A Desperate Desire – A Good Omens Fic

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I wrote this one a while ago, transcribed and posted it recently, and only just now realized that I never shared it with you lovely people. ❤

A Desperate Desire is a post-Apocalypse-That-Wasn’t fic that I came up with one day concerning what it would be like if Aziraphale completely lost control. And I mean, completely. Hence we have a little tale of two idiots who don’t express their feelings properly, one of whom does something incredibly stupid to try to become what he thinks the other wants, and the other of whom is too fucking stupid to realize that it was all for him in the first place.

Sorry you guys, I’m just absolutely head over heels for these two lovely morons and the concept of them being, in fact, utter morons. XD

WARNING for smut in this one! It’s fluffy too, but the sex, it does in fact occur and is explicit. ;P


Ineffable Advent – Day 14: Christmas Tree

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Oh boy, we’re moving into some really good emotional territory now! Day 14 of my Ineffable Advent – Christmas Tree – involves Crowley explaining to Aziraphale why he’s been avoiding Christmas since the holiday’s conception. A little bit angsty, but also with some hella-good comfort and all-around love for my soft bois.

Appropriate for all audiences!

Ineffable Advent – Day 8: Hot Cocoa

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Okay, but seriously though…how could I possibly resist writing smut for a “HOT Cocoa” prompt? That’s right. I couldn’t. I’m glad we’re all in agreement on this one.

Seriously though, this one is definitely smut, but there’s also some mild angst and a whole bunch of fluff. Zira loves his demon and is going to make sure he knows it. ^_^

Sidenote: this is the longest of the advent fics I’ve written yet, beating the next closest by something like 600 words. What does that say about me? I dunno, but the smutty stuff is too much fun to write, and I’m #SorryNotSorry. ;P

Happily Ever After [A Good Omens Fic]

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Okay, I’ve been throwing a lot of angst and smut at you guys with this Good Omens hyper-fixation of mine, but it’s time to cool things down a little and have some goofy fun. Happily Ever After is a tooth-rotting fluff piece I wrote after I had a cute idea about Crowley getting stuck in snake-form. There is no smut to be seen, and the angst is more of a “ya’ll are idiots” thing, so if you’re looking for something fluffy and cute, this is it! 😀

Cry of the Wolf [A Harry Potter (Marauders) FanFic]

I don’t like to use the term “amateur writer”, because the fact of the matter is that if you write, you’re a writer. Full stop. But to go at it from a logical standpoint, yes, I’m an amateur. My stuff is self-published, hard to find, and (although well-reviewed) isn’t exactly overwhelming me in sales.

Why do I bring this up? Well, because being an “amateur” of a sort means that it makes it that much more heartwarming when I get attention on something I’ve written, even if that something is a piece that can never be traditionally published in any manner.

The piece, in question, is a fanfiction that I wrote over a decade-and-a-half ago. At the time I was big into Harry Potter (still a fan, it’s just been overtaken by other fandoms since) and had been introduced to the fanfiction world by a friend. I’d already known what fanfiction was, of course, but I’d never before come across any “slash fics”, which my friend thought I would love given my adoration for a couple of particular characters: Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.

Long story short, I read a lot of slash fics (basically, homosexual pairings) centered on these two characters, loved some, hated others, and decided I could do the characters justice myself. What resulted was later edited a bit to clean up my (at the time) messy wording and a plot hole or two, and the final story was uploaded to FanFiction.net. It was never a breakaway hit on the site or anything, but I was surprised by the attention I did get. Every comment basically boiled down to “I love this so much!” and “I need more!”, and for years afterwards I would get random email notifications to let me know that there was a new comment. Literally, I just got one of those emails a month ago. The story has been up (in it’s edited form) on that site for eleven years (more for the pre-edits), and I’m still getting random comments from people who love it.

That kind of thing is really great for a writer’s soul, let me tell you.

So it was only logical that I decided to move Cry of the Wolf over to my An Archive of Our Own account. It’s been there now for two weeks, has over 800 hits, 63 kudos, and a handful of absolutely lovely comments.

The story follows the Marauders during their schooldays at Hogwarts, specifically Remus, who is tortured by the fact that he’s not only a werewolf, but also happens to be head-over-heels in love with his best friend, Sirius. Cue a ton of beautiful support from James and Lily, and some extremely painful misunderstandings. It’s angst and fluff from before I really, honestly understood what either were, and was one of my first real experiences with torturing the ever-loving hell out of my characters because I’m a crazy woman.

So if you’re a Potterhead, or a fanfic junkie in general, please give it a read and let me know what you think! Remember, I literally thrive on your love. ^_~