I Opened the Box… He ADORABLY Came! Awesome Gift from River!

I got an awesome mail call from my friend River, with books, a movie, and an awesome Living Dead Doll that I’ve been eyeing for ages! Check it out!

Unboxing Viewer Mail from Marie – All The Way From Sweden!

We got a box of stuff for the whole family from the lovely Miss Marie, all the way over in Sweden! It was jam-packed with tons of fun stuff, and one particularly awesome item that I’m head-over-heels for! 😀 Check it out!

Gift Boxin’ with The Border Geek! GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Go BIG or go home, indeed! We’ve got another gift box from The Border Geek, and although a chunk of this box was two items that we purchased and Derek helped us ship, there’s still a HUGE amount of stuff in this box! Not to mention, there’s a few cheeky shots in there from our good buddy as well…Bwa ha ha… When you’ve finished watching our video, go check out what we sent him in his video!

Gift Boxin’ with The Border Geek – July 2017

We’ve got another gift box from our good buddy Derek, The Border Geek, and man, it is PACKED with awesomeness! He managed to cram tons of our fandoms in this box across a wide variety of items, and it is just AMAZING. Check it out!