, this was the first day of school rather than somewhere in the middle of the year. It was an enormous campus, filled with tons of people I did and didn’t know, but specifically there were lots of people I’d actually gone to school with in the past.

As is common for me, I was rushing around the huge campus, unable to find my classes. I made it to some kind of science class just as the professor was beginning his lecture, and I got a bit of a look from him as I slunk to the first empty seat I could find. I remember that he gave a pretty interesting speech, and I remember trying and failing to take decent notes because something was wrong with my pen, and then it was off to the next class. I sprinted to that next class, because it was Calculus (the class that gave me a nervous breakdown in real life), and I was terrified to be late again. In my mad sprint I leaped over a box that was sitting in the middle of the hall and collided head first with a woman who turned out to be the professor. Luckily she seemed to take it in stride, but I was still pretty freaked out about the incident and took a seat as far back in the class as I could find.

The next thing I remember is that I had to leave the school to head to a hotel in the city, where I was apparently staying because I didn’t have any other place to stay. I think I had to get something done with my key card, and the attendant at the desk was a guy I went to college with in real life. We chatted while he failed again and again to actually fix my card, and he kept getting interrupted by coworkers who needed his computer for various reasons. At some point an older guy showed up, and the two men started talking about how this older guy had gotten this job through some special program with the university, and he was getting all his schooling for free as a result. I remember being so frustrated at this conversation because here I was, paying for tuition AND a hotel room, and this guy was technically getting paid to go to school.

Eventually I left the hotel with my card still not working, and I met some school-mates out in the parking lot. There were three girls, and I can only remember one specific one, who was a girl I went to elementary school with. We were walking through the parking lot together and for some reason I ran up the hood of her yellow Beetle, across the roof, and back down again, and when I was on the roof there was a weird noise, like something had buckled. I managed to convince her that nothing had really happened, and we all headed back to the school in our individual cars.

I don’t recall going to any more classes, but I did go to the cafeteria for lunch, where there was food you could buy, but also a ton of food that was free. I didn’t realize this at first and was going to buy something, but then leaped on the free food, grabbing a bunch of different kinds of pasta and a small salad (which I rarely eat in real life). Out in the seating area I found I had to choose between two tables…one where my new friends were sitting, and one where my two best friends from school in real life were sitting. I ended up sitting with the old friends, and we chatted about a bunch of things while we ate and I watched people from my real life coming and going through the cafeteria.

There’s a blank spot here somewhere, but I recall that I was getting ready to go out to dinner with a bunch of friends and family, but I took too long, and just as I was running out to the car I saw my husband driving away with several of our friends in the vehicle with him. I remember not being able to decide if I was pissed off that he’d left without me, or if I totally understood why he’d done it because I’d been taking so damn long to get ready. In the end I hopped in a different car with my daughter and we set off to the restaurant ourselves. I remember thinking that I knew exactly where I was going and where we would have to park, but the next thing I knew we were driving through this extremely crowded street market, and I wasn’t even sure that I was actually allowed to have a car down there. No one actually approached me about it, but I felt very uncomfortable, and slowly managed to turn myself around and get out of there. Eventually I found a different area to park in and headed into the restaurant without my daughter. I got to the table as everyone else was already eating and drinking, and I remember my husband looking extremely uncomfortable with the whole situation.

In the second dream my family and I were living in a different house, which happened to be my aunt and uncle’s house, which is currently empty as they are living on the other side of the country.

My daughter had a few friends over, and I was feeding them, but it was an outrageous amount of food for three 7-year olds. Each of the two girl’s parents had sent along their suppers from the previous day, plus we had fast food, plus my aunt had made a big breakfast, so there was this table just COVERED in food, and I apparently thought it entirely reasonable that the girls should eat every last ounce of it.

A bit of a side-plot in the dream had to do with some kind of a mobile game similar to Pokemon Go that allowed you to catch ghosts and monsters in an augmented reality style of game, but I was taking it super seriously, as though there actually were ghosts and monsters all over the house that I was trying to capture.

Then it was night, and it also happened to be Halloween, which I didn’t realize until I started seeing kids wandering up and down the streets in costume. My daughter and her friends wandered off with a few other friends, and would come back every few minutes in different sets of costumes. I recall they were monsters one minute, princesses the next, and they just kept going again and again. Eventually they seemed to settle on these ridiculously fluffy bunny costumes with skirts and tons of makeup, and I thought it was just precious and took about a million pictures.

