So Long 2017! (And thanks for all the fish)

It’s a testament to what the past few months have been like for me that I intended to have this post written and loaded onto the blog by early in the morning at the latest, and now I’m standing here in my kitchen, typing it up at 11 pm while waiting for my hastily-made garlic fingers to cook so I can watch a movie with my family while we ring in the New Year. It’s become something of a tradition, in fact, that November and December – at the very least – kick me in the ass and make it nearly impossible for me to get anything that I want to do done.

Thank the stars those two months are almost up.

In barely an hour I’ll be saying “SO LONG!” to 2017, and stepping forward with my head (hopefully) held high into 2018, full of vigor and hope and promise, and maybe just a little bit of over-confidence. Before that happens I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has stuck around, everyone who continues to stick around into a new year, and everyone who stumbled across me in the future and, for some reason, decides to stick around. ^_~

Happy New Year, everyone! Raise a glass, make a toast to our collective health and happiness, and (if you feel so inclined), join me tomorrow (when the hangover passes) to hear a bit about what’s (hopefully) to come in the following year. 😀

And if you’re reading this before or well after New Years has passed….pretend I jumped to this point in the TARDIS and move forward. 😛