Final Fantasy: Balance & Ruin PART ONE NOW AVAILABLE!

Terra - Chocobo Mount

Some time ago I began a fun project of novelizing one of my all-time favorite video games ever: Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan). I played through the classic SNES game so many times I couldn’t even take a guess as to how many hours I’ve spent with it, and I loved every second of it. The game has amazing characters, an amazing story, and lots of fun twists and turns. So I decided that, instead of a traditional kind of fan fiction in which the author focus on favorite characters and tells their own stories with them, I would write the Final Fantasy 3 story as though it was a novel, with lots of depth, intricate details, and focus on the inner struggles of the characters.

The first version of the story, begun way back in high school, was tripe. Fun to write, but definitely tripe. Later on I began rewriting it with a little more skill under my belt, but it still lacked in a number of ways, and I eventually drifted away from it for bigger and better things.

Lately, however, I’ve been longing for that story, wanting to actually do it the justice it deserves, and also wanting to share it with the world (in a way that won’t get me sued *cough cough*). And so I’ve begun the rewrite again, this time with more focus and the skills and knowledge I’ve gained since the last time I worked on the project.

I decided that I’m going to share the story, in parts, as exclusive content on my Buy Me a Coffee page. Each part will contain between 3k and 5k words (depending on where chapters end) and will be my gift to you in exchange for one “coffee” (i.e. approximately $3 US). The first part I’ve released contains the Prologue as well as Chapter One of the story, which outlines the opening scenes of the game in significantly greater detail. I think it’s fun, interesting, and quite a bit more adult than those who grew up with the game might remember, and I sincerely hope you’ll support my page and enjoy it!

Part 2 will be coming as soon as possible, so grab Part 1 now to be on top of things!

P.S. Funds from my Buy Me a Coffee page will be going toward commissioning of the cover art for The Other World: Book Two, so if you’re looking forward to that release, this is one way you can help get it out there sooner!