By the time the girls had decided on their costumes there was some kind of big event going on on the property. Tons of people in costumes had arrived, and there was music playing, food being sold, and kids running around having fun. It got dark, and at one end of the yard a show started to go on. There were seats set out and I sat next to my husband and started enjoying the show, which seemed like a mixture of a play and a magic show, but I soon realized that everything about the show seemed very familiar. I whispered to my husband that I thought this was the exact same show they’d done the previous year, but he looked at me strangely and didn’t agree at all. I kept trying to convince him, telling him I remembered this part and that part, but he insisted he didn’t remember anything of the sort, and I started to question myself because he has an excellent memory and wouldn’t be likely to just forget something like this. So to prove it to myself, and him, I started predicting things that were going to happen next. Specifically I remember predicting that a particular blond woman was going to be accused of witchcraft and tied to a chair. A moment later that’s what happened. My husband didn’t seem impressed at all, for some reason, but I took this as proof that I was either the only one who remembered this happening before, or I was somehow experiencing deja vu of the future. The last thing I remember before waking up from this dream is thinking that this was a very, very bad thing, and that I was certain it was going to result in someone dying…

So those were my two dreams. Any thoughts? Ideas? Concerns? Feel free to share in the comment section below, and also feel free to tell me what you think of dreams in general, what you think their purpose might be, and fell free to share some of your own! Cheers!

Dream Log – February 19th 2018 – Family Exploits & High School Headstrong


What are your feelings about dreams? Are they meaningful or complete nonsense? Are they our brains trying to work through the compiled information of the day, or just random firing synapses shooting back a series of random garbled information back at us?

I personally have always subscribed to the idea that dreams are our subconscious trying to piece together a narrative based on recently gathered information, nearly-forgotten memories, deep-seated concerns, and other such things that we don’t much think about on a conscious level, but are always in the back of our minds trying to find a way to come out. The result may not always make any kind of sense that we can discern logically, but I suspect that if we’re able to look at our dreams in a subjective, unbiased kind of way, we can glean little tidbits about our mental states, fears and worries, deep-seated desires, or even just things we’ve forgotten about.

And, if nothing else, they can be pretty damn interesting sometimes.

With all that said, I thought I’d start keeping a dream log on here, whenever I have a dream that sparks my interest enough to still be remembered by the time I make it to my laptop. For years I’ve had extraordinarily detailed and vivid dreams, so I’ll try not to get overly detailed, or else these logs will be novelettes in and of themselves. ^_~

So without further ado, let’s move into the nighttime nonsense of February 19, 2018.

I had two dreams last night, and the first started off fairly mundane, with what seemed to be some kind of a family golf tournament on a large course that we had exclusively to ourselves. My parents were there, as well as my husband and step-father, and a smattering of aunts, uncles, and cousins. We were playing in two groups, but seemed to be staying very close together, and though the “golf tournament” part seemed obvious during the dream, upon later reflection I realize that at no point throughout the dream did anyone actually golf.

We instead were having some kind of a picnic in the middle of the course, complete with tables. We had a huge variety of food and were all eating away, except my father, who was simply sitting and staring into the distance, not talking to anyone. After some prodding I worked out that he wanted fries, which was something we didn’t have with us, and that was the only thing he wanted. It was rather petulant, but in the dream I was perfectly cheery about it and offered to walk all the way back to the club house to chop up some potatoes and throw them in the Actifry.

There’s a bit of a chunk missing from my memory here, but I recall that on the way back to the club house I noticed a lot of people coming and going, some of them relatives, many holding things like presents and flowers and the like, and I remember it occurred to me, in a vague kind of way, that one of my cousins was getting married here later.

So at some point I was finished with the potatoes and had them in the Actifry, and the plan was to take it back to the picnic to cook them (where the power was going to come from, I’m not sure). My father had somehow appeared at the club house with me, and was being very pokey and slow, which was really starting to annoy me, although I was still smiling and being very cheery about the whole thing. When we finally left the building, it was to find wedding preparations in full swing, with people walking around in formal gear, and my aunt and uncle welcoming guests to a podium with a guest book to sign. My father didn’t even seem to notice all the excitement, but I had a moment of dread, realizing that we’d all somehow forgotten that the wedding was happening today. In our casual clothes, carrying an Actifry, I lead my dad up to the guest book, and we smiled and chatted with my aunt and uncle while signing it, before simply walking past the entire setup and heading straight back to our picnic.

Instead of the picnic, however, we somehow ended up at a hotel. The majority of the family was staying in one large room that was like a mansion’s living room, while my husband and I and one other couple were staying in a very small one-bed room just next door down the hall.

A great number of random things seemed to start happening at once at this point. For one thing, I plugged in the Actifry and started it cooking, even though at this point it was nearly midnight. My uncle seemed to think that it would set off the fire alarms, but I assured him it wouldn’t. Meanwhile there was a balcony that connected the large room and the small one, and some of the smaller children went outside to play on it, but I ran over and called them back with clear panic, because there was no railing and I was sure they’d fall. At this point we were on the 30th floor, so falling would have been a death sentence, though I seemed to be the only one who realized this.

