Nickelodeon cartoons were a huge part of my childhood, especially when played on YTV on Saturday mornings. At the same time, Loyal Subjects are some of the best-made blind box figures I’ve ever come across. So, mix Nickelodeon cartoons with Loyal Subjects figures? Yeah, that’s a recipe for excellence if I ever saw one.

Entertainment Earth sent us a full case of these Nick blind boxes by Loyal Subjects, and we had a blast checking them out. If you were (or are!) a fan of any of the cartoons in this set, these are definitely figures worth having in your collection. Check them out!

Entertainment Earth Sent Us A Dozen “Roses” for Valentines Day!

Jason and I don’t really make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, honestly, because we both know the value of showing your love all year through. But that’s not to say that we can’t have fun with the holiday!

This year we got a Valentine’s Day surprise in the form of a package from our friends over at Entertainment Earth! To say that this package made us giggle would be a massive understatement. To whomever came up with the idea for this holiday sale and it’s accompanying pun-to-end-all-puns, I salute you. I wasn’t sure I was ever going to stop snickering over this one. XD

Happy Valentine’s Day, fellow geeks! Whether you’re celebrating with a special someone, or snuggling alone on the couch for a well-deserved night of relaxation, I hope you’ve had a great day!

Doctor Who Titans Vinyl Figures (FULL CASE UNBOXING) The Renegade Collection – Entertainment Earth

*Note* It’s been a while since I shared our YouTube videos on here because I’ve been seriously busy lately, so please excuse the post-bomb that will be occurring today. ^_~

It’s Doctor Who!!!

You guys know me; I obviously couldn’t resist when Entertainment Earth asked if we’d like to review some Doctor Who blind boxes from Titan Merchandise! This is the Renegade Collection, which includes multiple versions of the Doctor, the TARDIS, and the Master, among other awesome characters! Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Unboxing Adult Swim Kidrobot Blind Box Case from Entertainment Earth!

*Note* It’s been a while since I shared our YouTube videos on here because I’ve been seriously busy lately, so please excuse the post-bomb that will be occurring today. ^_~

Who doesn’t love Adult Swim? Well, hopefully children, but you know how sneaky those little buggers can be when there’s something they want to watch.


Adult Swim is awesome. So of course we were excited when Entertainment Earth asked if we wanted to check out some of KidRobot’s Adult Swim vinyl blind boxes! We got a full case of figures featuring such shows as Venture Bros and Rick & Morty, and we were definitely impressed with them! Which ones did we pull? You’ll have to watch the vid to find out!

Aliens “Game Over” Collection Titans Vinyl Blind Boxes – Full Case Unboxing from Entertainment Earth

“It’s game over, man! Game over!”

The Alien franchise (well…the first two movies, at least!) are masterpieces of the sci-fi horror genre, and up there with some of our favorite movies. So of course we were quite excited to get a full case of Titans vinyls blind boxes from the “Game Over” collection from the awesome people over at Entertainment Earth! While this particular collection confusingly doesn’t have Hudson (the character who actually utters the iconic “Game over!” line), it does have a variety of xenomorph creatures with which to build a beautiful little army of vinyl alien beasts! Take a look at the video to see which ones we pulled, and let us know in the comment section which Aliens vinyl figure is your favorite!