Patreon Exclusive – “The Intermediaries” Author’s Extended Cut!

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As previously mentioned, I wrote “The Intermediaries” for a contest, and that contest happened to involve a word limit. That limit was one thousand words, and while I did manage to pull it off and got decent praise for the story I created, I felt a little cheated. This challenge was a ghost story, and I love horror. Specifically I love the gory, the groady, the creepy, crawly, slithering terror. I love the visuals and the emotional. And those kinds of things are really, really hard to cram into a thousand word story when you also have to establish things like setting and character background.

So, as also previously mentioned, I decided to do an expanded cut! This version of the story blossomed to just over three thousand words, and I personally think that it’s vastly superior to the original. In fact, between my personal love of this version and a lovely review and suggestion from a friend, I’m officially considering this the first story in what will eventually become an anthology of short stories published by yours truly. Look forward to it in the future! (Though, probably the less-than-near future, since I don’t have much else to pull from yet and will have to, you know…write more short stories.)

In the meantime though, check out The Intermediaries – Extended Version on my Patreon!

Patreon Exclusive – “Pool of Diamonds”

For those who haven’t yet noticed, I recently closed out my Buy Me a Coffee page and replaced it with a Patreon (button on right-hand sidebar). The main reason for this is simply that BMaC doesn’t have the best system for delivering exclusive content for supporters. Now that I’ve worked out the ins and outs of how Patreon works, I think it will suit my purposes much better. I am currently in the process of uploading some of the first exclusive bits, with “Pool of Diamonds” being the first. I hope you’ll check it out! A Patron tier of just $3 will get you access to these pieces plus my everlasting love! ❤

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Final Fantasy: Balance & Ruin – The Story Continues…

Terra - Chocobo Mount

I previously shared that I’m writing a novelization of fan-favorite Final Fantasy 3/6, and that the Prologue and first chapter were available as exclusive content on my BuyMeACoffee page.

How’s that for a recap, hmm?

Well, now Chapters 2 and 3 are available! These two chapters, spanning Locke and Terra’s escape from Narshe, account for approximately 7300 words, and can be all yours for a donation of a single “coffee”. That’s a steal, right? Damn right. Check it out now!

And while you’re over there, maybe you’ll consider checking out some of my other exclusive content, or maybe even subscribing to the page to become a monthly contributor! Support a starving indie, people! We’re as loyal as puppies when we’re fed. ^_~

Story for a Coffee, Guvna’?

For those of you who didn’t already know, a little while back I set up a BuyMeaCoffee account, which allows supporters to contribute a few bucks (a coffee, as it were) to content creators they appreciate. There’s also the option for the creator to be able to link to exclusive content for those who “purchase” it by contributing a pre-set amount.

Buy Me A Coffee

Currently I have two short-short stories (1000 words each) set as exclusive content, but I’m planning to add much more. Specifically I was thinking about making a bunch of my fan-fiction available, since these are fun stories that are otherwise legally unsaleable.

So I’m looking for thoughts, ideas, and feelings on the concept. Would you be willing to pay a small fee to read some short fan-fiction? What about paying per few chapters for longer pieces? (For instance, I’m currently rewriting a Final Fantasy 3/6 novelization that will be quite long by the end of it.) Do you have any ideas for other short fan-fiction pieces I could try out? Feel free to bounce any and all ideas off me!

For the record, current donations will be going toward the publication costs (specifically, commissioning the cover art) for The Other World: Book Two. ❤

So what do you guys think? 🙂