The number of people present seemed to double, making a very crowded room, and though it was the middle of the night there seemed to be constantly people coming and going from their rooms out in the hall. In the little room with my husband we were also keeping our two cats, and every time someone opened the door they would both take off down the hall, sometimes into the stairwell. We kept chasing them over and over again, getting more and more angry by the second, and every time I picked up the little one she would dig all four sets of claws into my arm, though I didn’t seem to notice at all.

For whatever reason, none of us were able to sleep. Bit by bit everyone drifted off for little naps, but no one got more than an hour or two. At the same time, the sun never rose, although I remember somehow knowing that a full day had passed and we were now into the second night at the hotel. Everyone was exhausted and there was a lot of emotion happening. I remember one guy – who isn’t a family member in real life, but in the dream he was the husband of a cousin – getting extremely emotional about something, crying and everything, and I was trying to comfort him. Simultaneously a few more kids tried to go out to play on the balcony and I ran off to scream at them to get inside.

A lot of what was happening at this point was very garbled and I can’t remember the timeline, but I know that at some point fire trucks started howling toward the hotel. My uncle blamed my Actifry, but it soon came to pass that the playground next door was on fire, although I never actually saw any flames. Simultaneously all the older adults left to go out to the hotel’s rear yard area, where the wedding party from the previous day was apparently still happening. There also seemed to be some construction going on in our hallway, making it twice as frustrating to try to catch the cats every time they escaped, and for whatever reason the hotel seemed to be on some kind of lock-down, so we weren’t allowed out.

The one other thing I remember is that at one point I was taking a shower, and for whatever reason this particular moment occurred on the first floor. I was right at ground level, and the shower had the ridiculous design of a full length window, so anyone walking by could see me in all my glory. That didn’t seem to bother me at all, at first, until a couple of construction guys wandered by and one snapped a picture with his cell, showed it to his mate, and they both ran off. After that I was enraged, although when my husband and the guy from earlier came in to see what I was shouting about, I made no attempt to cover myself up. All I did was write down the name on the side of the construction truck with the intention of calling to complain.

There was another dream as well, last night, with this one occurring back in high school. I often have dreams of returning to school, but this one was very different. Usually I have panicky dreams about realizing I’ve somehow missed all my math classes and am going to fail, but there was no panic in this dream at all. I felt like a confident, semi-popular girl in school, perfectly happy. The first half of the dream is a bit hazy, but I remember a witch of a woman who was like some kind of glorified hall monitor, and she was dolling out punishments for the most ridiculous things. One thing I can remember is a boy had a tack stuck to his shoe, and she gave him detention for it for some ungodly reason. There was also some odd thing about pants that I can’t quite recall…someone did something to their pants and needed a new pair, and it ended up in this chain of “this guy gives this guy a pair, but then needs a pair himself, so goes looking to this other guy for a pair” and so on and so forth.

There was something about a school game, but I can’t remember what the sport was. Half of me wants to say basketball and the other half wants to say hockey. The important part is that during the game messengers were going around handing out little love notes and the like, the way you might do in school on Valentine’s Day. I got one such package, and it was filled with enamel pins of things I love, like Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Though it had no note or anything, I somehow knew exactly who had sent it and went to confront him by basically tackling him and announcing him to be my boyfriend.

There was a bit in which my new boyfriend, my best friend, and I went back to my childhood home as though I still lived there, although we were hanging out in the bedroom I had as a child rather than the basement room I had as a teen. My parents kept poking their heads in the room, expecting to catch us doing things we shouldn’t be, but they never did.

There’s a bit of a garble, but then I was in a large, office-like room with my mother, who, it transpired, was actually the principal of the school. I wove a dramatic tale about the hall monitor woman from earlier, telling about all the different punishments she’d unfairly doled out to students doing absolutely nothing wrong. One particular story had something to do with a rollerblader grinding on a particular pole, and though I can’t remember the exact details, there was a whole story about how he was on some kind of school team and there were dozens of witnesses who would agree he’d been doing a legal move on proper equipment. Why rollerbladers? I have no idea.

In the end, my principal mother made the decision that no more punishments were to be given out without her agreement, and I became a school hero. I was running around the building looking for my boyfriend and best friend so I could tell them the whole story, and all along the way I was getting high fives and claps on the back from students who appreciated what I’d done. I remember feeling extremely elated, like I’d done something truly amazing and saved the school in the process. I was desperate to tell the story to everyone I met, and at one point I actually passed the monitor lady and received one hell of a scowl.

I don’t remember much more than that, aside from walking home with my friend, but I remember feeling that the world was going to be a much brighter place from here on out.

So those were my two dreams from last night, give or take a few dozen minor details. Any thoughts? Ideas? Concerns? Feel free to share in the comment section below, and also feel free to tell me what you think of dreams in general, what you think their purpose might be, and fell free to share some of your own! Cheers!