Flea Market Finds Fridays Episode 3 – Jason Bought FUNKO POPS?!? Toy & Comic Haul!

Flea Market Finds Fridays are quickly becoming some of our favorite videos, and our followers seem to be enjoying them as well!

For Episode 3 we’re showing off a variety of collectibles that we picked up, including a couple of Funko Pops, some Ninja Turtles, and an awesome Dragonball Z movie figure that Jason found. And of course we’ve also got some Bargain Bin Comics to show off, some of which are pretty damn awesome, I have to say.

Check out the vid, let us know what you thought of our finds, and feel free to share what awesome stuff you’ve found at the flea market recently!

My Geek Box Unboxing for June 2019

Okay, we now know for sure that the previous My Geek Box we got was May’s, because this one had June written right on it. LOGIC, people! LOGIC!

And speaking of logic, this box had Star Trek in it! Not to mention an awesome shirt design as usual, plus an exclusive Harley Quinn Funko Pop and a few other items as well! This one was pretty nicely stuffed, I have to say, and the Star Trek items (yes, that’s a multiple!) are very awesome. So check out the vid and let me know in the comment section which item was your favorite! Also don’t forget to check out the links in the vid’s description box to get a discount off your own first My Geek Box!

Gargoyles Funko Pops! – Entertainment Earth Funko Pop Haul

Anyone who didn’t watch the Gargoyles cartoon in the 90’s was really missing out. It was an epic show with lovable characters and a bit of Batman: The Animated Series-style grittiness. It was one of my all-time favorites, but it’s not the kind of show that companies really make collectibles or throw-back toys of. So I was more than happy when Entertainment Earth asked us if we wanted to review the Funko Pops!

Today we’re showing off Goliath and Demona in the form of Pocket Pops keychains, the Specialty Series Hudson Pop, and rounding it out with Pops of Demona, Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, and Bronx. Check out the vid and let us know who your favorite is, plus click this link if you’d like to pick them up for yourself!

Horror Funko Pops Haul – EB Games/Walgreens Exclusive Jason, Chase Predator and Flashing Gremlin!

There is always room in our collection for a bit more horror, so when Jason saw some horror-ific Funko Pops that he genuinely liked, we scooped them up. In this video we’re showing off three figures from three different awesome franchises: the Flashing Gremlin from “Gremlins”, bag-headed Jason Voorhees from “Friday the 13th: Part 2”, and the Predator from the upcoming “The Predator”, which is actually the Chase unmasked version.

All three are pretty well-done and will definitely suit our horror collection, so check out the vid and let us know in the comment section what you think of them!

Pop in a Box “24 Hours USE IT OR LOSE IT” Funko Pop Haul! MOTU, Mortal Kombat & Dragon Ball Super!

Talk about a last-minute warning! Pop in a Box gave us 24 hours (which was 12 by the time we got the e-mail, since they’re based out of the UK) to use ALL of our credit with them before it would be gone forever. The result? Jason scoured every inch of the website and managed to find 9 Funko Pops that have a place in our collection. We’ve got four from Dragon Ball Super, one from Mortal Kombat X, and four from Masters of the Universe. And here’s a little extra game for you guys: can you guess which two out of those nine Pops positively REFUSE to stand up? 😛 Check out the video to find out the answer!