“In Silence Our Secrets Lie” – A Good Omens FanFic – Chapter 13

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As per the requests and/or expectations of several of my most dedicated readers on AO3, herein lies the chapter in which a brokenhearted angel has a few overly-emotional words with God. Can you blame him? Look at all that’s happened! The poor darling.

Check out “In Silence Our Secrets Lie” or any of the fanfiction on my AO3 page, and let me know what you think!

“In Silence Our Secrets Lie” – A Good Omens FanFic – Chapters 11 & 12

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Chapters 11 and 12 of “In Silence Our Secrets Lie” are available on AO3!

A bit of a warning: this is where shit is going to start to get real, yo. The last few chapters have been nothing but cute, warm, self-indulgent fluff (and smut, if you read the bonus chapter), but from here on there’s going to be pain and angst, so I’ll kindly ask you not to hate me too much. *big puppy-dog eyes*

Also, just as an extra note: these chapters mark ISOSL officially being NOVEL-LENGTH. And it’s not finished yet! How crazy is that? I wish I could write my original stuff this fast and easily!

Anyway, go have a read and let me know how badly I’ve stabbed you in the heart. ^_^

“In Silence Our Secrets Lie” – A Good Omens FanFic – Chapters 6-10

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Wow, I am strangely terrible at remembering to update the blog concerning my fanfics! Therefore, today I am informing you of chapters 6 through 10 of In Silence Our Secrets Lie.

I have been receiving so much love for this fic, it’s been absolutely astounding. Every time a new comment pops up on my phone, whether it’s a one line “love this”-style message or a novel in its own right (some of my readers are incredibly talkative!), it never fails to put a huge smile on my face. It’s really been encouraging me to keep going, and to try to churn out chapters as quickly as possible while still maintaining a level of quality. I think I’m doing okay, but I definitely rely on all my lovely readers to let me know, so keep those comments coming!

Chapter 6 picks up after a bit of a cliffhanger, and in it we learn a bit about the Apocalypse-to-come, whilst also meeting a couple of the other angels for the first time. There’s also some lovely tenderness between our ineffable pair, because of course there is!

Chapter 7 explores a bit of our angel and demon’s lives together in the bookshop, with a large chunk of time passing to bring us closer to Armageddon. The end of this particular chapter also got me so many beautiful comments I nearly cried about it!

Chapter 8 is total gratuitous fluff. It’s sweet, adorable, tender softness and had several of my readers squealing non-verbal sounds of joy at me.

Chapter 9 is actually an optional chapter. It’s a NSFW smut chapter (although, it’s also rather tenderly written, if I do say so myself), and I made a point of writing in such a way that skipping it will not cause you to miss anything important. I know several of my readers are either not into smut, or are uncomfortable with sex for a variety of reasons, so I wanted to make sure this was a section that could easily be passed over if one decided, and I think I did a damn decent job, thank you very much!

Chapter 10 is a turning point in the story, in which Aziraphale finally learns – accidentally – what exactly it is that Crowley has done to incite such wrath from whomever it was who captured and tortured him. The knowledge, while incredibly surprising, only serves to make the angel fall even more deeply in love with the demon…

…which means it’s just about time for me to crank up the ol’ angst dial!

Oh shush, you knew it was coming eventually.

In all seriousness though, this fic has turned out to be such a blast to write and – as previously mentioned – I’ve received so much wonderful love for it. I hope everyone continues to enjoy the roughly half-a-dozen chapters I figure it will take to complete, and that things don’t get too painful for anyone. Don’t worry…I’m certain it will all turn out in the end. ^_~

And as a final note, I’ll try to actually, you know…remember to post here once Chapter 11 is complete and available to read. *cough cough*

Love to everyone! Stay safe!

Revenge Omens – Chapter 4: To Make a Maniac

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Ooh boy, my lovelies…this was another very difficult one to write! As a general rule I tend to write Aziraphale as very nervous and anxious, and occasionally too deep inside his own head to see straight. This is the first time I’ve outright tortured the poor thing, and it was a miserable experience. I feel like the chapter turned out well in the end, for the purposes of the story, but my dears…I felt so bad writing it!

Chapter 4: To Make a Maniac is a series of flashbacks that show what was happening to Aziraphale in Hell while Crowley was off thinking he’d been destroyed. For the sake of being forthright (though I’m sure you’ve all figured out by now that this is not a pleasant fic by any stretch of the imagination), I’ll warn you that there’s quite a bit of graphic violence in this chapter. But don’t worry…Aziraphale isn’t at the receiving end of all of it.

Chapter 4 is currently in Early Access on my Patreon page. It will be posted on AO3 this coming Saturday, but if you’d like to read it early and support your favorite indie author at the same time, all it takes is a $2 donation, and you’ll have access to all my Patreon exclusives. ❤

A Desperate Desire – A Good Omens Fic

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I wrote this one a while ago, transcribed and posted it recently, and only just now realized that I never shared it with you lovely people. ❤

A Desperate Desire is a post-Apocalypse-That-Wasn’t fic that I came up with one day concerning what it would be like if Aziraphale completely lost control. And I mean, completely. Hence we have a little tale of two idiots who don’t express their feelings properly, one of whom does something incredibly stupid to try to become what he thinks the other wants, and the other of whom is too fucking stupid to realize that it was all for him in the first place.

Sorry you guys, I’m just absolutely head over heels for these two lovely morons and the concept of them being, in fact, utter morons. XD

WARNING for smut in this one! It’s fluffy too, but the sex, it does in fact occur and is explicit. ;P