Ineffable Advent – Day 23: “Ugly Christmas Sweater”

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Who doesn’t love a good ugly Christmas sweater? Well, apparently the answer really is ‘nobody’! Crowley, in particular, has always thought this particular tradition was a highly amusing one, so when he finds out that the Ritz is having an ugly sweater part in Day 23 of my Ineffable Advent – Ugly Christmas Sweater – he immediately invites Aziraphale out.

This one is safe for all audiences, and it might be the last one that is so. ^_~

Ineffable Advent – Day 22: Grinch

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Oh shoot! I’ve gone and gotten all angsty again! Day 22 of my Ineffable Advent – Grinch – features Warlock arriving at the bookshop with questions and accusations. There’s a fair bit of sniffliness in this one, but I’m certain you’ll forgive me because, well…it’ll all turn out right in the end.

Safe for all audiences (as long as you can handle the heartbreak).

Ineffable Advent – Day 21: “Nutcracker Ballet”

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Day 21 of my Ineffable Advent – Nutcracker Ballet – is a wee bit angsty, but a whole lot comforting fluffiness. I just can’t get enough of these two being soft for one another!

Basically, Crowley procures tickets to take Aziraphale to the ballet, and it occurs to Zira that he’s got millennia of unreturned acts of love to make up for. Crowley figures out what the angel is doing pretty quickly and thinks the whole thing is ridiculous.

Mostly safe for all audiences, but there is a bit of a mention of naughtier acts, just a bit of a warning!

Ineffable Advent – Day 20: Festive Drink

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Time to catch up on some advent days! Day 20 of my Ineffable Advent – Festive Drink – is a silly one without much of a plot, but thereĀ isĀ a bit of foreshadowing for a future entry if you’re keen enough to notice it. ^_~

Basically, Crowley and Aziraphale get drunk and watch Christmas specials. It’s fluffy nonsense fun. And, aside from the obvious drunkenness, it’s appropriate for everyone. Enjoy!

Ineffable Advent – Day 19: Christmas Wreath

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Today’s Ineffable Advent story – Christmas Wreath – amuses me because I did something a little different with this one. One of the prompt suggestions I got was for a story written from an outsider’s view, looking in on Aziraphale and Crowley. Since I generally write all my stories from a third-person omniscient perspective focused on my main characters, I thought that sounded like an interesting idea. And since changing my perspective like that meant that I needed a character (or two) to be writing from, I thought I’d do something fun and introduce my own original characters to A & C’s world!

And all of that was just a wordy way of saying that a non-canon version of Tori and Jacob meet Aziraphale and Crowley in St James Park. Cuteness ensues!

Suitable for all audiences!