Zanini Box (December 2019) Unboxing!

Zanini Box is making some changes now that it’s the end of the year! December’s box marks the sixth and final pin in the G.I. Joe series they’ve been doing, as well as striking the beginning of two new themes: Justice League and Star Wars! We can’t wait to see what Zanini does with these themes in future boxes!

Plus, since it’s the holiday season, Zanini threw a fun, holly jolly pin into this month’s box! It’s an awesome choice that definitely made us smile and suits this time of year. Check it out, and don’t forget to use our code to get a discount on a Zanini Box of your own! Give yourself a gift this Christmas! 😀

Zanini Box – November 2019 Unboxing

It feels like it’s been ages since I got to unbox a Zanini Box myself…which may be because it has been ages! I was, therefore, super-excited to finally delve into November’s box! This was my first proper video since coming back from my four-month work-stay in Alberta, and I think it went pretty darn well! The box itself was awesome too, but what I really want to know is what your favorite from the November pins was, so check out the vid and let me know!

Best Zanini Box Yet!

I’ve said it numerous times, but I’m absolutely loving Zanini Box, the awesome sub box for enamel pin collectors (who also happen to be geeks). But this particular box has got to be the best one yet!

As you can see from the thumbnail, two of the pins for the October box are my and Jason’s all-time favorite horror icons, so that alone makes this month’s box AMAZING. But there are still three more pins you can’t see until you watch the vid! And they’re all great too!

If you’re a fan of enamel pins (and also a geek!) you absolutely must check out this sub box service, which makes pin collecting convenient and affordable. Check out the link and discount code in the description box beneath the video!

ZANINI BOX Unboxing (September 2019) Ft. It’s Pennywise and The Joker! CLOWN PINS! AHHH!

I’m so jealous that I couldn’t be a part of the early unboxing of September’s Zanini Box! As has become the tradition, this month’s pins include a couple that are very poignant given the current pop culture monsters that are going to be gracing us in the near future, and omg…that Pennywise is just awesome!

If you’re an enamel pin collector and a fan of awesome pop culture designs, you’ve got to check out this service! Check out Jason’s unboxing and then check out the description box for a link and a code to get a discounted order from Zanini for yourself!

Zanini Box Unboxing (August 2019): The Best Pin Subscription Box!

It’s another Zanini Box! Unfortunately I wasn’t home to enjoy this one, but Jason ripped it open and was greeted by some absolute awesomeness!

These pins are beautifully done and feature five awesome characters from all kinds of geeky genres. You definitely have to check it out! Watch Jason’s vid, let us know which pin was your favorite in the comment section below, and then check out the link in the description box to check out this awesome pin service for yourself!